These Pics Of Brown Women With Shaved Heads Will Give You The Ultimate Buzz

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One of the biggest Latino beauty myths is the idea that any hair type that isn’t straight, long and silky equates to “pelo malo,” or bad hair. It’s a notion that can be so deterring that so many Latinas would never even THINK about buzzing it all off, because, according to our dads, moms, tías, primas, tv shows and magazines: of all the awful things you could do to your hair, chopping it off is by far the worst.

And that, friends, is a myth that we are here to bust for you today. These pics are all the proof you will need to realize that bald is beautiful, sexy and liberating AF.

1. This side-shave is telling an empowering story of survival.

?? ?? ??

2. And this -do will make you green with envy.

Her hair might not be all that big, but it’s still full of secrets.

3. This proud bald Latina will seriously tempt you to cut it close.

Brb, hold my top while I grab my razor.

4. Here’s proof that a close shave can bring a totally new vibe to baby hairs.

K, now that layout has me laid out.

5. And that baldies can one up you in the world of filters.


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Long-haired girls beware, because squaring off with this chick in a look battle could cost you your locks.

6. Here’s the ultimate reminder that you don’t need long hair to be beautiful.

Feeling so fucking great about myself, and so happy that I did this again. The first time I shaved my head, I wasn't in a good place mentally, and just going through a lot of personal problems. Now today being the 2nd time of me doing this, I feel so much better and more comfortable with having my hair so short. I always say that I'm gonna grow out my hair, but being able to have my hair like this feels so much better! I love being able to rub my fuzzy lil' head now, and I just wish I could bleach my hair the way it is now. I don't think I'll have long hair again until I become a mom or something, because having long hair isn't something I honestly enjoy having. One thing I learned from my favorite teacher from cosmetology school, is that my hair is attached to me, I'm not attatched to it. Do I want long hair down to my asscrack? One day yes. But do I need it to feel or be beautiful? Fuck no. Do whatever the fuck makes you happy, and don't let anyone tell you different. Love yourself, embrace yourself. #selfie #robot #nomakeup #bareface #allnatural #selflove #bodypositive #bodypositivity #loveyourself #selfpositivity #love #shorthairdontcare #shorthairlife #shorthair #buzzed #BaldLatinasAreSexyAsFuck #happy

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And don’t even get me started on the myth of how beauty only fits in a 00 because ? at her.

7. Don’t even get me started on the blaze in this shave.

Here are the facts: Lupita is amazing always, but that razor cut of hers used to give me so much life.

8. Can we please talk about the sass in this side-part, though?

Next stop @yoshis_oak December 28-31st #newyearseve ? @mooncricketfilms

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Did I just find a new way to bring my eyebrow game over the edge?

9. But let’s do it before this pic full of stunners makes me pass out plz.

Because I cannot handle the buzz it gives me.

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