‘Dolores’ Is A Tribute To The Civil Rights Icon Of A Generation

Dolores (2017)

Her career as an activist began alongside Cesar Chavez and, at age 87, Dolores Huerta continues to advocate for the common good. See the film that explains her influence, impact — and why you may have never heard her name before.

Dolores comes to theaters across the U.S. this fall. doloresthemovie.com/screenings

Posted by Dolores on Monday, July 24, 2017

“Women cannot be written out of history.”

Producer, writer, and director Peter Bratt (brother of actor Benjamin Bratt) has brought Dolores Huerta’s life to the big screen with the new documentary “Dolores.” The film details not only the work Huerta has done for farmworkers in California, but also the work she did with Gloria Steinem and the feminist movement. You’ll see her go from the grape boycotts to changing her views about the issue of abortion as a woman’s right.

The documentary also touches on the personal and familial sacrifices she made to take up those fights. Huerta was passionate that her family was often left without her as she protested, petitioned politicians, and fought for the rights of thousands. “Dolores” gives the audience a very intimate portrait of Huerta as a mother and wife through interviews with her children. While they dealt with difficult times, they have grown to understand the importance of her work and why she made the choices she did. Check out the trailer above.


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