Camila Cabello Explains Why Defending The Rights Of Immigrants Is Important To Her

“They’re friends, they’re neighbors, they’re valedictorians, they’re musicians, and they’re really active in the American community.”

The Billboard’s Women in Music ceremony was a major night for Camila Cabello, who accepted the “Breakthrough Artist” award. As the “Havana” singer accepted her win, she used the opportunity to discuss an issue that’s near and dear to her heart – immigrant rights.

Cabello used her platform to touch on her experience as a female solo artist and explain why it’s important for her to defend the rights of immigrants in the U.S. As an immigrant herself, Cabello’s advocacy is motivated by both political and personal reasons.

In an interview with Billboard, Cabello discusses the tense atmosphere within immigrant communities, saying, “They’re all living in a tremendous amount of fear right now.”

This fear pushes Cabello to champion for immigrants and remind people the many ways they contribute to America.

In addition to being a voice for immigrants in the U.S., Cabello also hopes to empower other women solo artists.

“We’re always going to have to work harder and be smarter to fight that prejudice, and not just in the music industry,” she says. Although gaining respect in the music industry hasn’t been easy for Cabello, “seeing women standing in solidarity with each other” is what gives her hope.

In response to Cabello’s moving words, fans took to social media to show their appreciation and respect.


Thank you, Camila. ?

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