With 5 Projects Set To Be Released Within The Next Year, Gina Rodriguez Is The Latina Actress Of 2018

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The 2018 fall television season is hardly around the corner, but “Jane The Virgin” fans are already feeling the pain of what the show has in store for them. After the CW announced in early April that it’s rom-com/ drama/ telenovela/ everything-Latinas-needed-in-a-tv-show style hit was coming to it’s fifth and final season, some of us Jane Villanueva fans have been left reeling over the loss. After all, the hit CW show has been giving us life, love, and insane twin plot twists for four years in a row. What Latina-starring shows and movies could we possibly have to look forward to next?

Fortunately though, it seems Gina Rodriguez has been hard at work on projects that will give us hope for broadcast television and the big screen.

Here’s a look at 5 of Gina’s upcoming projects.

“Big Mouth”

Netflix’s animated comedy series “Big Mouth,” follows a group of tweens who are hilariously terrorized and tormented by hormone monsters (literally). For it’s second season, the series is adding more teenagers and monsters to its cast which is already made up of the likes of John Mulaney, Maya Rudolph, Jason Mantzoukas, and Jordan Peele. Doubling up on the show’s star power, Netflix just announced earlier this week that it would be bringing our very own Jane Gina on board. She’ll be playing Gina, a girl on the main characters Missy and Jessi’s soccer teammate. Need receipts? The show gave us a sneak peek at what to expect from Rodriguez with a pic of the animated character she will be lending her voice to just yesterday!

“Carmen Sandiego”


It seems that Netflix has been banking hard on the talent that Gina Rodriguez brings to the screen. What’s more, it appears that when it comes to their animated series, they’re going all in. Not only has the show cast Rodriguez as a regular in “Big Mouth” but they’ve also given her the titular role in their upcoming series “Carmen Sandiego.” Of course, we can’t help but wish that they’d give us a chance to see Rodriguez in a live-action version of the series, but we’re also pumped to have the “Jane The Virgin” star bring life back into one of our fave childhood animated series.  #JaneTheEmissaryofNostalgia


In her next big film roll, Rodriguez is taking on the form of a yeti. Yep, a YETI. That’s right, folks, it’s not just Netflix who has picked up on Rodriguez’s talent for the animated world, Warner Brother’s has too. The production studio giant announced earlier this year that it would be release “Smallfoot” a film about a yeti who is convinced that the legendary creature “Smallfeet” (AKA mankind) actually exists. For this project, Rodriguez will star alongside Channing Tatum, Zendaya and LeBron James. Check out the trailer, because it look cute as hell and Gina fans will be pumped at the chance to catch her voice.

“Miss Bala”

CREDIT: @hereisgina / Instagram

In 2011, Gerardo Naranjo directed the Oscar-nominated flick “Miss Bala,” a harrowing film inspired by the true story of a beauty queen who found herself at the center of a drug trafficking scandal in December 2008. In early 2017, Deadline announced that not only would creators bring the film to the American screen in a remake, but Rodriguez had been cast to star as the film’s titular character.  Based on the acclaim that the original film received and Rodriguez’s status as a Golden Globe winner, we’re already feeling optimistic over her chances of receiving an Oscar-nod. #fingersdoublecrossed

“Someone Great”

CREDIT: @hereisgina / Instagram

Fans were ecstatic when we first reported that Rodriguez had announced she would be starring in Netflix’s romantic comedy “Someone Great.” Not just because it was a film starring Rodriguez either, but because of the girl power behind the creation of the movie as well. Not only is Rodriguez set to star, she’s also producing alongside the film’s director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson who will create the film from her very own script. The film which centers around a woman takes on adventures in New York City with her two bestfriends after a bad break up.

(It’s not a total, “Jane The Virgin” copy/paste but with that much Latina power, we’re already sold!)


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