9 Designs For Your Baby Hairs That’ll Look Even Better Than When Momma Did It

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Those of us blessed with flyaway on our hairlines know the potential our little baby hairs hold. Years of training have given us the ability to sculpt out spirals and designs capable of giving any artist a run for their money. All we need is the right oil and brush. (Seriously, though when is MOMA gonna do a baby hairs exhibit???)

Here are nine style inspirations for the naturally built-in hair accessory that graces our hairlines.

Some know how to lay their baby hairs out so properly that they swirl and twirl.

I got whatcha need when ya lonely ???

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The hard work that went into these mini babes deserves a moment of silence TBH.

Shine, and swirl in just a few small strokes. Subtlety never looked so good.

These suave hairs are ready to hit the dance floor.

Seriously all that side ripple has me wanting to pull on some ruffles and drop a one-step.

Slicked down and ready for tonight.

If Queen J.Lo’s edges don’t give you life then IDK what counts as air anymore.

These whirly edges give life to an already lively bounce.

Baby hairs slayed! #babyhairslaid #rp #hairgoals

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Back up gente these bad boys got force and power.

These baby hairs help embrace the sideburn power.

I’ve been putting a razor to my sides for ages but now I gotta try this, look out! #burningitup

These slick edges give us major Starry Night vibes.

? pt.II 60s x 90s combo #bts #babyhairalert #hairbyilly (makeup ~ @__msstinac)

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Look me in the eye and tell me those spirals aren’t a piece of art.

But this is the ultimate lesson on how baby hairs can be chic AF when allowed to do their own thing.

I’m about to turn this look into a habit.

And finally, look at these gentle baby hairs that shut down the “are afros elegant” debate.

1400/= large afrobun Large afrobun 1400/= medium size afro bun 1100/= Available in black 1 Black B1 HOW TO INSTALL YOUR BUN Natural hair. 1. Hold it in a position desired. Using a small band hold it tight. 2. Hold hair together with another bigger hair band to hold the afro ban in place. Be it voluminous. 3. Install the the afro ban into place Relaxed hair 1. Using a band. Hold hair tighter while folding it. 2. Hold with another bigger band to hold the afrobun into place. You can even use stockings 3. Install the afro bun into place. #afrohair #afrobun #bunislife #african #bun #afro #afrocurl  #hairinspirations #longhair #haircolour #beauty #blackhair #hairgoals  #curlyhair #beautyblog #beautyblogger #hairkenya #hairke #s.hair.ke

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Elegant AF, boo.

Time for the brush and swirl ladies!



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