Cholas x Chulas, A First Generation Latinx Beauty Brand That’s Smashing Stereotypes One Eyeliner Kit At A Time

It’s no secret that the beauty landscape has changed drastically from its white-centric days and marketing efforts. Today, diversity and inclusivity in the beauty world are as visible as ever. Yet, it’s still not the norm. Time and again, the big beauty brands of today prove that operate under a belief that Latinxs are a box to be checked off. Despite our role as one of the biggest consuming groups in America, Latinas still find themselves underrepresented and underappreciated in an industry we support with our wallets with great fervor. 

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining in all of this amongst it all. There are brands that are rewriting the game and are shifting the conversation. One brand that’s doing just that is Cholas x Chulas, a ‘first generation Latinx beauty brand’ that’s not, as they put it, your Tía’s beauty brand.

Cholas x Chulas’ beauty ethos is to create a type of beauty that’s about self-expression vs perfection.

The brand, which launched in April of 2018, was the result of founder Nydia Cisneros feeling frustrated with the lack of Latinx representation in the beauty industry. To make Cholas x Chulas a reality, she left her day job and banked on her talent and the buying power of Latinas. 

Cholas x Chulas became an obsession because it wasn’t just beauty but culture – my culture – and I wanted to share it with everyone”, Cisneros tells FIERCE in an interview. “Especially, with young Latinxs growing up in the Trump era who may be struggling with their identity just as I did when I was growing up in Orange County, California surrounded my waspy families and blonde haired babes. It can feel lonely.”

So, in our current climate, where embracing our culture has become a form of activism and deconstructing stereotypes a full-time job, this brand is aiming for unity.

And they’re not just doing it with their products but with their name.

“When you’re a girl everyone wants to put a label on you and once you’re labeled it’s hard to break away from it,” Explains Cisneros. “That said, my inspiration [was] Latinx beauties and Latin culture growing up; when you dressed too edgy or went too heavy on the makeup and your mom would say, ‘Quítate eso te ves como Chola!.’ [Or how] on the flip side, when on your best days you’re a Chula. What people don’t get [though] is that girls want to be both badass and a darling.”

And what better product t encompass the Cholas x Chulas attitude than eyeliner? Their Ride-or-Die eyeliner kits aren’t your typical and predictable products though. Their 3 styles – Cosmic Lover, Get Lit, and Mi Corazón – come loaded with an assortment of temporary tattoos and sparkly gems. Plus, each kit comes with a friendly reminder to support DACA, displaying a #DREAMERS hashtag on the back.  As they move forward, Cholas x Chulas main focus will continue to be mixing beauty with a touch of novelty. This November their customers can expect pajama sets for the holidays that will have a limited run.

To that end, we’re excited to see the future of this beauty brand that is setting the bar for others in the industry and believes that Latinas should have more of a face in the beauty realm. Afterall as Cisneros explains, “Makeup [is] for niñas y niños, makeup for olive-tone skin, makeup [is] for morenos, makeup for everyone all Latinxs doesn’t matter if you come from Central America, Mexico, South America – we are one and we are all beautiful.”


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