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How These Queer Latinxs Use Their Wardrobes To Disrupt Social Norms

For LGBTQ Latinxs, fashion has always been more than just clothes. Queer aesthetics are often responses to the limiting cisheteropatriarchal regime, a system that benefits cis, heterosexual folks and men, that we live in. It is important to talk about this system as a regime because it’s unnatural, requiring a great deal of marketing to uphold, and is constantly exposed by femmes of color — sometimes by using our clothing and accessories as a political statement.

Femme fashion as a tool of resistance is a femmestory that we are just starting to weave together. Our choice of clothing can be liberating but also put us in positions of hypervisibility that can lead to cisheteropatriarchal violence. Trans women and femmes, people that have been violently assigned as male by the medical industrial complex, have always been the leading example of rebellion and resistance. In the mid XIX century Peru, for example, Fracisco Pro, an Afro-Indigenous person, was detained by soldiers for wearing tapada limeña, a skirt outlining the hips and a veil covering the face with the exception of an eye, in public. Francisco was tortured for their decision to dress outside of what was considered proper attire for the gender that the cisheteropatriarchal colonial regime assigned to them. Fashion for some is more than just a “look;” it is a way to present their true selves and reclaim the body autonomy the system has always attempted to take away — and this continues today.

Here, queer Latinxs discuss their looks, fashion inspirations and how they use their wardrobes to disrupt social norms and mainstream fashion.  

Cielo, She/They/Them, South Central

(Photo Credit: @lloydgalbriath)

My style represents my culture, being queer and trans. Fashion, for me, is like an armor. I could be wearing a beautiful dress with six-inch heels, and I feel unstoppable and ready to destroy this white male patriarchy.

My femininity is on purpose, and it’s something that I always have within me and something that I could never shut off. There has been moments where I don’t look visibly femme, but my energy and personality is very femme. My queer femmeness is disruptive to the system because they are not used to this femme magic. They badly want me to conform, but I’m just going to be my beautiful, femme and authentic self.

I have so many fashion inspirations, including Eve Moreno, Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. Eve has inspired me to be my true self by just seeing them wear there purple lipstick and leggings. What can I say about Marsha and Sylvia? They are just iconic beings and my mothers.  

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Eve, They/Them/She/Hers, Los Angeles

(Photo Credit: @lalobaloca)

My fashion radically transformed after I came out as queer and transgender. The more I came to realize that my expression could not be restricted by gender, and gender roles, I felt like I could finally breathe. Although my fashion gives me strength and power, it also makes me a target to harassment. My fashion is like a weapon. I believe that I am the tip of my ancestors’ sword. Who I am is a product of my ancestors’ dreams. Their magic and resistance has reincarnated into this body. My existence as a queer and trans femme disrupts the gender binary, thus, disrupting colonialism and structural violence within itself. My biggest influences are every femme that I come into contact with. My life is owed to all the femmes who have ever nurtured me.

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Soleil, They, California

(Photo Credit: @lalobaloca)

I definitely use fashion as a way to show my queerness. It’s a way to flag myself and let others know that I am not straight, though, as queerness gets watered down and straight people feel more comfortable co-opting queer fashion and style, this becomes more difficult. It leaves me scrambling to find more creative ways to stand out from the sea of cis-heteros that like to wear our style but disrespect our existence. 

I use to think of femme as a way to restrict me when I was younger because I associated it with all of the things that were being forced on me and the traditional ideas of femininity. But now that I understand what femmehood means, I embrace that every chance I get. I get to choose my femme. I describe my style as futch. It’s a combination of incorporating my femme and my butch. My biggest influence in terms of that style was definitely the early 2000 The L Word lesbian era.

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Diego, They/Them, Los Angeles

(Photo Credit: @iwritelight_)

I’d like to think my style was nonexistent prior to high school. Hair buzzed, large jackets and cargo shorts was my routine look. Growing up with strict gender policing, via family and institutions, repressed any of my autonomy while realizing gender, let alone style. My father only saw me through his image, which rejected my trans identity, and very quickly as a child he adamantly tried erasing me as a femme by raising me as a boy. To this day, my style has been an escape from gender. I’ve shared with others that it is “makeup as war paint.” Choosing to be visible isn’t always safe. My style is a femme strategy for living; however, people’s problems with my transness are not my own. The world is still very hostile to femmes and trans women. I’m always vigilant of safety. As someone assigned male at birth, my queer femmeness thrived off my connection with community. Most of my femme nurturing came from queer and trans femmes of color and elder trans women. They taught me how to thrive as a nonbinary femme, to embrace and celebrate it. My style is always evolving, but words I’d associate with it are androgynous, gender null, femme and faggotry. Friends have truly been a significant influence on who I’ve grown into.

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Melba, She/Her, Pacoima, California

(Photo Credit: @baemond)

My style is definitely an armor. I’ve realized that people are going to stare at me no matter what, so I might as well give them something to look at. When I’m getting ready to go out, I always feel like I’m getting ready for a battle against whiteness, capitalism and cisheteropatriarchy. I’ve become a lot more comfortable with wearing clothes that show more skin and that are considered to be unflattering on fat bodies. All of these things are a “fuck you” to the rules that the cishetropatriarchy has created for queer fat femme brown bodies.

My femme is very on purpose. Queer femmeness is disruptive to the system because it challenges the idea that femininity is for the male gaze. I always find that other femmes are most likely to compliment me and it often leads to making new friends. Femmes see and validate each other in a way that resists cisheteropatriarchy. My fashion is colorful, kitschy, outrageous and extra as fuck. My influences are Solange, Rihanna, Grace Jones, Frida Kahlo, Beth Ditto, Divine, Selena and The Club Kid Scene.

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JUANA, They/Them, Southeast Los Angeles

(Photo Credit: @lalobalocashares)

My style is intertwined into my queerness, though I don’t feel that wearing either “feminine or masculine” clothing defines my identity. However, I do feel that my style is a form of resisting the cisheteropatriarchy norm of what gender identity is supposed to look like. I do see my clothing as an armor, especially if it will detour cismale gazing eyes off my flesh vessel. I do not identify as femme; however, I feel femmes are an important identity in shifting the paradigms of the social structure. My style is non-binary, influenced by mestizx ancestral styles of Latinx and Southwestern territories with a twist of my youth days in the Southeast LA punk scene.

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Lilac, They/Them

(Photo Credit: @bitch.femme.presente)

I’ve begun to feel freer to explore and develop an aesthetic that is as playful, political, queer, punk, feminine and creatively expressive as me. Cisheteropatriarchy has always represented gatekeeping for me, because these systems of misogyny intertwined with queer- and transphobia became my biggest roadblocks to happiness. I learned to police my own queerness and femininity. For so long, I was my own jailer, subjecting myself to a life of misery because I was afraid of the consequences of living my truth. My style cocoons me, keeping me whole and intact when I feel most vulnerable out in the world. Fashion can be a reminder to yourself of who you are, what you believe in and where you come from. My femme is a blatant interruption to the bullshit gender binary, forcefully contradicting it and creating a space for others like me to exist in this world. When I’m using my bold and unabashed femme to take up space in public, it’s important for me to remember that I am a part of a legacy of people who have blurred the lines of gender since the dawn of time and have largely been erased from history. My style is sexy librarian meets playful punk baddie. My influences are everything from the rebellious pachucas to the clean mod looks from London in the ‘60s. Latinx culture continues to delight and inspire me.

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A Transgender Latina Who Was Deported From The US Was Murdered In El Salvador

things that matter

A Transgender Latina Who Was Deported From The US Was Murdered In El Salvador

A transgender woman who was deported from the US after seeking refuge from anti-LGBTQ violence in her homeland was murdered following her return to El Salvador, the Washington Blade reports.

When the woman, who was known as Camila, went missing, the Asociación Aspidh Arcoiris Trans, a trans advocacy group in the Central American country, started a search and discovered that she had been admitted to a hospital in San Salvador, the nation’s capital, on Jan. 31. She passed away on Feb. 3.

Authorities are still unsure what happened during the attack, but she was found outside the capital and transported to Rosales National Hospital with “multiple injuries.”

Camila entered the US on one of the migrant caravans last year after receiving threats because of her gender identity. According to Salvadoran activists, US officials did not believe her life was in danger and deported her back to her home country four-to-five months before her death.

“She migrated to the US because of threats that she had received, but she was deported because they didn’t believe her,” Aislinn Odaly, an independent LGBTI rights advocate, told the publication.

Camila is the second trans woman who was murdered in El Salvador this month. On Feb. 8, a woman named Lolita was killed with a machete in Sonsonate, but there are little more details surrounding her death.

According to the Washington Blade, neither El Salvador’s National Civil Police nor the country’s attorney general has classified the murders as hate crimes, particularly because Lolita and Camila died in public hospitals where reports didn’t identify them as victims of violence.

“We want justice and that these cases are investigated and the reformed penal code procedures to be applied when those who are responsible are found,” Alfaro told the Blade, alluding to a 2015 amendment to El Salvador’s legal code that enhances penalties for hate crimes based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

“Although we have begun the year badly, we hope these crimes establish precedents for there to also be a positive legal framework that regulates the situation of trans people, especially the situation of violence and insecurity,” she continued.

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20 Lingerie Sets That Will Get You Ready for Valentine’s Day

Everyday Runway

20 Lingerie Sets That Will Get You Ready for Valentine’s Day

It’s only natural to want to look your best on Valentine’s Day. This includes your date-night outfit and the look you’ll slip into that evening. However, lingerie isn’t just for the benefit of your significant other. It should also be something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Luckily, there are plenty of lingerie companies ready to cater to our Valentine’s Day needs. Just pick your style, color and size and you’ll find a lingerie set perfect for your night of amor.

Try one of these lingerie sets for the Valentine’s night of your dreams.

1. Get your heart on with this sweet bustier set.


Nothing says Valentine’s Day like being covered in cute little hearts. Deck yourself out in this adorable matching bustier set and get ready for some love. Available at AdoreMe.com, this set is simple enough to slip on under your little black dress and bold enough for when you’re ready to put on a show. Available in plus sizes.

2. The babydoll of your dreams.

Victoria’s Secret

You’re already the angel of your novio’s dreams so this sweet babydoll is icing on the cake. A part of Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels line, this set offers a sheer skirt attached to a criss cross peekaboo halter. It’s sheer skirt will have you feeling fun and flirty. Available in 5 colors and 5 sizes.

3. A BERRY beautiful Valentine’s outfit.

Victoria’s Secret

For a sensual play on the typical V-day lingerie, try this deep berry number. From Victoria’s Secret, this teddy takes things to the next level with its plunging keyhole and all-over sheer coverage. Scalloped lace will have you feeling delicate but its bold cut just screams daring. Available in 3 colors and 5 sizes.

4. You’ll love how you feel in this sexy slip.


You can’t go wrong with this black set that’s anything but basic. Available at AdoreMe.com, this babydoll is lacy in all the right places and comes with a matching panty and adjustable straps. It’s little bow details will remind your love just what a gift you are and will have you ready to be unwrapped. Available in plus sizes. Also available in white.

5. Look hot in this hot pink teddy.

Victoria’s Secret

You can never go wrong with pink. Available from Victoria’s Secret, this hot pink teddy will set the tone for your hot night of passion. It’s lacy material, high neckline and thong bottoms are just the the right amount of sexy. Available in 3 colors and 5 sizes.

6. You won’t be feeling blue in this babydoll.

Frederick’s of Hollywood

Can’t choose between lace and mesh? No problem! This gorgeous teddy has them both and comes in a unique royal blue that will catch his attention. Offered by Frederick’s of Hollywood, the bodice has an underwire and padded cups to keep you feeling supported. Available in 2 colors and 4 sizes.

7. You’ll get all the besos in this bustier.

Victoria’s Secret

Every woman should have a good bustier in their lingerie rotation and this beautiful two-toned set perfectly fits that need. From Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels collection, this bustier is boned and has lined cups to make this an comfy under-clothing wear. Removable garters add to this hands-on experience. Available in 2 colors and cup sizes A-D.

8. Try on this charming chemise.

Frederick’s of Hollywood

Feminine and lacy, this chemise is a vision in lavender. Available from Frederick’s of Hollywood, this set features criss cross straps plunging from the bust to navel. These straps are mimicked on the back side — showing off your backstage talent if you know what we mean. Available in 4 sizes.

9. Take the plunge with this babydoll

Victoria’s Secret

This babydoll means business. Showing off a plunging neckline and a bare back, this set wants you to feel comfortable in your skin. Offered by Victoria’s Secret, it’s removable garters and simple silhouette easily make this an every day wear. Available in 3 colors and 5 sizes.

10. Sheer=sexy.

Frederick’s of Hollywood

This barely-there chemise mixes sophistication with sexiness. Mostly sheer expect for its padded cups, the set features a high neckline, cap sleeves and a bare back. Available by Frederick’s of Hollywood, this chemise says delicate from the front but daring from behind. Available in plus sizes.

11. Who said casual can’t be sensual?


If g-strings and thongs aren’t your thing, this set’s bralette and shorts combo might be your perfect match. Featuring a lace t-back bralette and tap shorts, this set sold by AdoreMe.com is both casual and flirty. Available in 5 sizes.

12. You’ll look great in these garters.


This red-hot, all-lace set is dramatic, daring and 100% a Valentine’s Day must. It’s demi contour corset is sure to show off your shape. The matching bustier set is available from AdoreMe.com. Add thigh high stockings with the garters for a sexier overall look. Available in plus sizes.

13. Mesh never looked so good.

Frederick’s of Hollywood

Seductive scalloped edges and see-through mesh make this chemise feel as luxurious as you’ll look. A sexy pushup, detachable garters and matching g-string make this Frederick’s of Hollywood set a sensual classic. Available in plus sizes.

14. Valentine’s Day means lace all over the place.


If you’ve got it, flaunt it, mama! This lacy body suit leaves little to the imagination and essenuates what it covers. A FashionNova.com piece, it features a bare back and sides, a plunging neckline, and cheeky coverage in the back. Available in 2 colors and 3 sizes.

15. This bodysuit will have you ready to be unwrapped.


Mix some lovely lace and a bit of a bandage edge and you’ll get this sexy body suit. Available from AdoreMe.com, scalloped lace is criss crossed across your body using gold o-rings to keep you wrapped up. It’s unlined cups and cheeky panty make this an irresistible lingerie choice for your big night. Available in 5 sizes.

16. You’ll be sweet like pan dulce in this babydoll.


Fun and flirty, this red number adds a unique texture to the usual lace and mesh lingerie game. An AdoreMe.com original, the sweet babydoll utilizes soft velvet in the bodice and hem. As beautiful as this set will make you feel, it’s flyaway back also makes it easy to remove. Available in 5 sizes.

17. In blue, he can’t take his eyes off of you.


You won’t be left feeling blue this Valentine’s when your boo catches you in this set. With blue and silver threading laced throughout its mesh front, the bustier adds some glitz to your bedroom. Offered by AdoreMe.com, the form-fitting bodice will show off your curves beautifully. Available in plus sizes.

18. Get cuddly in this teddy.


With shimmering lace, a plunging front, and a cheeky panty, this teddy has sexy down to a science. The adjustable halter top makes sure you’ll have the perfect fit every time. Available from AdoreMe.com, this teddy is much more sheer than it appears. Available in plus sizes.

19. Sexual. Sexy. Satin.


Even if you’d rather have a comfy pjs set than traditional lingerie, you can still show off your sexy. This satin two-peice features a pair of lace-lined shorts and an adjustable tank top. Offered by FashionNova.com, this set is available in 8 different colors and 7 sizes.

20. Feel lovely in this lace number.

Victoria’s Secret

Don’t let the high neck fool you. This teddy’s sexy keyhole cut out, bare back and cheeky bottom bring all you’ll need for Valentine’s night. Available through Victoria’s Secret, it’s from their Dream Angels lingerie collection. It’s adjustable halter offers comfort and style. Available in 3 colors and 5 sizes.

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