Get Ready to Dress Like Frida Kahlo in Spring 2019

If you’ve been keeping up with New York Fashion Week, then you might have noticed something curious going on lately… The absolute explosion of flower-filled hair that has taken over NYFW. During the Spring/Summer 2019 show this past week, models on the runway were spotted rocking both tiny flowers in their hair and big, huge flowers in their hair. But, of course, we couldn’t help but notice how much the Rodarte flower crowns resembled none other than the flower crowns that Frida Kahlo wore.

It’s not exactly shocking that someone was inspired by Frida Kahlo. I mean, who ISN’T inspired by the famed Mexican artist who not only rocked the flower crown like a boss but also gave us some truly amazing art? In fact, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been inspired by Frida for years… long before her flower crowns appeared at NYFW. Personally, I recently got a Frida Kahlo pencil holder that I heart. But others show their love and appreciation of Frida in other ways. In order to inspire you a little more, we’ve gathered together 20 of the prettiest Frida Kahlo-inspired things. From tattoos to dresses featuring her face (and flower crown) to pillows and everything in between, here are 20 ways to inspire your Frida Kahlo obsession before everyone in the world is rocking those flower crowns in spring 2019.

1. An awesome Frida Kahlo-inspired tattoo.

CREDIT: raylapolli/Instagram

There are many Frida Kahlo tattoos out there, but none quite as iconic as this one that specifically showcases her flower crown. It’s pretty spectacular, don’t you think?

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