One Woman In Mexico Started A Program To Teach Indigenous Woman How To Use Modern Technology

credit: Google / YouTube

“If you’ve had your wings cut off, put them back on so they can keep growing.”

Technology has become a vital part of any industry. The Internet has given businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives a medium to connect with people around the world to showcase their products and integrate into the global market. That’s why Miroslava Silva Ordaz has started a program at the University of Querétaro in Mexico to teach indigenous women, particularly Otomí women, how to use modern technology to preserve their language, start businesses and build websites. One of her students, Angélica Ruiz Félix, was featured on Google for her participation in the program. Ruiz Félix is an indigenous woman who sells handmade dolls representative of her culture. It was through Silva Ordaz’s class that Ruiz Félix learned how to build a website to promote her handmade doll business. But going to the class wasn’t easy for Ruiz Félix who, according to Google, spent two hours traveling to the university. Ruiz Félix told Google that the empowerment she felt from taking the classes made all of her sacrifices worth it.

“What I want to inspire in other women is that there are no limits,” Ruiz Félix told Google. “No on should ever say to you, ‘How can you leave your kids to go and study?'”

Read more about Angélica Ruiz Félix here.


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