Powerhouse Fashionista Nina Garcia Gives Her Thoughts On The ‘Colorful Latina’ Stereotype

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Nina Garcia has made her mark on the fashion world. Not only is she a judge for Lifetime’s “Project Runway,” Garcia is also the Creative Director for Marie Claire magazine. The rest of her resume boasts other fashion names you may have heard of like Marc Jacobs and Elle. The proud colombiana immigrant credits her Latina heritage for giving her the edge she needed to excel in the fashion world. The fashionista shared her everything she loves about being Latina with USA Today and explained the importance of embracing your heritage.

Nina Garcia has been a judge on “Project Runway” for 16 seasons and the Colombian fashionista loves fashion that reflects her culture.


In an interview with USA Today, Garcia talked about how she has used her own heritage and culture as a source of pride and power to succeed in the super competitive world of fashion.

“I love color. I love print. If that’s a stereotype, I’m happy with that,” Garcia told USA Today.


She added: “Latin women are very feminine and embrace color in the right way. It looks very good. They know how to play with prints [and] color.”

According to Garcia, one of the main things that set Latinas apart when it comes to fashion are curves and confidence in owning those curves.


She tells USA Today that she learned from her mother that it is important to wear what makes you comfortable while still looking stylish. By wearing what makes you feel comfortable and highlights your assets, you are emboldening yourself to take on the world. YES!

“The way you dress is suggesting something to the world,” Garcia told USA Today.


“In the morning when you get up and are getting dressed, whatever you pull together is a message without words that’s going out to the world,” Garcia told USA Today.

Read Garcia’s full interview with USA Today here.

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