Becky G Is Reminded Of Her Childhood And Opens Up About One Of The Hardest Moments In Her Life

In a recent appearance on the television show “Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry,” Becky G sat down with Tyler Henry, who does psychic readings for celebrities. During their conversation, Henry focused on something that reminded Becky G about a difficult time during her childhood.

Here’s the moment that made her emotional :

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Right after Henry mentions “Tinkerbell,” Becky is immediately brought to tears. This reference to Tinkerbell, the Disney character, reminds Becky G of the house she and her family used to live in, as her room was decorated with everything Tinkerbell. And that frame that Tyler Henry is holding was one of the only items Becky G was able to keep from her room before her family went through an economic crisis and lost their house.

Becky G says she had to grow up quickly to help provide for her family.


Due to the economic hardship Becky G and her family were going through, she felt the need to step in and help out her family in any way possible, even though she was only nine years old at the time. This economic crisis turned out to be a self-described “mid-life crisis” for Becky G, as she explained to Rolling Stone:

“That was literally my mid-life crisis when I was nine years old. That’s when I felt like, ‘OK, I gotta get my life together. What am I gonna do?’ I pushed that on myself at a younger age than the average kid because at the time my family had lost our home. I’ve always been more mature for my age, so I was already understanding what they were going through.”

Becky G had thought about getting “a job bagging groceries,” or any job at all in order to receive some sort of income, but couldn’t because she was a minor.


However, that didn’t stop her from hustling hard and finding a way to support her family. Realizing she was a minor and not being able to apply for a job, Becky G thought, “Why not go into entertainment?” So she went for it, as she explained to Rolling Stone:

“So I sat down with my parents, and I said, ‘Give me six months, and we can get me an agent and a manager.’ I got picked up by my first little agency and I started going out to auditions. And then I didn’t want to stop after six months.”

And the most valuable part of this journey was that her parents had her back from day one. She told Rolling Stone:

“My parents were super supportive. And it’s crazy because financially, we were struggling. I look back on it, I’m like, ‘Wow, gas is not cheap, especially in L.A., driving all around the town, having three other kids and a gas-guzzling car.’ It wasn’t easy, but my parents never thought about it twice.”

And all of this hard work and immense dedication stems from her family.


The “bravery, the strength, [and] the belief” of her grandparents and parents only pushed her to work even harder.

Despite the pain that came with losing her home at nine years old and having to move into her grandparent’s garage, this pit in her life is ultimately what pushed Becky G towards her success. And she’s only getting started…

Keep hustling and making your family proud Becky G! ??


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