These 9 Latina Designers Will Make You Want To Max Out Your Credit Card

Iconic designer Milton Glaser once said, “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

Lucky for us, there are lots of Latina designers out there bringing major wow factor, creating gorgeous jewelry, modern furniture, sexy swimsuits and more for the woman who loves the finer things in life.

Here are nine of our favorite indie Latina designers killing the game with their cool, high-end modern goods.

1. Gala is Love

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Gala is Love is the jewelry line handcrafted by Michelle Galindo. The Tijuana-born artist creates pieces that range from cute and sassy, to modern and architectural, all in her Mexico City studio. Her jewelry has appeared in Vogue México, InStyle México and countless others, and it’s not surprising why. They’re insane! Galindo’s designs are soft, fresh and interesting – the kind of statement pieces people will always ask you about!


2. Pantera

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Sisters Laura and Alejandra Laviada are the minds behind Pantera, a collection of purses that cater to stylish, badass women with shit to do. The Mexican designers’ leather and exotic-skin bags offer bright, graphic design-inspired looks that you’ll want to carry day, night, in your sleep, while you shower – okay, maybe don’t do that. They’re just so beautiful you’ll want to. Ditch the boring Coach or Tory Burch bags for a Panter, which comply with animal and wildlife regulations and support Latino artisans.

3. Miss Balanta

Afro-Latina designer Angelica Balanta amazes with the gorgeous, bright textiles she uses in all her designer turbans created under the brand Miss Balanta. The Colombiana finds motivation and inspiration in her African identity, sharing an intrinsic part of the cultural fabric into her work. As her Instagram bio says, “I believe in the power of the turban.” It’s safe to say these turbans all exude power and beauty.

4. Lina Osorio

Nothing quite makes a stop-them-in-their-tracks statement like an amazing hat. Wearing a hat exudes confidence, and Colombian hat and accessories designer Lina Osorio makes hats that stand out from the crowd. Her designs are cool, chic and casual, with a touch of edge. She makes the kind of hat you’d see Beyonce wearing in Miami, and we’re all about it.

5. Suki Cohen

Body Crux.

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Colombian swimwear and lingerie designer Suki Cohen creates pieces that are modern with a touch of bondage. While the straps may leave some funky tan lines, the styles will surely turn heads thanks to their interesting geometric shapes . And unlike other strappy-style swimsuits and lingerie, these are created with comfort in mind, nixing underwires so your ta-ta’s can feel more free. The designs are so babe you can even wear them as bodysuits, pairing them with a cute skirt or jeans. Yes!

6. Nomadic Collector

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Nomadic Collector is actually Costa Rican designer Stefanie de la O, whose combined her background in architecture, fashion and industrial design to create a collection of insanely beautiful handbags from sustainable natural materials. They’re on the higher end, but they’re the kind of bag that’s an art piece that can be passed down for generations. The bags are breathtaking, and you can feel good knowing they’re made through an environmentally conscience way.

7. Lucca Luc

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Designer Rebecca Noel was born in Mexico City and raised in South Texas, and that’s reflected in the jewelry designs she makes under the name Lucca Luc. She mixes metals to create beautiful jewelry that harkens back to Aztec and Mayan design, with an art deco feel to it. Her pieces feel timeless in a way that isn’t bound by decades or even centuries. They’re awe-inspiring and powerful.

8. Palma Canaria

As if the beach wasn’t awesome enough, the design duo behind Palma Canaria, Monica Arbelaez and Juliana Quintero, just ensured your Insta pics will be ultimate #vacationgoals. The accessories line includes handmade bags, hands, fan and shoes made from natural fibers. The designs encapsulate the Colombian designers’ sassy and cute aesthetic, including adorable fruit designs, quirky phrases like “Pura Vida and “Summer Please.” So cute!

9. VerdeLimon Swimwear

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Finding the perfect swimsuit can often feel like a nightmare, but VerdeLimon Swimwear, designed by Colombian Silvia de Brigard, makes the experience actually enjoyable. Her bright, funky designs inspired by tropical nature are cut for all kind of body types, ensuring that you can work the sand and sea into a cute look. One word: obsessed.

Let’s give it up for all these talented Latina designers making beautiful pieces and inspiring us to follow our creative dreams – but also for helping us all look damn fine!

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