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18 bougie-looking gifts (that are actually affordable) for the fresa on your list

We all have that one friend or family member who loves the finer things in life (and if you don’t know a person like that, then you’re that person). They’re the fresa of the group, and they adore having the best of the best.

So what do you get the fresa on your list if you don’t want to drop major dough? You buy them pieces that look expensive but, in reality, they’re actually affordable. After all, you don’t need to break the bank this holiday season. But just because you’re on a budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t find stylish items. From trendy handbags, to faux fur pieces, to chic jewelry holders, there are plenty of expensive-looking options out there.

To help you sort through your shopping list, we found over 15 gifts that look bougie but they’re wallet-friendly. Best of all? We found designer dupes and every item is under $50.

1. Boohoo Quilted Belt Bag ($12)

Credit: Boohoo

Fanny packs are all the rage right now, and this quilted belt bag looks ultra-chic. Plus, it’s a great dupe of all of the designer ones that hit the runway during fashion week this year.

2. H&M Black Grained Handbag ($34.99)

Credit: H&M

Something they can literally tote around—whether it’s to work, the coffee shop, or events. The black shade makes it a classic, but the grained detail gives it an edge. Essentially, this handbag is far from basic.

3. Forever 21 Pyramid Jewelry Holder ($10.90)

Credit: Forever 21

So they can put their favorite jewelry pieces on display with this stylish gold-trim holder. We love the pink marble details inside the jewelry case, too. It makes it look high-end, even though it’s cheaper than a salad at Whole Foods.

4. Urban Outfitters Wireless Ear Pod Headphones ($40)

Credit: Urban Outfitters

These colorful ear pods look similar to Apple’s Airpods, but without that Apple price tag (they retail for $159). And since they come in various shades like pink, gold, and black, your BFF can stay stylish while they listen to their fave podcast.

5. Too Faced Better Than Sex Makeup Bag ($20)

Credit: Too Faced

Tis the season to sparkle. This dazzling bag will be the perfect accessory for all of their upcoming Christmas and NYE parties. Because who says it has to just hold makeup?

6. Riley Rose Flora Bunda Succulent in Gold Trim Pot ($12)

Credit: Riley Rose

A fabulous pot that will hold all of their trendy succulents. The gold pegs and black pot will be a nice decoration for their apartment, too. And for $12, you might as well pick one up for yourself.

7. Ban.do Frank Tray by Good Thing ($17.99)

Credit: Ban.do

A cute millennial pink tray that can hold whatever their heart desires—candles, jewelry, keys, sunglasses, you name it. As one person who reviewed it wrote, “Well received gift, proudly sitting pretty on the bedside table taking care of the small stuff.”

8. Fashion Nova Better Now Than Never Sneaker ($29.99)

Credit: Fashion Nova

Another great designer dupe, these on-trend sneakers from Fashion Nova are a way cheaper version of the Louis Vuitton kicks that hit the runway this season. Have your bestie “ballin’ on a budget,” as Cardi B likes to say.

9. Target Texture Faux Fur Throw ($24.99)

Credit: Target

Everyone needs a good throw blanket, especially during the winter months. This millennial pink faux fur one will add a touch of glam to their bed, couch, or desk (we like to work comfortably, thank you very much).

10. Forever 21 Chain-Strap Mini Wallet ($9.90)

Credit: Forever 21

A person can never have too many wallets, it’s seriously the perfect gift. Best of all? This gold-chain one from Forever 21 will match any bag they own. And since it’s a mini wallet, it will fit in even the smallest cross-body bags.

11. Target Women’s Faux Leather Fur Mules ($24.99)

Credit: Target

Comfort, but make it fashion. These chic mules will feel like slippers, but they’ll look more professional. The faux leather and gold detail makes them appropriate for any occasion.

12. BH Cosmetics Angled Brush Holder ($4.20)

Credit: BH Cosmetics

For the bougie beauty lover on your list, this marble-printed makeup brush holder will look fabulous on their vanity. Since it’s fewer than $5, might as well treat them to two: one for their face brushes and one for their eye brushes (trust us, they’ll need more than one holder).

13. Fashion Nova Fernanda Faux Fur Coat ($33.74)

Credit: Fashion Nova

If they’re ~extra~ AF, then they’ll appreciate this striking burgundy faux fur coat. Best of all? It’s currently on sale, so go ahead and swipe one for yourself. Y’all can be fashion twins.

14. Amazon Women’s Cross-Body Bag ($35.99)

Credit: Amazon

Two words: Gucci knockoff. That’s right, this under $40 handbag is almost identical to the $3,000 one. It even comes in three different variations: red, black, and brown. This is what we call a steal.

15. Riley Rose Pineapple Jewelry Tray ($7)

Credit: Riley Rose

This adorable pineapple-shaped tray (that comes in bronze) is perfect for storing rings and keys. They can keep this at their bedside, desk, and/or kitchen. Either way, it will definitely come in handy.

16. H&M Faux Fur Scarf ($17.99)

Credit: H&M

An accessory that will take any outfit to the next level. Doesn’t this look like something straight out of a Golden Age movie? In fact, it reminds us of something La Doña (María Felíx) would wear.

17. Urban Outfitters Lexon Mini Bluetooth Speaker ($30)

Credit: Urban Outfitters

If they love to host, this ultra-sleek Bluetooth speaker is just what they’ll need for all of their holiday parties. It’s super compact so it will fit anywhere and it comes in three different colors: pink, grey, and gold.

18. Target Desktop Storage Drawer Set in Gold ($24.99)

Credit: Target

A sophisticated office accessory that will make their working from home days a little more enjoyable. They can keep all of their journals and notes in one handy place. Because 2019 is all about getting our shit together.

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Forever 21 Debuts New Line Of Selena Merch ‘The White Rose’


Forever 21 Debuts New Line Of Selena Merch ‘The White Rose’

A brand new line of Selena Quintanilla merch has arrived at Forever 21, and we’re all feeling muy excited.

The popular clothing retail store debuted “The White Rose” collection Thursday, with T-shirts, pants, hoodies and accessories celebrating La Reina de Tejano available in its stores and online. Prices range from $3.90 to $78.

On Friday, the late icon’s sister Suzette gave a sneak peak of the collection when she shared a video of herself sporting a hoodie with the “Como La Flor’s” singer’s face on it.

“Trying super hard to look cooollll in this new Forever 21 X SELENA hoodie,” she said.

Suzette, who famously played the drums in the Quintanilla family band Selena y Los Dinos, also attended a F21 meet-and-greet event at a Cerritos, Calif. location, where fans swarmed the shop in their Selena tops excited to take pictures.

“So much love and fun meeting everyone today,” Suzette wrote on Instagram after the event. “Saying thank you just doesn’t seem to really sum up how grateful I felt to receive all this love I felt today.”

But while most people are celebrating the new Selena-inspired gear and accessories, others have expressed disappointment, both in the brand and the Quintanilla family.

As for Forever 21, most of the items in the collection aren’t available in plus-size. According to the Revelist, of the 94 pieces, just six have curvy offerings, including graphic tees, one that’s not available yet, and plus-size jeans that are web-exclusive, and anyone with meat on their hips and legs knows how difficult it is to find a pair that fits, making in-store fittings necessary. Even more, while straight-size items include several crop tops, all the plus-size tops are full-coverage.

Several women of size expressed their disappointment in the collection’s lack of plus-size offerings, and Suzette, who also identifies as plus-size, weighed in.

“Hi, I totally understand but there is a couple shirts that are come in our sizes,” Suzette responded. “I really hope I can have the opportunity again to create a collection with a [lot] more for us plus size girls.”

Neither she nor her family, however, has responded to the second critique of the collaborative collection: That the Quintanilla family decided to work with a fast-fashion brand that is famous for sweatshop-like factories and animal abuse.

On Instagram, owner of the Etsy shop Barbarawarbara, called out the Quintanilla family’s ethics and double standards. The designer, who has created pins, pouches and shirts celebrating the singer, common among Etsy shops, revealed that the Quintanilla family threatened to sue her for inexpensive merch while teaming up with a big brand that has a troubling history, particularly for exploiting workers of color.

The debut comes almost two weeks before the 24th anniversary of the Tejana icon’s death.

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Cardi B Got Her Baby Girl A Nameplate Bracelet And It’s Giving Latinas All Of The Nostalgia


Cardi B Got Her Baby Girl A Nameplate Bracelet And It’s Giving Latinas All Of The Nostalgia

Cardi B ain’t the only one who likes “stuntin’” and “shining.” Apparently, baby Kulture also has a taste for the sparkly things.

On Wednesday, the “Money” rapper showed off her 7-month-old daughter’s new rose gold, diamond nameplate bracelet. In the photo, posted on Instagram, Kulture Kiari Cephus is seen holding mami’s hand as her wrist blings over her Versace pants.

View this post on Instagram

KULTURE @shynejewelers

A post shared by CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) on

The customized piece of jewelry was designed by Shyne Jewelers, who also shared the “masterpiece” on their instagram.

“Thank you @iamcardib for letting us make Kulture this masterpiece,” they wrote.

David Goldstein of Goldstein Diamonds told Hollywood Life that he estimates the piece has “approximately 140 diamonds,” weighs around “2 [carats]” and cost approximately $5,900.

The dazzling gift comes after Kulture started saying “mama” and “papa” for the first time.

Fans admired the lavish gift, while others joked about its expensive price tag with comments like, “This baby got my whole college tuition on her wrist and the age of not even 1 must be nice” and “Damn shorty got my mortgage on her wrist smh.”

“She really gonna love that bracelet for her whole life,” one user wrote. “Youre such a good mom i cant believe it, i love you cardi. Youre an inspiration to us younger girls i swear. Anything goes and nothing is impossible???? hands down a great role model.”

She really gonna love that bracelet for her whole life. Youre such a good mom i cant believe it, i love you cardi. Youre an inspiration to us younger girls i swear. Anything goes and nothing is impossible???? hands down a great role model

It looks like baby Kulture might have mami’s love for glitz and glam. It’s a good thing her parents are superstars with bank accounts to afford her young but exorbitant taste in diamonds and designer brands.

Adding a cherry on top of an exciting week for Kulture fans…

Queen Cardi B also posted a video of her baby girl and this time included her face! Baby Kulture’s face has been a rare sight, and the fact that we’ve only seen her face once before makes this quick Instagram appearance a sight for sore eyes. Can’t wait for more!

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