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Say ‘I Do’ In One Of These Gorgeous Gowns By Latino Designers And Represent Your Cultura

No matter how many episodes of “Say Yes To The Dress” you watch or the dozens of magazines you read, choosing a dress could be one of the most overwhelming decisions you’ll have to make.

However, looking for gowns doesn’t have to be a chore, because, at the end of the day, it should be fun. To make this experience a bit easier, we’ve rounded up 20 wedding dresses made by Latino designers.

1. Marco & Maria

Credit: @marcoymaria / Instagram

Designers Marco Marrero and María Díaz have a knack for creating vintage-inspired wedding dresses that have an old-Hollywood glam vibe. For example, their bridal collections include gowns with flowy sleeves, sparkling crystals, and dainty lace detailing.

2. Carolina Herrera

Credit: @carolinaherrera /Instagram

The famous Venezuelan-born designer, who’s styled everyone from Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis to Michelle Obama, creates mesmerizing wedding dresses. Herrera’s 2019 bridal collection is breathtaking, featuring girly yet unconventional gowns like the one shown above. With so many unique dresses to choose from, you won’t know where to start.

3. Oscar de la Renta

Credit: Instagram @oscardelarenta / Instagram

Who can forget about the legendary Dominican designer? The late Oscar de la Renta created the most gorgeous wedding dresses, and luckily, his legacy continues through his fashion house. The spring 2019 bridal gowns include pieces that are fit for royalty.

4. Donatella Fabio

Credit: Instagram @donatellafabiocouture

Donatella Fabio’s designs are a bride’s dream. She’s the Pnina Tornai of Latina wedding designers (if you watch “Say Yes To The Dress,” you’ll get that reference). Her dresses have whimsy, glamour, and drama, which means you’ll turn heads walking down the aisle in one of her pieces. At the end of the day, isn’t that what every bride wants?

5. Angel Sanchez

Credit: @angelsanchezusa / Instagram

Venezuelan fashion designer, Angel Sanchez, is known for his mesmerizing wedding dresses. They’ll make any bride feel special on her big day. He always adds something extra to his traditional gown, too, like a princess cape or dramatic bow. You’ll be far from basic on your big day.

6. Lydia Lavin

Credit: @lydialavin / Instagram

Lydia Lavin’s lavish bridal designs capture the rich culture of Mexico. Her contemporary wedding dresses feature classic silhouettes but with a modern twist. Like the image above, her gowns include huge ruffles, pops of color, and beautiful embroidery.

7. Nicolás Felizola

Credit: @nicolasfelizola / Instagram

Venezuelan designer, Nicolás Felizola, has made a name for himself in the fashion couture industry. He started his career as a fashion photographer and quickly found his passion for design. You’ll notice that his wedding dresses blend art, femininity, and romance.

8. Merche Segarra

Credit: @jesuspeiroofficial / Instagram

Merche Segarra is the designer behind the famous Jesús Peiró bridal company in Spain. Her wedding dresses are one-of-a-kind, yet traditional. Her designs include boat necklines (similar to Meghan Markle’s bridal gown), dainty details, and modest shapes.

9. Stella Nolasco

Credit: @StellaNolascoAtelier / Instagram

Stella Nolasco is one of Puerto Rico’s most celebrated designers, and for good reason. Her lavish wedding gowns will make any bride feel special. With intricate embroideries, sheer hemlines, and bold patterns, Nolasco’s pieces are gorgeous.

10. Yolan Cris

Credit: @yolancris / Instagram

Barcelona-based sisters, Yolanda and Cristina, created YolanCris over a decade ago. Their bridal designs are eccentric, boho-chic, and over-the-top — in the best way possible. You’ll be anything but basic on your big day. The best part? Since some of the bridal gowns are a bit unconventional, you can re-wear your dress for other occasions.

 11. Immaculada García

Credit: @inmaculada__garcia / Instagram

The Barcelona designer, Immaculada García, creates unique wedding dresses that are full of personality. Her bridal gowns are feminine, romantic, and unique. You’ll definitely have a one-of-a-kind dress on your big day.

12. Francesca Miranda

Credit: @francescamiranda_ / Instagram

Salvadorian fashion designer, Francesca Miranda, makes wedding dresses for the bride who wants a little pizzazz. Her designs are featured in every major magazine like Allure, Brides, and Glamour for a reason. In her 2019 bridal collection, there is pantsuit (shown above) that will make you re-think wearing a gown. It’s different enough, but it’s not too out there.

13. Andrés Gasque

Credit: @andresgasquebridal / Instagram

Andrés Gasque’s wedding dresses are modern and elegant, making him the perfect designer for brides who want to wear something trendy yet timeless. Don’t even get us started on his Cinderella-type ballgowns and intricately beaded dresses.

14. Manuel Tiscareno

Credit: @manueltiscareno / Instagram

Manuel Tiscareno’s wedding dresses will give you a major princess moment. Similar to the dress shown above, his pieces will make you swoon, especially if you’re a bride who wants something classic with a little bit of oomph. We’re getting heart-eyes over all of those beads and jewels on the dress above.

15. Alexia Ulibarri

Credit: @alexiaulibarridesign / Instagram

Alexia Ulibarri’s wedding designs are a work of art. The Mexican designer’s attention to detail and bold prints make her bridal dresses one-of-a-kind. Just look at the dress shown above. Those feathers and beaded flowers are giving us heart-eyes.

16. Benito Santos

Credit: @benitosantosoficial / Instagram

Mexican designer, Benito Santos, makes ultra-glam gowns. For example, you can see how luxe his dresses are from the image above. The beads, ruffled sleeves, and sheer top make this wedding gown eye-catching. His pieces typically include dazzling jewels, delicate lace, and dramatic pearls. Each gown is far from basic.

17. Wanda Borges

Credit: @wanda_borges / Instagram

Brazilian designer, Wanda Borges, makes wedding dresses that are made-to-measure, so you know you’re getting the celeb treatment. Hello, that’s why all of their clothes look amazing, they’re tailored. Borges’s customized gowns will make any bride feel like the best version of herself.

18. Rosa Esteva

Credit:  @cortanabrides / Instagram

The Spanish designer, Rosa Esteva, created the brand Cortana. Unlike most gowns, Esteva creates gowns that are flowy, fresh, and elegant. Her pieces are perfect for a beach wedding or for the minimalistic bride.

19. Patricia Bonaldi

Credit: @patriciabonaldi / Instagram

The celebrated Brazilian designer, Patricia Bonaldi, has an eye for creating luxe dresses that are filled with eye-catching prints, dazzling jewels, and vivid designs. Trust us, her dresses are anything but basic, and Olivia Culpo is a huge fan of the designer.

20. Rosa Clará

Credit: @rosa_clara / Instagram

The famous Barcelona designer, Rosa Clará, creates pieces that are classic and elegant. Her designs include feminine silhouettes and pretty details that will make your dress unforgettable.

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21 Extravagant Latino Wedding Cakes That Will Make You Go “QUE?!”

hide from home

21 Extravagant Latino Wedding Cakes That Will Make You Go “QUE?!”

Of all the stereotypes that us Latinos are burdened with, perhaps there is one that is actually true and really a compliment: we know how to party! Latino weddings are perhaps the less ceremonious and most over the top. They generally last for at least 12 hours (if not two or three days) and often tradition is disregarded in favor of whatever will result in a fun fiesta. When you think about a cake for a Latino wedding you have to take into account that size matters: guests are likely hungry after jumping and dancing for hours.

Wedding cakes throughout Latin America and in Latino communities in countries like the United States go from the discreet to the extravagant! We have chosen examples on both ends of the spectrum. Latin America is a region that bursts with creativity and inventiveness and these culinary confections are testament to this. Of course the bride usually has the last word even if countless family members are likely to give their opinion.

1. If you are getting married, why not face the dragon of matrimony right from the start? Ay, nanita!

Credit: Instagram. @sugarshopmexico

Sugar Shop is a bakery in Mexico that just goes over the top and takes on the most thinking-outside-the-box challenges. This awesome cake takes on a medieval theme and gives a whole new meaning to slaying the dragon. There are plenty of Juego de tronos fans in good old Latam so this kind of cake is likely to be popular for a few years to come. We propose an Aztec dragon for next time!

2. Or give a little taste of the honeymoon destination? Par-ee!

Credit: Instagram. @sugarshopmexico

Oh la la! This kitschy cake looks part teenage cute and part new chic. The Eiffel Tower on top gives it an European twist that doesn’t quite get sophistication right. To be brutally honest, the black frosting does not look appetizing. Para nada!

3. Or just a Just Married car would do just fine, tengo o no tengo razón?

Credit: Instagram. @sugarshopmexico

We don’t know what is more uncanny…. eating a car or the fact that the groom is actually wearing a joker hat! You still have time to change your mind, runaway bride! Also, who is driving?

4. This cake makes us wonder if it is kitschy art or desert!

Credit: Instagram. @las_dos_d5.

The edible topper looks like the horrible sculptures that some comadres make in their spare time. Latin American kitsch at its best worst. It looks like the horrible art that bored tías sometimes make. The rose petals are supposed to be classy but enter tacky territory.

6. Or what about this cake with hearts that seem to be actually bleeding! Que alguien los ayude!

Credit: Instagram. @panqueevents

A good idea gone slightly wrong. We know that us Latinos are passionate…. but you don’t want your invitados to actually feel like they are drinking your loving hearts’ pouring blood!

7. Arre, arre, una boda for horse lovers, mijo. Una boda muy ranchera.

Credit: Instagram. @panqueevents

No caption needed. This couple took their equine obsession a bit too far. We are sure that the banda music was at full blast all night.

8. This Mexican pastel de bodas is just too pretty to eat

Credit: Instagram. @lavieenrosexalapa

This looks like one of those hand knitted manteles that abuelitas love to make. Not too delicate, but cute and certainly a trip back Latino memory lane! We love the multicolored marigolds too.

9. Is this cake or a garden full of florecitas?

Credit: Instagram. @lavieenrosexalapa

A little flower is OK, but this bakery in Mexico took it a bit too far… are you sure those are edible?

10. Can you even spot the cake? Is that it hidden in the curtain?

Credit: Instagram. @myzali_new_macrame

Tons of Latino abues love macrame. But this cake is just hidden amongst this monstrosity of a curtain. Very kitschy but it can surely remind us of some horribly decorated salas de estar from our childhood.

11. El tamaño sí importa (size does matter)

Credit: Instagram. @Velvetcakes

Wow. This cake just keeps going and going and going…. Latino bride and grooms, and particularly los papás de la novia, like to show off, so this cake is a perfect way to make guests feel gossipy and jealous.

12. Día de bodas or Día de Muertos?

Credit: tetrico-diseno-de-pastel-de-boda. Digital image. Ella Hoy.

Strangely cute… a Day of the Death confection that takes the wedding vows a bit too far. Would you like some rotten teeth with your pastelito? The bloody base also makes it look a little bit Twilight.

13. What kind if fresh hell is this?

Credit: 2. Digital image. Vita Alegria.

An infamous example of Latino machismo. No comments other than “do not attempt at home”. Whoever this couple is, we just hope their married life isn’t this miserable.

14. Let us recover with this Mexi-beauty

Credit: 137597. Digital image. 100 Layer Cake.

After the horrible display of twisted gender politics in the last example, what about this gorgeous cake for a simple, small marital gathering? The papaya halves give this arrangement a fresh and very very Latino look. That mantelito is also colorful and true to Mexican tradition.

15. This transnational failed topper attempt

Credit: Hispanic-Wedding-Cake-Topper-718031. Digital image. Wedding Cake Toppers.

The bride is clearly from Brazil and the groom is Mexican. We are all for inclusivity and representation of us people of color, but the bride and groom look like they came out of Bizarro Sesame Street. And we are sure that if the groom is truly loosing his hair h wouldn’t want to brag about it!

16. Let them eat cupcakes, compadres y comadres!

Credit: 210105_festive-latin-american-wedding. Digital image. Wedding Chicks.

A great idea for a Latino wedding. Guests will be dancing and drinking and you don’t want to deal with a cakey mess: just give them colorful cupcakes and let them enjoy their desert while dancing to Celia Cruz or Juanga. It will also be easier to send the guests off with come desert pa curar la cruda.

17. Orgullo Yankee, parce!

Credit: il_680x540.898325599_lte4. Digital image. iWeddingToppers

Latinos in the United States tend to be avid baseball fans, and this topper for a couple of Dominican Yankee fans speaks to shared sports fandom for a Hispanic couple. Could be substituted with soccer teams for all those rabid hinchas.

18.Hasta que la muerte nos separe (till death due us part)

Credit: 100_1003. Digital image. Suenos Latin American Imports

Romantic and a bit creepy at the same time. What a wedding cake topper in Coco would look like. We are sure, however, that some gringos would find it confronting. Why would skeletons get married? Duh.

19. Taco… miendo pastel de bodas

Credit: torta-taco-nina. Digital image. Sweet Mafer.

This actually makes us laugh a bit! Why not combine the most famous Mexican dish with a colorful cake? We just hope that the actual cake is actually al pastor flavor! What we do hope is that the couple offered some taquitos in the early hours of the morning, or perhaps some delicious chilaquiles.

20. Some others are delicate but luscious

Credit: Instagram. @fridaenamorada

Mexican blog Frida Enamorada showcased this delicious fig and grape cake… it has an slightly gothic look for those more alternative novias. Not every bride wants to be all Frozen, so this is a cute and timeless piece.

21. I mean look at this…

Credit: Instagram. @fridaenamorada

“Extravagance” lays on the eye of the beholder, and having a discreet wedding cake is oftentimes a bigger statement than mountains of merengue and adornos. The dry leaves give it a very “Mexican Revolution” and timeless feel.

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17 Comfy And Cute Dresses To Wear During The Holidays, Especially If You Plan To Go HAM On The Tamale


17 Comfy And Cute Dresses To Wear During The Holidays, Especially If You Plan To Go HAM On The Tamale

With all of the upcoming holiday parties and family functions, you’ll want to look like a certified dime. But just because you want to look cute, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. This is 2018, people. And thankfully, there are plenty of comfy and cute dresses out there. From affordable brands like Fashion Nova and Forever 21, to higher-end ones like Topshop and Zara, there’s a little something for everyone at every price point.

Don’t worry, we got you. Because we know you need to look good for the ‘gram while also saving room for your abuela’s homemade cookin’. So get ready to sleigh the holidays (see what we did there?!), because we found over 15 dresses that are both cozy and chic.

1. Forever 21 Embroidered Velvet Peasant Dress ($38)

Credit: Forever 21

This dress hits all the marks: it’s on-trend, it’s cozy AF, and it’s affordable. Plus, the floral embroidery and v-cut neckline make it look more upscale.

2. ASOS Curve Rokoko Plus Smock Dress in Leopard Print ($45)

Credit: ASOS

Dress it up with platforms and pantyhose or keep it casual with some sneakers. Either way, you’re still going to be comfy in this leopard-print dress.

3. Fashion Nova Terran Pullover Hoodie Dress ($19.99)

Credit: Fashion Nova

Even though you really want to show up to your family’s parties in sweats, this hoodie dress is the next best thing. Throw on some gold hoops and booties to elevate your look.

4. Modcloth Splendorous Spree Velvet Dress ($79)

Credit: Modcloth

Get old-Hollywood glam with this gorgeous LBD. Best of all? The pleated bottom and velvet material will give you all-day comfort.

5. Topshop Cut and Sew Belted Mini Dress ($48)

Credit: TopShop

A snappy, casual dress that will take you from day-to-night. To give it more pizzazz, have fun with your accessories by adding a statement necklace, colorful scarf, and/or faux fur vest.

6. Valfré Estrella Dress ($84)

Credit: Valfré

When you need to look cute just to sit with your fam en la sala. (Just be sure to order a size up as Valfré runs a bit small—after all, the goal is to have some extra room for all the homemade food we’re going to eat.)

7. Lulus Shifting Dears Forest Green Long Sleeve Dress ($46)

Credit: Lulus

The sleeve cut-outs, scoop neckline, and emerald shade will have you looking like money. If anything, this fabulous piece will have you saying, “thank you, next” to uncomfortable dresses.

8. Forever 21 Feather-Trim Swing Dress ($27.90)

Credit: Forever 21

Mariah Carey vibes, but a comfy version. The deep red dress is super simple (and, thankfully, flowy), but the feather trim gives it a stylish twist.

9. ASOS Design Curve High-Neck Twist Front Maxi Dress ($67)

Credit: ASOS

Give your tias somethin’ to talk about when you show up in this stunner. Plus, we love a classy dress that’s actually comfortable to wear.

10. Boohoo Snake Print Button Midi Dress ($25)

Credit: Boohoo

A chic dress that leaves room for your abuelita’s dessert. We’re talking all the buñuelos, pan dulce, and arroz con leche. Because let’s be real: we all know that we aren’t going to eat just one round of dessert.

11. Eye Candy Boutique Fiesta Wildflower Dress ($30.50)

Credit: Eye Candy Boutique

Get fiesta-ready with this red hot red dress. The embroidery, bell sleeves, flowy bottom, and the cut-out in the back make it one-of-a-kind. Plus, this is a Latinx-owned shop, so you’ll look cute while also supporting your gente.

12. Forever 21 Knit Sweater Dress ($22.90)

Credit: Forever 21

If you want to spice up this cozy dress, pair it with knee-high boots or velvet pumps. Want to make it even more stylish? Add a scarf and beret to complete your look. This sweater dress comes in grey, too (if this rust shade isn’t your thing).

13. H&M Patterned Dress ($24.99)

Credit: H&M

This dress is so pretty that no one will know you secretly bought it because it was hella comfy. The ruffled bottom and roomy sleeves will give you extra room in case you get seconds (who are we kidding, you’re gonna get seconds).

14. Modcloth Verves of Wisdom Velvet Dress ($59.99)

Credit: Modcloth

Spruce up this floral velvet number with a beret and faux fur jacket, or keep it simple with a few jewelry pieces. Either way, this dress is a total head-turner and it looks good on everyone.

15. Zara Striped Sequin Dress ($49.90)

Credit: Zara

Oh yes, hunny. Who says a sparkly dress can’t be cozy? This one is oversized in all the right places, so go HAM on all the tamales you want.

16. Fashion Nova No More Excuses Flannel Shirt Dress ($44.99)

Credit: Fashion Nova

Flannel is a classic fall/winter print, and this high-low dress takes it to the next level. Plus, the added belt and cuffed-sleeves make it easy to adjust when you need a little more room for enchiladas.

17. Torrid Black Star Ponte Chiffon Midi Dress ($78.90)

Credit: Torrid

Let this dazzling star-printed dress do all the talking during all of your holiday festivities. The chiffon material adds movement to this piece, making it oh-so-comfy.

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