These Are The Only Bathing Suits You’ll Want To Rock At The Beach This Summer

credit: Viva La Bonita

Let’s be honest, for many of us, swimsuit shopping is the last thing we want to do when summer rolls around. Finding a suit that highlights your style and won’t make you look like a clone of every sunbather is tricky, but L.A.-based clothing brand Viva La Bonita is out to change that.

On Friday, June 22nd, the online shop is dropping bathing suits that will allow you to express your individuality, make a bold statement and look fly at the beach this summer — and we’re already obsessing over them. The brand works hard at capturing culture and the unapologetic nature of many Latinas, and their latest release is no exception.

With five bold dichos written across each swimsuit, there’s something to match everyone’s personality. You can keep it subtle in pink with the simple, but honest, statement “Bonita,” keep it real with “I wanna cry, but I got shit to do” in purple or you can rock the signature Viva La Bonita phrase, “Allergic to Pendejadas” in yellow and let people at the beach know you have no time for their BS. Of course, you can show off your calle pero elegante persona in the black “Siempre en la Calle” look or, my personal fave, the red suit declaring, “Beautiful Shade of Brown.”

When designing the bathing suits, Viva La Bonita owner and designer, Rachel Gomez, really thought about every detail – from selecting the colors, styles and considering who the women are that would be wearing her suits.

“During the design process, I mixed these colors myself to create a unique hue. Because the Latina community is unique, colorful and bold,” she told FIERCE.

The suits are sporty classic thigh-high one-pieces that will certainly help you make a splash wherever you wear them. For Gomez, it was essential to create a suit that is affordable, but also high-quality for all her Bonitas (followers of the brand).

“The quality of the material is top notch,” she explained. “These swimsuits feature a unique cut and sew detail to compliment the woman’s body.” Plus, she made sure her line was inclusive so many women could wear any piece of their choice. “I felt that it was important to offer sizes S-3x because women come in all sizes. I’ve had the opportunity to meet … my Bonitas [and they] are all different. So I know they all have different needs.”

When people are out sporting these bathing suits, she hopes they “feel proud of who they are and where the come from.” As for her favorite one that she’ll be wearing this summer, she admitted she loves them all, “but if I had to pick one, it would be the ‘Allergic to Pendejadas’ Piece… It’s also our way of saying, ‘Please keep the bullshit away from us.’”

To get one of your own, visit Viva La Bonita. Each swimsuit costs $60, and they go on sale on Friday, June 22 at 6:00 p.m. PST.

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