We Spotted These Three Latina Owned Accessory Brands At The #WeAllGrow Summit And We Are Totally Here For The Empowerment They Bring

Over the weekend, Latinas rallied together for the #WeAllGrow Latina Summit. The national conference for Latina influencers and creative entrepreneurs was founded by author Ana Flores who created the event in an effort to empower Latinas. #WeAllGrow works specifically to provide Latinas interested in establishing themselves as influencers and entrepreneurs in the worlds of digital and social media with the right tools and connections.

As is expected for any event Latinas turn up to, the conference was filled with women from all walks of life and all types of unique styles. Perhaps our most favorite statement pieces from the summit were the ones made by Latinas and worn by them as well. Here are some of our top favorite earrings worn at the event to inspire your next Latina go-getter look while also supporting social change.

Tassle earrings by Lula Mena

CREDIT: Carolina Flore wears  Lula Mena earrings at the summit. Credit: Estefani Alarcon

Lula Mena is a Salvadoran jewelry and accessories craftswoman who works directly with the artisan communities of El Salvador to produce high-quality products and produce social impacts. Mena’s pieces are created by Salvadoran women who, because of their work with Lula Mena, are able to make up to 4 times more than their husbands do. The switch-up in these domestic power dynamics not only allows the company’s women workers to provide more for their families, it also gives them a chance to provide education to their children with more ease.

The company’s site emphasizes that its 5 primary principles involve being eco-friendly, handmade, providing fair trade, innovation, and women empowerment.

To shop Lula Mena check out her collection here


My Blue Evil Eye Earrings by Katherine Cordero 55*

CREDIT: Univision reporter Andrea Chediak wears Cordero’s earrings Credit: Estefani Alarcon

Katherine Cordero is a handmade jewelry boutique based out of Miami, Florida. These handcrafted and gold plated brass earrings by the Venezuelan designer, Katherine Cordero, are made up of fabrics from different cultures from around the world.

To shop more of Katherine Cordero’s designs check them out here

Papaya earings by  Mercedes Salazar

CREDIT: May Ramallo is a journalist andmother who sported Mercedes Salazar’s earrings at the summit. Credit: Estefani Alarcon

Mercedes Salazar is a Colombian artisan who studied jewelry and goldsmithery at the Artisan School of “INBA” in Mexico. In 2001, Mercedes founded Mercedes Salazar Jewelry after returning to Colombia. She opened her first store in 2005 in Bogota and began exporting her products to the U.S shortly after. Now, she has expanded her brand which is recognized internationally in cities such as Paris and New York City. Her jewelry is crafted from recovered materials such as buttons, leather, metal nuts and bolts.

You can shop for Mercedes Salazar accessories here.

Whether you are going to a summit, on vacation or simply love beautiful, big, colorful handmade earrings, these designers are making it easy to slay this summer. All while supporting Latina-owned businesses too! They are all handmade and add a poppin’ touch to outfits.


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