You Can Now See The Self-Portrait Created By Frida Kahlo That Was Hidden Behind One Of Her Famous Art Pieces For Years

Interest in one of Mexico’s most celebrated artists has picked up quite a bit in just this past year alone. Fans of Frida Kahlo have seen a company put her face on packaging for sanitary napkins, watched Mattel try to make her into a Barbie and now Google is having their moment. The Internet service and products company recently employed 33 museums from seven countries from across the globe to create the largest collection of artwork, photographs, documents and artifacts linked to Kahlo.

Fans won’t have to travel far to learn about Kahlo and her artistry any longer.

According to an interview between Jesús Garcia, Google’s Head of Hispanic Communications, and Forbes, 20 pieces of artwork by Kahlo, some of which are from private collections, were collected for the digital exhibit.

“There’s so much of her that was not known and could still be explored from an artistic perspective and life experience,” Garcia explained.

Kahlo lovers will be thrilled to learn that many of the pieces of art and artifacts on display will be ones that they’ve likely never come across.

These include Kahlo’s piece “View of New York” and a sketch drawn on the back of her famous piece “Portrait of Virginia,” which has largely been hidden from the world. The exhibit also includes editorial features, some about the artist’s relationship with her body as well as her controversial interests in Joseph Stalin and affair with Leon Trotsky.

Check out Google Arts & Culture’s “Faces of Frida” exhibition here.


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