This Art Display In Miami Is Getting Women Across The Internet To Share Their Stories And Thoughts On Body Image

Born and raised in Colombia, then later immigrating to the United States as a child, was not an easy journey for model and body positivity advocate, Natalia Lorenzo. With the constant ridicule she received about her body as a child, she never knew how to love herself – until now. Her biggest accomplishment thus far is a photograph of herself showcased at one of the biggest art events in the world.

Following the display of her photograph at this year’s Miami Art Basel, Lorenzo opened up in an Instagram post about her journey with body positivity.

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Although many recognize Lorenzo on social media as someone who unapologetically loves and embraces herself, this wasn’t the case when she was younger. Natalia’s low self-esteem as a child manifested into eating disorders, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

“I was in a very dark place for years,” she admits.

After receiving both positive and negative feedback across the internet, Natalia expressed her truths about body image in a separate Instagram post.

Hey beautiful people❤️ I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone for congratulating me and for being so supportive on my last post. You guys honestly made me feel so proud of myself with your kind words and thank you to all the people who DM’d me sharing their personal stories with me about their self imagery issues and depression. I meant everything I said and I just hope one day all of you can overcome the hurtful things that this really shitty society has to say about the way we look. I’m not going to sit here and tell you guys it’s quick and it’s easy to love yourselves because it’s not especially with constant negativity. I posted the same photos from yesterday on twitter and it went viral within a few hours. And although mostly everyone said some of the nicest things Ive ever heard, I still got comments about how I’m “ unhealthy, obese” and how I would look “better” if I lost weight. I’m here to be the person I really needed when I was 11 years old and already becoming aware that I wasn’t perfect and that i had flaws. My goal is to inspire while I do what I now love to do which is modeling ? MUCH LOVE! ??and thanks again guys .. Xoxo, Natalia #curves #curvemodel #plussizefashion #plussizemodel #loveyourself #beautybeyondsize

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Lorenzo opens up about her struggle with self-love, writing “I’m not going to sit here and tell you guys it’s quick and easy to love yourself.” However, muting out those who want to tear her down has been a powerful tool for her.

Despite the love and support Lorenzo received, there were those who insulted her, calling her “unhealthy” and “obese.” What she learned from this feedback is that you can’t always please everyone, and that’s okay. The more negative negative feedback she receives, the more Natalia is motivated to become a role model for girls who also struggle with body acceptance.

Not only are people across the internet thanking Lorenzo for opening up about her journey with body image…

They are also gaining confidence in themselves.

Once one woman shares her story, it opens the door for another woman to not only relate, but to share her own story as well. Truth is, the type of confidence Lorenzo has is the type of confidence every single woman should have.

This wave of body positivity is something women want to continue to see.

New Year’s Resolution: More loving yourself ?

Even when the negative feedback continues to present itself, women are learning how to turn it into art, beauty, and magic.

I love this. ✨


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