20 Awkward School Photos That We All Remember Taking

When I was younger, I kind of hated taking school photos. There were weeks of pressure leading up to it, from making sure that you had a nice haircut to picking out the right outfit to fighting with mama about whether or not she would finally let you wear makeup. Worse yet, there were also weeks afterward as you waited for your photos to return… only to find that half of them are completely unusable because you didn’t realize you had a zit that morning and the other half are, well, kind of awkward.

If you’re having a hankering for remembering the good old days of school photos before selfies became the norm and taking a photo of yourself with a funny background or a weird face was as easy as grabbing your phone, then take a look. We all remember taking awkward school photos where you could see our first try at bangs or that weird lipstick mama finally gave us. Here are 20 awkward school photos that we can’t help but laugh and cringe at… Yes, all at the same time.

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