These 13 Latinas Are Unapologetically Showing Love To Their Bodies On Instagram And Inspiring Us

Instagram can be a daunting place for someone struggling with their body image. From perfectly lit and Photoshopped images of influencers causing some to feel like they don’t measure up to popular fitspiration posts, it’s a platform that some mental health experts believe those with unstable self-esteem should steer clear of. But Instagram is also filled with fierce body positive activists, models and bloggers who infiltrate the platform with fly panza photos and self-love captions worthy of all the praise hands emojis.

Many of the ‘grammers sending body love into the social media sphere are Latina, and whether they’re embracing their chichos, loving on their afro-textured hair, offering culturally relevant advice for those with an ED or just turning fatphobic pendejos into hysterical jokes, they will illuminate your Instagram feed with beauty, joy and love.

1. Nalgona Positivity Pride

Nalgona Positivity Pride is a body positive Xicana-Brown*-Indigenous project by Los Angeles-based Xicana Gloria Lucas. Through apparel, stickers, community events, graphics, photos and videos, NPP aims to decolonize the body and spread culturally and historically relevant information and awareness about eating disorders for people of color.

2. Jessica Torres

Jessica Torres is a New York-based Ecuadorian body positive and fashion reporter. She blesses her ‘gram with stunning beauty and fashion shots of herself as well as hilarious (and very relatable) short videos of everyday life as a brown gordita.

3. Carolina Contreras

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Dominicana Carolina Contreras is the woman behind Miss Rizos, one of the only natural hair salons in Santo Domingo and an online pajon love movement. Spinkled throughout her ‘gram are ravishing images of her and other women rockin’ their curls or ‘fros con orgullo as well as bilingual videos of her talking about her own hair journey.

4. Marie Southard Ospina

Colombiana Marie Southard Ospina is a feminist plus-size writer and editor whose Insta stays lit with photos of her dressed in the flyest garbs and articles and photo series on radical body politics.

5. Virgie Tovar

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Virgie Tovar is a no-f**ks-given body positive activist, writer and author. When the San Francisco-based mexicana isn’t leading her feminist body love Babe Camp intensive or starting hashtags like #LoseHateNotWeight, she is blessing Instagram with vibrant photos of glorious babery and reminding you to eat whatever the hell you want.

6. Storm Marrero

Storm Marrero is a singer and body positive activist. When the Brooklyn, New York-born, Puerto Rico-raised black Boricua is not verbally spreading the body love gospel, her cuerpo does it for her. She’s a burlesque performer, and her ‘gram features arresting photos and videos of her doing her thing.

7. Gia Natalia Narvaez

Gia Natalia Narvaez is a self-described fat babe. The trans Latina is a vlogger who also frequently posts drool-worthy photos in crop tops, bikinis and gorgeously form-fitting garbs as well as poems about radical self-love.

8. Yesika Salgado

Yesika Salgado is a self-described fat fly Salvadoran poet whose Instagram is made up of heart-eye selfies, clap-worthy poems and hilarious memes that’ll have every gordita lovin’ on herself and laughing at fatphobic (or fat-fetishizing) dudes who slip into their DMs.

9. Ada Rojas

Ada Rojas is a gorg afro-dominicana blogger and YouTuber who uses her platform to share stunning photos of her traveling the world as well as videos of natural hair care and styling. Earlier this year, she and fellow curly blogger Rocío Mora journeyed the nation on their Rizos on the Road tour, a six-city event of Afro-Latina self-love and empowerment.

10. Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot is one of the biggest names in plus-size fashion and modeling. The Miami-raised Puerto Rican-Kuwaiti babe is also the founder of No Wrong Way, a movement and YouTube channel reminding women that there is no “bad” body size or shape.

11. The Big Girls Code

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all bodies are strong bodies. defying the standards of health, beauty, and strength one WOKE post at a time. servin the sauce with a cherry and sprinkles on top in my BODYLOVE yoga pants and REBEL mesh hoodie! ???? ???????????? this is my super women right here. my ride or die. my bestie bitch. a mother of two, bachelors degree, 2 masters degrees and a PHD fuckin UCLA scholar. breaking every goddamn barrier with her intelligence and no fucks given attitude! blessed to call this mujer my sister. use code SLAY at checkout sizes Large- 4x. #bigbottombehavior #mybodymyrules #beautybeyondsize #mybodymyrules #myevolution #myhealthy #effyourbeautystandards #effyourbodystandards #ootd #plussizefashion #plussizefitnessapparel #plussizefitness #yum #yogapants #leggings #haes #riotsnotdiets #thebiggirlscode #bomba #bodylove #bodyproud

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The Big Girls Code is the fat-positive insta-sanctuary of La Chica Mas Fina, a mixed-race salvadoreña who grew up in Guatemala. In her Instagram photos, she shows what Latina feminist BoPo fashion and love looks like.

12. Denise Mercedes

Denise Mercedes is a New York-based domincana who wears her body positivity on her sleeves. The blogger-slash-modela’s ‘gram features the beauty embracing every curve of her cuerpo and adorning it with messages like “I’m my own body goals” and “play with my booty not with my emotions.”

13. Briana Hernandez

Briana Hernandez is a plus-size fashion and body positive blogger from San Francisco. The Latina mommy’s ‘gram includes stylish photos of her lookin’ joyous and sexy af as well as funny memes that mock transformation images and ideas of clean eating.


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