At 96 Years Old, Abuelita Lupita Palacios Proves It’s Never Too Late To Make Your Dreams Come True

credit: El País

If you ever thought you were too old to complete your education, allow this abuelita to school you real quick.

At 96, Lupita Palacios is working toward obtaining a high school diploma. As a child, Palacios, who grew up in an indigenous community in Ocozocoautla, Chiapas, Mexico, her family never stressed academics, so she, in turn, didn’t attend.

But she began having second thoughts when she tried to read the titles of newspaper articles and couldn’t.

“I would look for any little thing, seeing if I could decipher [the message],” she told El País.

In her elder years, Palacios went on to earn her middle school degree in just six months, and she is determined to do the same for her high school diploma.

The student, a major inspiration to her six children and dozens of grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren, says that through education she has been able to find a deeper connection with her history.

“Through my studies, I can learn the history of Mexico,” she said. “The history of Chiapas that I have personally lived through: the suffering, the failures, and the poverty.”

Palacios has no interest in obtaining a job following her education. She just seeks truth.

“Little by little I’m learning to see how I can serve on this holy land at my 96 years of age,” she said. “… The truth is that I want to keep studying, so that I can keep learning about the ley de la vida.”

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