20 Reasons Why Office Dogs Are Better Than Your Coworkers

credit: erickacarmonamx / Instagram

Let’s face it: Going to work can become a daily grind. From the commute that takes way too much time and is often boring or problematic (or both!) to the extra assignments that your boss always seems to be sending your way so that you’re never quite caught up to the coworkers who can be pretty hit-or-miss. Sure, you need people to commiserate and go to happy hour with, but what if your coworkers are just not that great? Well, enter the office dog.

The office dog makes the BEST coworker, in my humble opinion. Many who have office dogs agree: They make the best coworkers for many reasons and actually make the office environment friendlier, less stressful, and downright enjoyable. From their uncanny ability to always listen to the way they help you stay focused, here are 20 reasons why the office dog makes a much better coworker. And yes, many cute doggie photos included.

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