These 3 Fierce Latinas That We Met At The #WeAllGrow Summit Make Us Want To Scream “Si Se Puede”

For Latinas, sometimes the world can become a little discouraging. Due to the lack of representation in the media, people within our community rarely get to read or hear about the success stories of women who look like us. That is why an event like the #WeAllGrow Summit is important. The uniqueness of this summit is brought by the fact that it is the first and largest of its kind. #WeAllGrow is a 3-day rendezvous of inspiration meeting opportunity; where the largest community of Latina digital influencers is in attendance. At the summit, Latinas are encouraged to network, mentor and teach each other how to thrive in and outside their digital space. To honor growth within the community, the theme for this year’s summit was “The Beauty of Evolution.”

Amongst the many women in attendance, here are three impressive Latinas that have used their digital space to motivate and encourage Latinas to keep hustling.

Sheila Arias — Activist and Assistant Organizing Director at Mamás Con Poder

CREDIT: Credit: Kimberly Aguilar

Mamás Con Poder is an organization that helps women, families, and mothers tackle critical issues by amplifying policy issues in a national dialogue. Sheila Arias initially met with Mamás con Poder to share her story as a mother to a child with a disorder called Sensory Processing Integration. Her daughter’s special needs required a lot of visits with therapists and a special education setting, but both were costly especially after the government terminated her funds. Upon hearing her story, Mamás con Poder granted her a meeting with North Carolina’s senator in 2014. Since then, Sheila has joined Mamás con Poder and has become an advocate for mothers who seek help but do not know where to start, “If we give them the right tools and be beside them, not behind them but beside them, and meet them where they are we can make a huge difference.” She lives in North Carolina as an advocate and a student pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

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Rosa Clemente—Organizer, Journalist and Political Commentator

CREDIT: Credit: Kimberly Aguilar

A native of the South Bronx, Rosa Clemente has a voice that speaks volumes. She visited the summit as a keynote speaker for the Red Bull Amaphiko segment on The Power of Story Telling and shared her story on how she became the first Afro-Latina to run for Vice President of the United States in 2008 on the Green Party ticket. She devotes her life and works to issues that fall under social justice, such as police brutality and the freedom of political prisoners. Rosa shared with us the importance of being present and active in 2018 in order to become revolutionary, “We have to attack these systems any way we can. Our people are going through really oppressive times and we don’t see that if we’re not in those communities.” Rosa recently was invited to the Golden Globes to divert the attention away from the stars and direct it to political issues such as the crisis in Puerto Rico.

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Mina Trujillo, Founder of ChraftPR and Dragos Cantina

CREDIT: Credit: Kimberly Aguilar

This Latina entrepreneur is out here doing it! Mina Trujillo is an immigrant and began her business venture in Los Angeles when she got her Bachelor’s degree in business at Mount Saint Mary’s University. A year after graduating, she opened up a cosmetics company and sold it six years later. After much trial and error, she is now the Founder and Chief Brand Ambassador of her own creative marketing agency called Chraft. She is also the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Dragos Cantina, ready-to-drink craft margarita cocktails made with 100% blue weber tequila that is imported straight from Jalisco. Like many of us, Mina is very proud of being a Latina and uses her platform to give back to her community. She recently launched an initiative called P2P, Paycheck to Paycheck, where she facilitates microloans with very low-interest rates to low-income families. Mina immigrated to this country at a young age and strongly believes that being here is about the American Dream. Trujillo says her four companies are a testament that you can rebuild the American Dream over and over again. “Anything is possible with hard work. When you really focus on your skill set and build something that nobody else has then the possibilities are endless,” says Trujillo.

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