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10 Incredible Ways Latinos Are Making the Earth A More Sustainable Place

You better believe that Latinos are leading the sustainability game. Aside from organizing and advocating for climate change, many Latinos are taking matters into their own hands by creating sustainable products that are making Earth a more sustainable place.

Many of the sustainable products in the market created by Latinos take a unique spin on food, culture, clothing, and ingredients you’ve grown up with in order to advocate for a greener Earth. The creation of many of these sustainable products stemmed from the simple fact that there was nothing out there already that connected with the Latinx community.

Instead of sitting back and doing nothing, these 10 business owners and creators created a more accessible and affordable product.

1. OllyBella Lip Butters

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These natural lip butters from OlyBella (named after the creator Olivia) are free from parabens, phthalates, gluten, sweeteners, and their tubes are BPA-free. OlyBella’s lip butter creation came about after tiring of other chapsticks and lip products being produced with harmful chemicals and fragrances.

The creator, Olivia, did what anyone else with the motivation and inspiration would do: she researched about all the different natural and safe ingredients she could be using and created her own sustainable products. If you are constantly suffering from dry, chapped lips and haven’t found something to relieve that, get yourself some natural lip butters from OlyBella.

You can shop here.

2. Native Soul

CREDIT: @nativesol / Instagram

Based in Long Beach, Calif., Native Sol is an earth-friendly clothing and accessories company. Their collection of dresses, jumpsuits, dresses, shirts, and accessories are made out of recycled old t-shirts, recycled materials, vintage clothing and pieces of old fabrics to give life to new, eco-friendly looks.

According to their Etsy shop description, their main goal is to “create unique hand-made creations using consciously sourced and sustainable materials.” Native Sol uses organic cotton, hemp, linen, pina, abbaca and other natural fibers.

Overall, they use their beautiful and vibrant clothing designs as a way to promote positive change in the world inspired by nature, culture, street art and indigenous cultures.

You can shop here.

3. Jabonero Handcrafted

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Ever wanted to use jabón Zote for pretty much everything because it just smells so good?

Well, now thanks to Jabonero Handcrafted you can have scented (and unscented) soaps made from the same ingredients you grew up smelling when you were a kid. Café con Leche, Hierba Buena, Anise, and Canela-Nopal are just a few of a wide range of hand-made soaps by Jabonero Handcrafted.

Based in East Austin, Texas, Jabonero makes their soap from scratch using a cold process method with natural ingredients, original recipes, and scents inspired from Latino America Cultures.

You can shop here.

4. Colibrí Love

CREDIT:  @colibri_la / Instagram

Located in California, this ethical fashion shop offers unique earrings, necklaces, clutches, and bags inspired by cultures all across Latin America. All of Colibrí products are handmade and use ethical forms of textiles and other materials.

These beautiful items are vibrant, sustainable and boho chic. And you’ll not only be wearing some of the cutest accessories out there, but you’ll be supporting a Latinx-owned business. Furthermore, you’ll also help establish fair trade practices with the artisans that create all these items for Colibrí. It’s a win-win all around.

You can shop here.

5. Biofase’s bioplastic and sustainable straws made from avocados

CREDIT: @biofase / Instagram

According to the National Park Service, Americans use 500 million straws every single day. Which is why environmentalists, advocates, and most recently, companies like Starbucks, are working toward leaving plastic straws behind.

But companies like BioFase, based in Mexico, have been working on their own solution to the problem. BioFase is using avocados, not for guacamole or avocado toast, but to create their own biodegradable straws. This alternative to plastic straws is made from avocado pits.

From Morelia, Michoacán, Biofase has been manufacturing biodegradable straws since 2012. However, it wasn’t always avocados. After a trial-and-error process using other materials like “mango and mamey sapote seeds,” they finally hit upon avocados.

Production for these sustainable and biodegradable straws continues to be at the plant in Morelia, where they also produce a variety of other biodegradable plastic products. Fun fact: BioFase’s principal customers are chain restaurants such as Fiesta Americana, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro and Chilli’s Grill & Bar.

You can shop here.

6. The Bloomi

CREDIT: @thebloomi / Instagram

Have you ever thought about what exactly is in all the tampons, menstrual cups, pads, and panty liners that you use when you get your period? Not a lot of us do. At some point, we just get used to using the same product without thinking critically about what we’re putting into our bodies. But, you can always start. For example, most tampon and pad packaging provide a partial list of ingredients so it’s up to us take the steps necessary to find out what’s really in these products.

This is where the company the Bloomi comes in. They’re a trusted e-marketplace that offers a full spectrum of non-toxic, organic intimate care products for hygiene, menstrual care, and sex. For your menstrual cycle, you can shop 100% cotton and medical grade silicone products, like period underwear, pads, tampons, menstrual cups and personal care bags.

Founder of The Bloomi, Rebecca Story says she “always questioned the ingredients of intimate care products.” She constantly looked for products that claimed to have ingredients that would help with “pH balance” or that were designed for “sensitive skin” but that was actually never the case. So now, Story uses her knowledge, through the Bloomi, to “inspire women to be the CEO of their body.”

You can shop here.

7. Vegatinos

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Who said Mexican food can’t be vegan? Tres tacos veganos de asada, por favor.

And in case you haven’t noticed, vegan Mexican food is all over the place right now — and we’re not complaining. One quick scroll through their Instagram page will show you that they’re not just about cooking and selling bomb vegan food plates, but they’re also about advocating for animal’s rights and educating their audience and consumers about creating a more sustainable environment through not only being vegan but eating vegan as well.

Besides posting up all over Los Angeles, on street corners and food fairs, Alex & Carol of Vegatinos also show up at conferences that deal with animal rights, advocacy, and food justice.

You can check them out here.

8. Skin Onion

CREDIT: @skinonion / Instagram

Aris Mejias is not only an award-winning Puerto Rican actress but also the owner, designer, and operator of the sustainable clothing label, Skin Onion. Every unique, chic and edgy piece of clothing from Skin Onion garment is designed and made in a Brooklyn studio.

As production grows, Skin Onion “will eventually outsource production to Puerto Rico through its collaboration with Retazo, an educational and ethical program of responsible fashion production,” as written on their website.

With no stretch fabrics in the collections, Skin Onion only works with woven fabric to increase longevity and sustainability. Need any #jefa looks for the office? Look no further, Aris Mejis and Skin Onion have all those bases covered.

You can shop here.

9. Todo Verde

CREDIT: @todoverde / Instagram

Todo Verde is not only a WOC owned business, but it also serves plant-based dishes only and deliciously refreshing aguas frescas. With dishes like ceviche, mushroom and mole, flan, jackfruit tacos and plant-based mac n’ cheese, you’re bound to order one of everything.

Owner of Todo Verde, Jocelyn Ramirez is a vegan cook, yoga instructor, as well as an advocate for access to healthy food in her community. She does catering and is at Smorgasburg in Los Angeles every Sunday. Hurry, make sure you try her famous jackfruit tacos.

Follow her here.

10. Glam Rock Nails

CREDIT: @glamrocknails / Instagram

Glam Rock Nails’ mission is to provide safer and more sustainable products to people who love getting their nails done. They believe in feeling beautiful, strong, and confident, without compromising your health with toxic ingredients.

This nail polish remover is definitely a game-changer. Instead of a nail polish made out of acetone, this product right is made out of soy. Tanya, the founder of Glam Rock Nails, started the company because she wanted a safer option to remove nail polish and was tired of using ingredients like acetone that dry out nails and skin. She started researching and found out that soy nail polish remover was available in the U.S. but wasn’t affordable or accessible. Tanya says her nail polish remover is not only sustainable but also gentle on the skin. It’s odor-free, non-toxic, non-flammable and infused with Vitamins A, C, and E.

For every bottle sold, $1.50 of the sale will help raise funds to sustain farmland and help build homes for the women of Padre Ramos, Nicaragua.

You can shop here.

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