20 Body Positive Lingerie Brands To Get Your Naughty This Year

Body positivity is not easy to achieve in today’s world of models that look perfect and social media influencers who look even better. However, with a little help from the likes of Frida Kahlo, America Ferrera and other body positive Latinas, it’s getting easier these days to feel good about all of your curves. In fact, some Latinas on Instagram are all about celebrating our absolutely perfect imperfections all year long.

Yet despite the recent embrace of body positivity, it can be difficult to shop for those curves — especially shopping for lingerie that actually fits you and makes you feel even sexier. But thankfully, they DO exist! If you’re looking for something a little naughty to don this Christmas (whether it’s to show off to your boyfriend or just to make you feel a little cuter), then these brands are where you’ll want to start. Featuring different styles and sizes, here are 20 body positive lingerie brands that you’ll love.

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