For Us, NYFW Was All About Natural Black Hair Styles

credit: lynnabesera_photography / Instagram

You’ve already heard about the fashion industry’s diversity and representation problem. Fashion house’s and lines have become notorious for committing cultural appropriation, excluding and shunning models of color from the runway, and often forcing them to whitewash their appearances. This season, representation and diversity for certain shows remained a problem, but Black women and models made sure that they were still seen in their full Black Magic glory.

Here’s a look 7 amazing women who showed up for New York Fashion Week and slayed the hair game.

The braids that can’t stop won’t stop come verano.

Afro-Costa Rican fashion blogger Ashley K. hit the streets of NYFW rocking the classic summer-style that Black girls have been rocking for ages.

The power look.

Natural hair thrived at NYFW. The week saw designers embrace the rising popularity of natural hair with braids, twist outs, locs, and wash-and-gos. At a show this past week, Vivienne Hu & VHNY featured Black girls in all of their natural hair glory.

Dominican model Janice Dilone heads down the runway rocking a shaved head which many Afro-Latinas have embraced as a look in their decision to transition to natural hair or release themselves about societal beauty ideals.

An Afro-Latina hair dream.

For Rodarte’s big reveal of its new line, the fashion house sent models down the runway in frills and flowers. While many of the models who walked were white and straight-haired, the brand made sure to send model Londone Myers down the runway with her natural rizos decorated with a crown of rosas.

Nothing quite as powerful as Black Power when it grows from your head.

Street stylists head to shows rocking their most fashion-forward looks for NYWF2018. Like so many women in attendance, these chicas opted to show off natural puffs with twist outs and headwraps.


Noon By Noor sent Dominican model Manuela Sanchez down the runway in her natural hair and a striped set that had us dreaming for Spring 2019.


Locs that have us locked down.

This week’s fashion shows and Black hairstyles taught many that our styles are far from a trend. Over the summer braids, locs and fros blew up as more women opted to shed sew-ins, wigs, and flatirons, this week, women like the one photo above proved that these looks can and will be worn all season long.


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