Frida Kahlo’s Most Trusted Makeup Items And Lingerie Will Be On Full Display At A London Museum Soon

When it comes to style, there’s no debating whether or not Frida Kahlo was an icon. Her distinctive fashion sense has been both applauded and appropriated the world over. In fact, long before Vogue used her as a “muse” for their own pieces, they featured her as a subject in their pages during the height of her popularity.

Now, lovers of their own Latina culture, body hair and Kahlo are getting a chance to pay tribute to the artist’s looks thanks to a new reveal of her best-kept beauty secret: a brow pencil.

Admirers of the painter will be happy to know that Kahlo’s favorite eyebrow tool came straight from drugstore shelves.

CREDIT: @claudio_de_moraes / Instagram

The chance to see the magical realist’s most intimate belongings, including a brow pencil by Revlon, comes at the hands of the V&A Museum in London. According to The Guardian, the museum is giving fans an opportunity to view some of the artist’s most intimate belongings in a new exhibit never before seen outside of Mexico. Kahlo’s jewelry, clothing, even her famous red leather prosthetic are set to be part of the upcoming showcase.

The new exhibit hints that the feminist figurehead might have actually had a thing for Revlon.

CREDIT: @fridakahlo / Instagram

Besides the ebony colored Revlon brow pencil used to emphasize Kahlo’s unibrow, the exhibit will also showcase Frida’s Revlon cream blush and iconic Everything’s Rosy lipstick.

It’s exciting to know that this collection of Kahlo’s possessions could give fans a better understanding of her life’s story. Throughout her life, the painter became well-known for personalizing the things she owned and used with great intention. Anyone who travels to the museum in London to see the display will score such a fun opportunity to get a better understanding of her personal world.


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