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Creative Yet Simple Ways To Dress Up As A Latina Icon This Halloween

The beginning of October means one thing: it’s time to start planning a Halloween costume. Choosing the perfect outfit can be overwhelming, these costumes honoring iconic Latina women are simple to recreate. 

The Queen Of Tejano Music, Selena Quintanilla Perez.

Obviously, Selena had to be on this list. Not only is she La Reyna, but with so many instantly recognizable looks, you’ll have costume options for days. Whether you rock a bedazzled bustier or her iconic purple jumpsuit, it’ll be an instant hit. Plus, it’s easy on the wallet. In fact, someone’s mom made a stunning Selena costume for only 50 cents!

What’s better than one Frida? Dos!

Frida Kahlo gives so much inspiration. That famous brow, colorful flower crown and beautiful puebla dresses make this look easy to replicate for Halloween. And with all the different self-portraits Frida painted, you and your girls can go party-hopping as a whole flock of Fridas!

Abuelita is perfect for those chilly October nights.

A reminder of cozy nights at home, Abuelita is the perfect out-of-the-box costume. Or should we say off-the-label costume? You can find her in the pantries of Latinx households all over the world— and possibly at this year’s Halloween parties as well.

We don’t mind if you swipe this Dora costume idea.

Dora the Explorer entered our hearts when we were little girls but we still stan the adventurous Latina to this day. A purple backpack completes this look but bonus points if you’re able to add a monkey named Boots to your costume.

La Fea Mas Bella, Betty La Fea, Ugly Betty — whichever you want to go with. 

A good novela never truly ends and “Ugly Betty” is still as recognizable as ever. To replicate the character that made America Ferrera a household name, all you need is some thick-rimmed glasses and a bold, clashing outfit.

La Llorona— the ultimate scary story turned ultimate scary costume.

Far scarier than any of the big name monsters in the world of horror, La Llorona didn’t come to play. With her ghostly face, this costume will have party goers sleeping with their lights on for weeks.

The Cholula Lady is a hot look many haven’t seen before.

If you’re looking for a spicy costume, the Cholula Lady has you covered. Iconic on and off the table, you can steal her look with a white dress and a rope of fake chile. Bonus: this can easily be turned into a couple’s costume. 

America Chavez — the hero we deserve.

If you’re wanting something more super powered, Latina heroine Miss America is your girl! Decked out in red, white and blue, her costume not only makes a strong impression, it’s cool af.

Brazilian bombshell, Carmen Miranda, is an icon not often recognized.

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This #KDHalloweenDIY costume should come as no surprise to you! I’ve done many outfit posts, decor projects and DIYs inspired by “The Lady In The Tutti Fruitti Hat” so it was a no-brainer to create this easy DIY for you ???????????????????? #LinkInBio. . . . #hibiscusflower #halloweencostume #halloweencostumediy #creativesociety #buzzfeedstyle #ohwowyes #halloweendiy #buzzfeeddiy #buzzfeed #tropicaglamour #carmenmirandaturban #vintageglamour #theladyinthetuttifruttihat #carmenmirandacostume #calledtobecreative #ohwowyes #fruitturban #creativelifehappylife #diycostume #tuttifruttihat #vintagelover #carmenmirandastyle #halloweeninspo #abmhalloween#refinery29#costumediy #halloween2017 #vintagecostume #vintagecostume #vintagelover #doityourselfcostume @flannerycrane

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So gorgeous, she made fruit hats fashionable, Carmen Miranda is the look for a touch of sexy and a whole lot of style. In case you don’t think you can rock the fruit, she has even more iconic looks from her movies.

La Calavera Catrina is the ultimate sugar skull goddess.

We see a lot of Dia de los Muertos and sugar skull makeup on social media but among them all, La Calavera Catrina is queen. Though sugar skull makeup is sometimes appropriated by non-Latinas, it’s the perfect look if you want to authentically rep our culture. 

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Cardi B Ran Into A Fan Wearing Her ‘Invasion of Privacy’ Outfit And Their Encounter Was The Sweetest


Cardi B Ran Into A Fan Wearing Her ‘Invasion of Privacy’ Outfit And Their Encounter Was The Sweetest

When you’re a celebrity with the record deals, big movie awards and legions of fans, it’s hard to imagine you’d want to be anyone else but who you are. Still, each year as ghosts creep out and zombies crawl up from their graves, celebrities prove that there’s still a novelty to dressing up like someone, something else, for the Halloween season. This year, with so many celebrities already out and attending some of the most spooktacular events of the year, we’ve already seen tons of inspiring costumes from our favorites and also those inspired by our favorite.

Here’s a look at what la reinas of entertainment are up to this Halloween.

Cardi B is out and about finding her dopplegangers.

During a trip home from the recording studio, Queen Belcalis caught up with a fan on the street who was wearing the rapper’s outfit from the cover of her Invasion of Privacy album. “I have to tell you I love your costume,” Cardi said speaking to the fan as she stopped next to her in her car on the street. We can only imagine just how shocked her gushing fan was as she drove away.

Heartbreaker Mariah Carey looked like she was checking up on one of the hearts she broke.

Mariah Carey and her man Bryan Tanaka dressed up as the ultimate couple that belongs together this year. Dressed as a sexy nurse to his hunky doctor, Carey looked stunning enough to stop a heart.

Christina Milian did a throw back as a Hello Kitty.

La princessa de Halloween went Hello Kitty crazy with an outfit that certainly takes the pumpkin cake. She even went for icy blue eyes this year to top it all off.

Victoria Justice went as the oujia board your ma told you not to play with.

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Wanna play? ???? Painted by @kenyanarmitage ????

A post shared by Victoria Justice (@victoriajustice) on

The bold costume was also a pretty bold move for the former Disney Channel star of Puerto Rican descent. To really round out her stunning makeup art, Justice also went for a spooky set of eyes.

Joey Fatone and Izabel Araujo

The former NSYNC member and his Brazilian BFF Izabel Araujo went as the twins from “The Shining” to the Casamigos Halloween party in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Lauren Jauregui went OTT with Halloween news.

The former Fifth Harmony singer not only dressed up as Harley Quinn for fright night, she also announced the release of her new song “Expectations.” According to her it’s worth a listen for anyone eager to jump on those Halloween vibes.

Sofia Vergara got us thirsty for some TV and diamonds.

In a promo post about the upcoming episode of her hit ABC show “Modern Family” the Colombian actress dropped an image of her beloved character Sofia dressed as Marilyn Monroe. No doubt, anyone looking for a last minute Halloween costume already in possession of a Blonde wig can go as cross version of Sofia x Marilyn.

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The Legendary Guatemalan Tale Of El Sombrerón Will Literally Spook You

hide from home

The Legendary Guatemalan Tale Of El Sombrerón Will Literally Spook You

Remember that guy who wouldn’t leave you alone? Maybe he sent you cute texts that you didn’t find so cute or kept trying to convince you to give him a chance when you knew that wasn’t going to happen. Well. We have a story for you about a guy named El Sombrerón, the original Dude Who Refused To Get a Clue

The Legend of El Sombrerón

Credit: @MaikorArts / Instagram

El Sombrerón is a character from Guatemalan legend who simply won’t let his lady loves turn him away, thanks to his magical silver guitar. He’s also called Tzipitio, Tzizimite, or just “the goblin,” and Mexico and Colombia also have versions of this legend. There’s even a 1950 movie that tells the story.

He has a distinctive outfit.

Credit: @ElviraMendez / Instagram

So, who exactly is this creeper? El Sombrerón is a short, old-looking man dressed all in black, with a thick, shiny belt, boots that make noise when he walks, and of course, a big ol’ hat.

He loves his guitar….

Credit: @early_california_antiques / Instagram

His guitar is central to his awful plots. When he plays, his victims – always women with long hair and big eyes – fall under his spell.

…and his pets.

Credit: @oathlaws_mind / Instagram

He always brings a few things with him: two enormous black dogs, a pack of mules, a cold breeze, and of course, the silver guitar. You know he’s out causing trouble when you see the mules tied up at some poor, unsuspecting chula’s home.

He’ll take that hair, thank you very much.

Credit: @JoyOfBraiding / Instagram

Here’s the other thing about El Sombrerón: He’s got this weird thing for braids. Horses, dogs, people – it doesn’t matter. If it’s got long, luscious hair, he wants his hands on it. Which brings us to our dear Susana.

The Story of Susana

Credit: @tawo_0 / Instagram

Many years ago, there lived a Guatemalan woman named Susana. She had big, beautiful eyes and long hair. She lived a perfectly normal and happy life, but she was exactly El Sombrerón’s type.

Susana never saw him coming.

Credit: @sarabreign / Instagram

Susana was sitting on her balcony one night, enjoying the sight of the full moon, when she heard a strange sound and felt a cold breeze overtake her. Little did she know, El Sombrerón tends to show up under just such a moon.

El Sombrerón was up to his usual tricks.

Credit: @guateatrae / Instagram

So he appeared under the balcony, and he serenaded her with his guitar and gave her dirt to eat. Now, she was totally under his power, though no one knew it yet.

Susana’s parents were too late.

Credit: @jennizzle / Instagram

Susana’s parents couldn’t hear the music, because only El Sombrerón’s victims hear his song, but it was late at night, and their daughter should have been inside anyways. So they brought her inside and locked up the house. Despite their parental concern, the damage had already been done.

El Sombrerón had Susana right where he wanted her.

Credit: @humblerootsnutrition / Instagram

El Sombrerón kept appearing to play music for Susana, ensuring that she would never sleep again. Whenever she tried to eat anything, it became covered in dirt, and so she couldn’t eat either. All that delicious food…gone to waste, just like her. 

The song’s effects began to take hold.

Credit: @GemmyQuinn / Instagram

Susana was wasting away, which was exactly what El Sombrerón had planned. When she finally died from the lack of sleep and food, he would steal her soul on its way to Heaven and keep her all to himself forever. He just had to wait. 

The situation got worse and worse.

Credit: @kujulakadfis / Instagram

For days, no one knew what to do. El Sombrerón kept showing up to sing, and her food would never be edible, no matter what anyone did. Time was running out, and Susana was fighting for her life.

But Susana’s parents had one last idea.

Credit: @VivianaManconi / Instagram

Lucky for Susana, her parents weren’t bobos, and they decided to try and save their daughter from the mysterious thing that had taken hold of her. Somehow, they knew that her hair was the key.

Goodbye, luscious locks!

Credit: @canaygun1995 / Instagram

Susana’s parents cut off her long hair and took it to the local church, where a priest blessed it with holy water and said some prayers over it. Maybe, they thought, this would finally break El Sombrerón’s curse. 

New ‘do, new you, Susana.

Credit: @pulodagattasbc / Instagram

Just like that, Susana and her new hairdo were left completely alone. El Sombrerón vanished and never came back, and Susana regained her strength to live a happy life. But El Sombrerón is still out there, looking for his next long-haired lady to serenade. 

What have we learned today, class?

Credit: @benealessandra / Instagram

Listen to your parents, stay inside, and don’t talk to strange men. The story meant to promote modesty in young women, though if you ask me, it’s not poor Susana’s fault she’s so pretty.

Outdated? Not so fast…

Credit: @duncandzynes / Instagram

Are there any lessons for the modern woman in here? Maybe. You don’t have to chop off your hair to thwart would-be suitors like Susana did – thankfully, there are other ways to handle unwanted attention that will probably be more effective. 

…maybe there’s a better moral to this story.

Credit: @changesbybett / Instagram

So, the real moral of the story: Creeps are out there, but there’s always help. Rock your long locks, live your life, and if you feel able to reach out for help, never be afraid to loop in a trusted comadre to help you handle things. And always check in on how your friends are doing — you never know who might need a metaphorical haircut.

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