9 DIY Baby Halloween Costumes For The Mom On The Go

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Halloween with little ones is never quite the same as the days when you were living a B.C. life. Not only do you have to find a costume for your mommy-self, but you also have to suit up your kids too and if you’re anything like your abuela, you’re gonna DIY the spook out of those costumes and give it a lot of love. If you’re determined to make your kid’s Halloween costume this year but are finding yourself at crunch time (Halloween’s just a few days away chica!) check out these 7 DIY costumes to make this year.

A sweet little baby concha.

DIYers beware: this ones gonna make you want to eat up your little one’s cheeks even more than usual. There will be no sweeter costume hitting the street than your little concha baby.

What you need: A cream colored pyjama set for your little one,  colorful construction paper, scissors, tape or glue and a concha to model.

A Selena babe.

There’s never a day to not pay tribute to Selena Q but what better time to go all out and teach your kid about the power the Tejano star than Halloween? For this one, you’re gonna have a singer in the training, so get ready to have a break out star on your hands.

What you need: Go for a black wig with curls for your baby if you’d like. If not, part their hair down the middle and lick it back for a classic Selena bun. Go to your local cloth store and go for a purple sequin fabric. The rest is easy, either stitch something up, or tie up the fabric with a knot on your baby’s hsoulder.

The cutest aguacate you ever saw.

You aint raising no millenial, but your baby will be the “toast” of the night when you suit them up in this classic and adorable costume. Pay tribute to your abuela’s favorite fruit  with an avocado costume.

What you need: Cardboard box, dark green and light green paint, box cutter.

Frida Kahlo in her early days.

You’ve got a burgeoning feminist on your hands and what better way to teach them about smashing glass ceilings then dressing them up as the icon of all eras?

What you need: Flowers, headband, hot glue, brow pencil.

La Azucar reina.

Use Halloween as a lesson on Afro-Latinidad and the musical icon of all time, by dressing up your baby as the ultimate songstress.

What you need: colorful hair wrap, colorful baby wig, (the smarts not to do blackface)

Chicle baby

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Turn your baby into a little gum ball machine. Be ware: this one will trigger your sweet tooth.

What you need: White top, pom pomps

A Coquí for your Boribaby.

No way better to show your love for the Boris in your life right now then to dress up as their ultimate fave character. Teach your baby Bori about PR pride by suiting them as coqui this HAlloween.

What you need: Green pyjama pants and top. Green gloves, white, green and felt to cut out for eyes, hot glue

The sweetest little calabaza you’ve ever seen.

Make a classic costume by dressing up your baby as a little calabaza.

What you need: orange uni, black and green felt, scissors, hot glue

The ultimate “Coco” character.

Indulge your little one’s love for “Coco,” by dressing them up as little Miguel! This one’s a super easy and fast DIY that can be created in under 20 minutes.

What you need: red hoodie, black and white face paint

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