This Graduation Cap Hack Is For The 4C Latina Ready To Get Her Degree And Elevate Her Black Girl Magic

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Being an Afro-Latina with curls is lit. Being one with a degree is magic. So, what’s a Black girl with lit hair and a magic brain to do when graduation season comes and it’s time to don a cap and do the whip across the stage? Anyone with a 3c+ curl knows that not even bobby pins will make this feat easy.

Instead of breaking out the flatiron, use this hot tip by a hair and beauty vlogger to rock your true locks and step off to greatness.

Hair and beauty vlogger Chizi Duru shared a pretty great tutorial for the Black girl with rizos.

Duru’s tutorial video went viral last year when she shared it ahead of her own graduation for girls looking to find a way to rock their curls on graduation day.

She started out her look with a fresh twist out from the night before.

CREDIT: Chizi Duru /

She separated her fly twists…

Then used bobby pins to pin down her hair in the places that she wanted her rizos to fall.

CREDIT: Chizi Duru /

She placed a few pins in the front and around the sides of her head, then fluffed it all out to make it all blend together.

Then, using a cheap, black headband she placed its base on the bottom of the cap.

CREDIT: Chizi Duru /

In the video, she secured the band with plastic tape but explained, that to make sure all is secure on grad day, use ducktape or hot glue. Then fold the sides over the base…

And get your degree, girl!

CREDIT: Chizi Duru /

Don’t forget to share your graduation photos with your rizos in the comments for us!


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