From Coach To Anastasia Beverly Hills Latinas Are Snatching Up Some Of The Most Influential Brands With Collaborations

In light of Cardi B’s groundbreaking (and not to mention, lucrative) partnership with Reebok, we decided to do a little digging into other partnerships Latinas have made with powerhouse brands. Although the specifics of the deal haven’t been confirmed, early estimate suggests that the contract is worth millions. This just further proves that no one in the industry works harder than Cardi to make that shmoney. In fact, Reebok will be the third brand she’s collaborated with, after Fashion Nova and Steve Madden.

In order to celebrate Latinas making a name for themselves and making money, we’ve compiled a list of fabulous Latina stars cum entrepreneurs that have collaborated with big-name brands and put their own personal twist on name brand staples. Take a look below!

1. Selena Gomez + Coach

CREDIT: @coach/Instagram

Selena Gomez and Coach launched a much-anticipated collection of handbags in Fall 2018 and the collection had Selena stans (and the internet in general) going crazy with excitement. Like many of the collabs on this list, this partnership was a lucrative one, with Selena signing a contract worth a reported $10 million. Gomez, who also serves as Coach’s brand ambassador, says the partnership happened “organically” and came to be when the brand wanted a “different perspective on [her] generation”. Excuse us while we do some online shopping.

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