9 Ways Brides Can Take Their Latina Wedding Traditions And Run With Them

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You can tell a lot about a woman’s culture by the details she chooses to include in her wedding. While the custom of wearing a white gown has become a tradition for cultures across the globe, plenty of women in Latin American countries opt to reach back to their roots and don their own customary looks as they walk down the aisle. For the Latina looking for a few tips for her wedding day using Latina wedding traditions, here are a few concepts to copy/paste!

The dancing bride.

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Nearly every country across Latin America is tied to one traditional dance or another. Dominicans have bachata, Chileans have cueca and Cubans have guajira. Often times these dances come with a style of dress (think fashion for swing dancing). The bride above chose to wear a traditional dance dress that is in the style of the Cuban guajira to her wedding. Not only does the pick add a stunning and unique twist on the traditional wedding gown, it also gives the bride a fun way to use Latina wedding traditions to express her own culture.

The not so traditional lace gown.

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Lace embroidery has always been a significant aspect of the Latina bridal gown. In fact, for some of the world’s most renowned bridal designers like Carolina Herrera from Venezuela and the Dominican couturier Oscar de la Renta have adopted lace as part of their signature looks. Salvadoran fashion designer Francesca Miranda, kept with latin tradition in her creation above but gavethe laced high-low hand embroidered tulle skirt a twist with crepé ‘skinny’ pants. 

The bride who has white but doesn’t wear it.

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In most Latin American countries, the bride is the one who wears white. In fact, to see anyone besides the bride wearing the color  (which is meant to be a mark of purity) is super taboo. Recently, however, brides have bucked tradition and sexist dress codes by opting to lend the color to their bridesmaid lineup. In this photo, a Colombian bride wears a light silver pink colored gown while having her bridesmaids wear white gowns with pink rose colored waste belts. The flip on tradition still exudes glamour and elegance while also giving the bride a completely different way to stand out.

The traditional bride, with a twist.

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The image of a bride dressed in all white has become a sort of staple for Western weddings. Still, not all brides who want to wear white or a conservative dress have to sacrifice modernity. This dress designed by Tuly Margaritas is traditional in every since of the word, but still manages to look completely modern with its simple fabric and the bride’s blunt bob.

The bride who wears her cultura on her train.

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This dress worn by a Mexican bride speaks to the customs of her traditions on a pretty elaborate level. With a train laced in a needle point floral design, the dress acts a textile embodiment of the bride’s Mexican culture. For the bride looking to bring a bit of her own roots with her while she walks down the aisle, consider using traditional patterns and designs of your culture on your veil, hair accessories, or train.

The bride who goes all in with tradition but is far from “traditional.”

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What’s more “radical” when it comes to your wedding day than not wearing white? Try something black, colorful and embroidered all over. Or, if it’s not part of your Latinidad go, for a dress that is more evolved from your roots. The bride above channeled a gown inspired by the Mexican poblano dress, but for the Latina with roots in different Latin American countries there are other options!

The bride who brings all kinds of cultura to her multicultural wedding.

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Not all Latinas marry into Latino families. For the Latina looking to bring multicultural traditions to her wedding, know that when it comes to mixing and matching the cultures of your spouses’s and your own, the sky is the limit. To start, opt for a dress that is customary for your Latin culture. The Venezuelan bride above rocked a traditional dress to meet her Irish partner at the other end of the aisle.

The bride in all white.

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Laced veils are a traditional bridal garment worn in countries across the globe, still there’s something about an embroidery that can bring endless Latin vibes to your look. For this Venezuelan bride’s wedding, she donned a long elaborate train with finely embroidered edges.

Bringing Latina vibes with flowers.

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For her bridal look Guatemalan Instagrammer, Mary-Beth Johnson II wore a traditional poblano dress. Still what truly makes her gown stand out is her floral crown. Flower crowns are a fairly common accessory in Latin American dress styles (just check out Frida Kahlo’s head!) and can be a great way to bring life and culture to your look on the day you tie the knot.


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