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Gift Guide for the Concha-Lovers in Your Life

Who doesn’t love conchas? They taste good, look cute, and they make great art. Gente all over America have gone concha crazy, designing everyday items into the image of the almighty concha. Conchas, it seems, can represent so many different things in our lives, from parts of the body, body positivity, an unwavering commitment to carbs, and our Latinidad. Concha creativity knows no bounds, and the nice thing about most of these conchas is that they don’t get sugar crumbs all over your blusa. Looking for a holiday gift for the concha-lover in your life made by creative latinx artistas? Look no further.

Cute Concha Keychains

These concha keychains by 805_clay_boutique are made of polymer clay. Tiny and adorable, these keychains can only be ordered via DM on Instagram, which makes them feel oddly illicit, pero the artist is just keeping real and their overhead costs low.

Concha Phone Grip and Stand

Also made by 805_clay_boutique, this concha food grip will help you hold on to your phone. Everyone seems to be using phone grips these days, and most are pretty ugly. We also hate thinking of how many have already wound up in the landfill. This cute concha-shaped phone grip, like conchas themselves, will never go out of style.

Concha Pan Dulce All-Over Art Latinx Art Mug

Dosestrellas Shop/Etsy

We at Fierce all want a mug like this for our cafecito in the morning. A cup of coffee or Ibarra chocolate in this cup would be the just right cup to dip conchas in on a lazy weekend indoors. The Dos Estrellas Shop on Etsy is owned by Gabriela Ruiz, who designs a variety of concha items, says this about the shop on the site: “We’re 100% Latinx and are proud to share our culture with anyone that appreciates our ideas of gorgeous.”

Amor Eterno Concha T-Shirt

DosEstrellas Shop/Etsty

Also created by Dos Estrellas, this Amor Eterno t-shirt comes in femme and butch cuts and runs $25, a standard price for a t-shirt with good art on it. There are other concha design t-shirts in this shop and buying from them supports your community not one of those big box stores. Get on over there and take a look!

Chocolate Concha Pillow

MiBarrioCo Shop/Etsy

This concha pillow by Mi Barrio Co comes in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Just don’t mistake it for the real thing in the middle of a dream. The Mi Barrio Co shop owner, Kelly Elvina, calls her shop a family business and says their shop is “deeply inspired by [their] Mexican roots and car scene culture.”

Gothic Concha Soap

MiBarrioCo Shop/Etsy

Also made by Mi Barrio Co, this soap is made with hand-poured coconut milk and topped with “skin-safe mica,” this midnight soap is lightly scented and will thrill the goth concha-lover in your life. Orders made at Mi Barrio get five stars.

Pan Dulce Earrings

VivaLasCalaveras Shop/Etsy

These conchita earrings really do look good enough to eat. You could the concha-lover in your life one pair in each flavor. Viva Las Calaveras shop owner, Liz Zambrano, says that she learned to create and make art from her abuelita. She shop is filled with earrings and broaches in all different styles, elegant, cute, and quirky.

Vegan Conchas in Northern California


If you’re looking for real conchas for eating, and you’re vegan, try Concha Libre in Oakland. This is another business that takes orders via Instagram. Concha Libre’s vegan conchas are also available at various locations around the San Francisco Bay Area: Hasta Muerte Coffee, The Grind on Market St, Vegan Republic, and the Berkeley Student Food Collective.

Vegan Conchas Southern California

Photo by Javier Cabral

If you need some vegan conchas for your vegan concha-lover in the LA area, head on over to Highland Park. Delicias Bakery makes super authentic-looking vegan conchas. According to an article in LA Taco some family members of the owner became vegan and “really missed pan dulce, so she asked Ramirez if he can try a batch made without any animal products. The baker Jose Casimiro Bran Ramirez never heard of a vegan diet before but since he came from a family of panaderos, he didn’t think twice and was up for the challenge.”

Let Your Conchas Be Your Guide

OdysseyRoc Shop/Etsy

If you’re in need of a super-quick gift, how about this printable download? Print this baby out at home, buy a cute frame, and you got a great gift. If you’re in a pinch roll it up and tie a cute bow around it. Designed by OdesseyRoc Etsy Shop owner and designer Tony Avina. You can also buy this image on a coffee cup. “Let your conchas be your guide” — we always love a good pun!

Concha Christmas Ornament

JoybyJnYDesigns Shop/Etsy

This 4-pack of concha Christmas tree ornaments have the look of traditional bulb ornaments, but they’re made of plastic, so they won’t break. Made by Joy by JnY Designs, these concha ornaments might make a great gift for the hard-to-shop-for concha-lover. These are especially great for a  friend with niñitos who should definitely help trim the tree.

Handcrafted Concha Ornaments

LilibunDesigns Shop/Etsy

For concha-lovers who love hand-crafted gifts like we do, this felt concha garland is adorable with visible hand-stitching. Made by Lilibun Designs shop out of Ontario, California, the shop also features taco and cactus garlands, and concha Christmas tree ornaments. One reviewer, who gave the shop five out of five stars raved about this concha garland, “Words cannot explain how adorable these are and pictures can’t do them justice! Can’t wait to order this shop again!” Check out all the artful photos of her items on Lilibun Insta account. 

Concha Backpack


This bright pink concha backpack from the Mitú shop will help you find your concha-loving friend in a crowd for sure. And it’s not as drab as those popular Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpacks that all the hipsters are wearing.

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Babies Trying Pan Dulce For the First Time is the Instagram Content We Didn’t Know We Needed


Babies Trying Pan Dulce For the First Time is the Instagram Content We Didn’t Know We Needed

There are few things more delicioso than pan dulce. Whether it’s served with café con leche or grabbed as a quick breakfast indulgence, it really is the perfect treat. This variety of sweet bread has become a big part of the Latinidad.

When we’re talking pan dulce, conchas, puerquitos, orejas and empanadas are just a few of the mouthwatering options. No matter which sweet bread is your fav, you can relive your first taste over and over again with every fresh bite.

Thanks to social media, we can also see the adorableness that comes with baby’s first sweet bread. Hashtags like #BabysFirstConcha or #BabySweetBread are where to go to find cute pics of babies taking their first bites of sweet pan dulce.

Here are some super cute pictures of babies eating their first pan dulce.

1. Enjoy your matching concha, preciosa.

Instagram / @alanah.aya

Just like the color pink, conchas are perfect for every occasion. This little preciosa doesn’t hold back as she takes a mighty chomp out of her pan dulce. From the looks of it, this first bite won’t be her last. Enjoy, mija.

2. Matching concha costume = GOALS.

Instagram / @gr_twins

Pan dulce-themed birthday parties are now a thing — and we really wish they were back when we were kids. What better way to celebrate your special day than to dress like your favorite food. That frosting-covered face confirms how awesome pan dulce birthdays can be.

3. You don’t need teeth to enjoy pan dulce.

Instagram / @nadyaaglae

Not having teeth doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying the goodness that is pan dulce. If you’re a babe taking your first bite, just working that sweet treat with the gums you’ve been given is good enough. Just imagine how much pan dulce this cutie will take down once he actually gets those baby teeth in.

4. Just a little nibble for now.

Instagram / @ainsley_belle_511

While some babies might go mouth-first into their conchas, this little lady prefers to nibble. In her matching concha onesie, this sweetie is more proper with her first bite. However, once she gets a taste, there’s no doubt this little conchita will go pan dulce-crazy.

5. That smile says she knows this is going to be good.

Instagram / @lapasteleriadesofia

Look at the awe on her face. Look at that little grin. This baby knows she’s got something special in front of her. This pic was taken before the big chomp but that look on her face tells us it’s coming soon.

6. Nothing beats twinning with your pan dulce.

Instagram / @gr_twins

Can you really claim conchas are your favorite food if you don’t regularly dress up like them. Twinning with your favorite pan dulce is an awesome look no matter what day it is. Top it off with a concha cake and you’ve got a party.

7. Pan dulce: the perfect party food.

Instagram / @shopoliposa

Piñatas and decorations are all well and good, but a real party needs one more ingredient — pan dulce. This little lady knows what’s up as she snacks on her vanilla concha. What’s even better is the absolutely gorgeous photoshoot she had to immortalize her first bite.

8. If you are what you eat, eat lots of conchas

Instagram / @kaylaa_baylaa1

Have you ever seen a cuter conchita in your life? The answer is obviously no. This giggly little sweet bread is just as lovable as the pan dulce that she’s dressed as. Of course, her happy face could have something to do with all that colorful sugar.

9. Sweet like pan dulce.

Instagram / @madamemariposa

Those sweet, soulful eyes and that face buried into a soft concha are guaranteed to make you say, “Awwww.” This adorable shot doesn’t need any extra props or colorful backgrounds to make us swoon. If you don’t have baby fever yet, you probably do now.

10. Waiting for the sugar to kick in like…

Instagram / @normlone

Her face is telling us a lot. Namely that this little chula is lost in the flavor of her delicious pan dulce. We can admit that this state of pre-sugar high is super relatable. At least baby will be able to enjoy a nice nap after that sugar hits.

11. When you can’t wait to get home to start digging in.

Instagram / @aandylove

Sometimes you can’t wait to get home from the panderia before you start digging into the pan dulce. This sweetheart didn’t even wait to get out of her car seat to start snacking. Also, did anyone else notice that this concha is as big as her head? That’s a big project she’s working on.

12. Conchas are serious business.

Instagram / @lamonarcabakery

Although this little preciosa has a serious look on her face, those puffed out cheeks give away her secret. They’re stuffed with yummy concha. She’s obviously contemplating which piece of pan dulce she should take down next.

13. Go ahead and take a big bite, mija!

Instagram / @tres.marias.and.mama

For her “Coco”-themed birthday party, this little cutie has everything from flower crowns to guitars to complete that mood. Of course that means she also has the ultimate treat, pan dulce. We wonder if she waited to blow out the candles before she dug in.

14. We know that feeling, baby girl.

Instagram / @rlocreativedesign

That feeling when the pan dulce hits that sweet craving just right. This little cutie looks like she’s experiencing just a bit of euphoria with that first bite. The matching concha tee and pink tutu really complete this adorable look.

15. Her face says it all.

Instagram / @little_mia_sanchez

As perfect as pan dulce is, it’s also pretty messy. However, that mess is just proof that you’re thoroughly enjoying that sweet treat. This baby isn’t at all worried about the sugary mess on her face; she’s got her eyes on the prize.

16. Never too young for pan.

Instagram / @mrs.sotelo.official_

While many babies have pan dulce parties for their first or second birthdays, this little lady just couldn’t wait. As a celebration for her nine month b-day, she not only had a taste of delicious pan dulce, she also had a little photoshoot to commemorate it. After all, you’re never too young for this sweetness.

17. Now that’s a mouthful!

Instagram / @truegrumpybaby

Some babies nibble, some take a practice bite before they jump in. This baby isn’t afraid to take the plunge and go at it with a big ol’ bite. We hope he approaches every challenge in his life with the same bravery and commitment.

18. La Princesa de Conchas.

Instagram / @concha_bunny

First of all, we LOVE this look. Secondly, this little princesa looks absolutely in love with that sweet bread. No doubt, this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between conchas and this little cutie pie.

19. The look of true love.

Instagram / @iscjuanita

This sweet smile can only mean one thing: this little one is in love with pan dulce. The sweet simplicity of her first bites is what this list is all about. It’s a reminder of what pan dulce is all about: sugar, bread, and all things good in this world.

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FIERCE’s 2018 Christmas Gift Guide for The 22 People In Your Life

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FIERCE’s 2018 Christmas Gift Guide for The 22 People In Your Life

The holiday season can be the most wonderful time of the year thanks to the pretty trinkly lights, hot cocoa, cookies everywhere and the smell of Christmas trees all around. But it can also be a stressful time of year because sometimes, despite your best intentions, you just might not know what to get for your family and friends. You love them, sure, but some of them are impossible to shop for.

That’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the internet for the best and most inventive gifts that you can get for everyone in your life. From something for your abuelos to your new boyfriend to your BFF, this is the ultimate FIERCE Christmas Gift Guide for the 22 people in your life. Oh, and don’t worry, we’ve even included a bonus gift for all of the people who you might have forgotten about in years past… Because, yes, they deserve a little something too. Happy Holidays!

1. For your mami


The Instant Pot ($79) might just be the perfect present for your mami. It’s a 6-in-1 machine that works as a programmable pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, plus it can sauté, steam and warm. That might really take the pressure off of her (no pun intended) by helping her to make food much quicker and easier. That way you can actually spend time with her more. It’s a win-win!

2. For your papi


This AncestryDNA Kit ($59) might just be perfect for your hard-to-shop-for papi. He’s always talking about where his family comes from and now he can really see it. The best part is that this kit from Amazon is $40 off the original price tag, so it’s kind of a deal too. Don’t be afraid to get YOURSELF one for a Christmas present, too.

3. For your crush


How do you tell someone that you kind of sort of like them? Well, nothing beats chocolate. Period. Specifically, I’m talking about Norman Love Confections dark chocolate espresso bar ($8). They have many different options, including ones with raspberries and cherries plus different varieties of chocolate, but you can’t go wrong with this one that includes espresso in dark chocolate.

4. For your hookup buddy


Sometimes, if you want to keep your relationship strictly platonic but still get a little something-something, you have to send a clear message with your gift. And with the Massage Oil Candle ($14), that message is clear. And that message is: Romance me, massage me and thanks but bye.

5. For your new love

The J.Crew X S’well X charity water bottle ($35) makes for a pretty sweet gift for someone that you haven’t been dating for all that long. You know that you SHOULD get them something but you can’t be sure what. However, this water bottle is great because everyone needs to be more hydrated so it shows that you care without going overboard.

6. For your boyfriend


Your boyfriend has probably been obsessing over the All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet ($80) for a while, amirite? It’s a great device to show him that you truly care and especially that you care about his love of books, television and everything else. Heck, maybe you can even watch your fave HBO Now shows together.

7. For your girlfriend


If you want to let your girlfriend know that you’d like more nights spent snuggling in front of Netflix, then there’s no better gift than the Loop Thread Blanket ($139) from Zara. It’s cozy, perfect and comes in two different colors so that you can pick what is best for her to adorn her home with.

8. For your fiancé


Welcome your fiancé into your life by welcoming them into your bed with this very cool Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Lofty Queen Size Pillow ($99). You’re probably already living together by this point but you can always get comfier in your life together. They will definitely enjoy the added ZZZ’s thanks to this awesome pillow.

9. For your husband/wife


Do you sometimes feel like some of the romance has gone out of your relationship? That’s okay and that’s totally normal but you CAN do something about it. This holiday season, get your husband or wife this limited-edition Adult Advent Calendar Gift Box ($99) from Ella Paradis. It technically says 1-24 in the traditional advent calendar sense but you can do these boxes any time. They each include a sexy surprise and a booklet explaining what to do to make your nights, ahem, a little naughtier.

10. For your sister


Your sis might just fall in love with this Frida Kahlo tote bag ($20). Not only is it adorable but it is obviously the perfect thing to carry around all of her things. Sure, she probably already has 17,000 tote bags but this one is clearly the winner. Don’t worry, we’re sure she will let you borrow it. *wink wink*

11. For your brother


Your brother is going to get a KICK out of this Millennial Loteria ($22) game. It’s just like the game we all know and love except with some really hysterical millennial signs. Now he can totally get everyone in on a game, whether that’s with your family or his friends.

12. For your tia


This one’s for your tia who LOVES hosting #TacoTuesday parties: The Taco Serving Kit and Storage Box ($85). It allows her to keep planning her parties while also making it easier than ever for you to come over and make tacos just like you want them. She will enjoy having all of the different elements for her next taco party.

13. For your tio


The TABLETOPICS Family ($25) card game is pretty perfect for your one tio who is not only a conversation starter but tries to get the entire family in on it. This is a great piece for any family member, really, but I think he will appreciate it most of all. The best part is that it’s the kind of present that is meant to be shared.

14. For your prima


The Scratch Map Deluxe ($32-48) is the ideal gift for your prima who dreams of traveling the world. You can help to encourage her wanderlust with this scratch-off map of the world that helps her mark every country where she’s been and where she plans to go.

15. For your primo


Your primo might just fall in LOVE with this Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote ($40) that will help him watch all of his favorite television shows easier than ever. The even cooler Alexa Voice Remote will have him feeling pretty good about himself, too.

16. For your abuela


What will truly warm abuela’s heart is this Personalized Family Hobby Art ($85-175) print that can be customized for up to 12 family members. Sure, that might not actually fit everyone but do your best and she will enjoy it for a long time. In fact, I’m betting it will adorn her wall for years to come.

17. For your abuelo


For the abuelo that has everything comes this Mini Movie Projector ($60), which promises to help him show his photos and movies with ease. Remember those nights when all he wants to do is have all you grandkids sit around him as he talks about the homecountry? Well, now it’s even easier for him!

18. For your BFF


My Cinema Lightbox Mini LED Marquee Lightbox ($23) is the PERFECT gift for your bestie. You can craft a message for her to start with, perhaps her favorite inspirational quote or a powerful saying that she loves? Afterward, she can use this to inspire her to do good work or just to jot down ideas.

19. For your girlfriends


You can get all of your best lady friends something that will make them totally relax, which is this Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray with Extending Sides ($29). I’ve been using this tray for a while and it’s definitely my favorite bathtime product since it not only helps me to relax but also allows me to keep snacks and other goodies nearby when I need a break. Sadly, the cute plate of cherries is not included.

20. For your guy friends


The Codenames Deep Undercover 2.0 ($20) is a great board game for adults and your guy friends will love it. Sure, they’re difficult to shop for but this game is a surefire winner. Next time you’re getting together with your crew, your guy friend will be able to break this out and have everyone roaring with laughter. Trust me on this one.

21. For your professor


These Jumbo Magnetic Fidget Spheres ($13) are an ideal gift for your professor who is totally awesome but needs a bit more decoration on his or her desk. The bonus perk of these is that your professor can fidget a bit while the classroom is listening or otherwise occupied, or even while they are lecturing. It’s a little something they can do and a little something you can give them as a token of your appreciation.

22. For your boss


This Boss Lady Travel Mug ($20) is absolutely the gift you should give to your favorite boss who is so great that you think you might want to work for her forever. Now she can get her coffee on the way to work and carry around with her all day long, which might also keep you from having to fetch it for her. It’s definitely a winner of a gift.

BONUS: 23. For just about anyone else


If you still have people on the list, then why not go for an Indoor Zen Garden Relaxation Kit ($27)? It’s a great gift for pretty much anyone since we could ALL use something to de-stress. That is especially welcome during the holidays but this gift is perfect any time of year to help your loved ones relax.

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