Gift Guide for the Concha-Lovers in Your Life

credit: cincobellas / Instagram

Who doesn’t love conchas? They taste good, look cute, and they make great art. Gente all over America have gone concha crazy, designing everyday items into the image of the almighty concha. Conchas, it seems, can represent so many different things in our lives, from parts of the body, body positivity, an unwavering commitment to carbs, and our Latinidad. Concha creativity knows no bounds, and the nice thing about most of these conchas is that they don’t get sugar crumbs all over your blusa. Looking for a holiday gift for the concha-lover in your life made by creative latinx artistas? Look no further.

Cute Concha Keychains

These concha keychains by 805_clay_boutique are made of polymer clay. Tiny and adorable, these keychains can only be ordered via DM on Instagram, which makes them feel oddly illicit, pero the artist is just keeping real and their overhead costs low.

Concha Phone Grip and Stand

Also made by 805_clay_boutique, this concha food grip will help you hold on to your phone. Everyone seems to be using phone grips these days, and most are pretty ugly. We also hate thinking of how many have already wound up in the landfill. This cute concha-shaped phone grip, like conchas themselves, will never go out of style.

Concha Pan Dulce All-Over Art Latinx Art Mug

CREDIT: Dosestrellas Shop/Etsy

We at Fierce all want a mug like this for our cafecito in the morning. A cup of coffee or Ibarra chocolate in this cup would be the just right cup to dip conchas in on a lazy weekend indoors. The Dos Estrellas Shop on Etsy is owned by Gabriela Ruiz, who designs a variety of concha items, says this about the shop on the site: “We’re 100% Latinx and are proud to share our culture with anyone that appreciates our ideas of gorgeous.”

Amor Eterno Concha T-Shirt


DosEstrellas Shop/Etsty

Also created by Dos Estrellas, this Amor Eterno t-shirt comes in femme and butch cuts and runs $25, a standard price for a t-shirt with good art on it. There are other concha design t-shirts in this shop and buying from them supports your community not one of those big box stores. Get on over there and take a look!

Chocolate Concha Pillow

CREDIT: MiBarrioCo Shop/Etsy

This concha pillow by Mi Barrio Co comes in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Just don’t mistake it for the real thing in the middle of a dream. The Mi Barrio Co shop owner, Kelly Elvina, calls her shop a family business and says their shop is “deeply inspired by [their] Mexican roots and car scene culture.”

Gothic Concha Soap

CREDIT: MiBarrioCo Shop/Etsy

Also made by Mi Barrio Co, this soap is made with hand-poured coconut milk and topped with “skin-safe mica,” this midnight soap is lightly scented and will thrill the goth concha-lover in your life. Orders made at Mi Barrio get five stars.

Pan Dulce Earrings

CREDIT: VivaLasCalaveras Shop/Etsy

These conchita earrings really do look good enough to eat. You could the concha-lover in your life one pair in each flavor. Viva Las Calaveras shop owner, Liz Zambrano, says that she learned to create and make art from her abuelita. She shop is filled with earrings and broaches in all different styles, elegant, cute, and quirky.

Vegan Conchas in Northern California

CREDIT: Instagram

If you’re looking for real conchas for eating, and you’re vegan, try Concha Libre in Oakland. This is another business that takes orders via Instagram. Concha Libre’s vegan conchas are also available at various locations around the San Francisco Bay Area: Hasta Muerte Coffee, The Grind on Market St, Vegan Republic, and the Berkeley Student Food Collective.


Vegan Conchas Southern California

CREDIT: Photo by Javier Cabral

If you need some vegan conchas for your vegan concha-lover in the LA area, head on over to Highland Park. Delicias Bakery makes super authentic-looking vegan conchas. According to an article in LA Taco some family members of the owner became vegan and “really missed pan dulce, so she asked Ramirez if he can try a batch made without any animal products. The baker Jose Casimiro Bran Ramirez never heard of a vegan diet before but since he came from a family of panaderos, he didn’t think twice and was up for the challenge.”

Let Your Conchas Be Your Guide

CREDIT: OdysseyRoc Shop/Etsy

If you’re in need of a super-quick gift, how about this printable download? Print this baby out at home, buy a cute frame, and you got a great gift. If you’re in a pinch roll it up and tie a cute bow around it. Designed by OdesseyRoc Etsy Shop owner and designer Tony Avina. You can also buy this image on a coffee cup. “Let your conchas be your guide” — we always love a good pun!

Concha Christmas Ornament

CREDIT: JoybyJnYDesigns Shop/Etsy

This 4-pack of concha Christmas tree ornaments have the look of traditional bulb ornaments, but they’re made of plastic, so they won’t break. Made by Joy by JnY Designs, these concha ornaments might make a great gift for the hard-to-shop-for concha-lover. These are especially great for a  friend with niñitos who should definitely help trim the tree.

Handcrafted Concha Ornaments

CREDIT: LilibunDesigns Shop/Etsy

For concha-lovers who love hand-crafted gifts like we do, this felt concha garland is adorable with visible hand-stitching. Made by Lilibun Designs shop out of Ontario, California, the shop also features taco and cactus garlands, and concha Christmas tree ornaments. One reviewer, who gave the shop five out of five stars raved about this concha garland, “Words cannot explain how adorable these are and pictures can’t do them justice! Can’t wait to order this shop again!” Check out all the artful photos of her items on Lilibun Insta account. 

Concha Backpack

CREDIT: mitu

This bright pink concha backpack from the Mitú shop will help you find your concha-loving friend in a crowd for sure. And it’s not as drab as those popular Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpacks that all the hipsters are wearing.


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