This Is The Event Giving Latinas A Chance To Override The White Male Networking Circle And Get A Job

As discussions surrounding the inclusion of women in the workforce has grown, advocates have promoted a pretty poignant stock visual to emphasize their point. It’s one most of us have seen in GIF form or even as memes and billboards: the image of a woman at the top reaching back to pull up other women to positions of power. Whatever form they come in, the message of the image is meant to convey the importance of advocating for other women and building toward a future where we are included at the top. Inadvertently, however, it also highlights the importance of building a strong social network and serves as a reminder of how big the struggle can be for the woman who reaches up and never finds a hand to clasp onto.

BeVisible, a career network for U.S. Latinxs, will be extending a hand to Latinas and connecting them with influencers already at the top of the workforce through their upcoming conference, #BeWokeSF.

In the Fortune 500 sphere, Latinas represent only 0.3 percent of corporate officers.

Of course, systematic oppressors like the wage gap and access to education play a huge part in this pitiful statistic, but there’s also no denying the ways in which a lack of networking resources contribute to it as well. Primarily, this is because it can be hard to pull yourself up from the bottom when there’s no one at the top to help you. For white men, networking and finding work can be pretty darn easy.

The white male job market has been built by men who started creating their networks early on in college with other white men. These men scale out their network through college relationships and utilize them to coast their way to the top throughout their careers. With so many well-made contacts, it doesn’t take much of a reach for them to find the “right connections,” because their web of allies can do it for them. It’s a truth that the founders behind BeVisible know well and why they’re hosting networking events to connect Latino professionals.

This Thursday, BeVisible is connecting the Bay Area’s top multicultural talent with thought leaders from multiple industries.

Beatriz Acevedo is a three-time Emmy Award winning producer and digital media pioneer with more than 20+ years experience creating content for major TV networks from the Food Network to Discovery to USA Network. She is an advocate of women rising up and using their voices to be agents of change. We can not wait to hear her speak and educate on how we all can be part of the movement. "Calladita No More: The Role of Latinx in the Times Up and MeToo World" presented by Beatriz Acevedo. Make sure to register for #bewokesf where forward-thinking leaders gather to engage and develop tools to cultivate the talent of under-represented groups.Get your tickets at today! . . . . #latinx #entrepreneurs #bevisible #bewokeSF #multicultural #networking #scholarship #jobsearch #leader #millenials #diversity

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BeVisble’s network joins Latinx influencers who who hope to shape the world with corporate think tanks. Their latest event, #BeWoke, will feature musical talent the likes of Afrolicious, Aima the Dreamerand DJ Icon and present an impressive lineup of speakers some of which include the founder of BeVisible, the CEO of #WEallGrowLatina, and mitú‘s very own, founder and president Beatriz Acevedo.

In an interview with FIERCE Acevedo shared why she believes BeVisible’s latest event is a crucial one for Latinas to attend. “Access is everything, it’s the difference between having opportunities or not and how fast your are able to be successful or not,” Acevedo explains. “People tend to give opportunities to their friends or people who they know or are like them. We are so behind in our community when it comes to having a loud voice in our Country that a network of support is an imperative to advance at a faster pace as a community. This is why I love BeVisible since the first time Andrea Guendelman told me about it, a platform that lets Latinas network and to be seen, hopefully by the people who always use the excuse that they don’t hire talented Latinas because they ‘can’t find them.'”

For Latinas, a professional network of likeminded people can be the wrecking ball that smashes a few of the various barriers in our way.

BeVisible’s BeWokeSF event will work to connect young talents of the Bay Area directly to the companies actively looking to hire them, while also celebrating Latino art and culture.

#BeWokeSF conference will take place on May 17th, 2018 at The Pearl in San Francisco. Be there at 2:30pm or be #stuckinyoursmallsquare! For more information about the event go here.


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