20 Latina Makeup YouTubers Representing Brown Girl Beauty

credit: Youtube. @BelindaSeline

Makeup tutorials have been around since the start of the Internet, but we are now living in the golden age of YouTube, where any skill or new technique can be quickly looked up and learned. Even better, makeup vlogs by women of color are starting to come into the mainstream, and with them, the products and techniques that complement our skin tones.

These 20 Latina YouTubers are doing everything from basics to costume makeup and doing it right.

1. Belinda Selene

Credit: YouTube. @BelindaSelene

Belinda Selene has been vlogging for over six years, building a following of more than half a million subscribers. She covers everything from makeup tutorials to home organization on her channel. She also vlogs in Spanish on her sister channel LindaBelinda.

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