A Latina Is Featured As The First Role Model In Google’s Virtual Reality Series And It’s Easy To See Why

credit: @hereisgina / Instagram

Gina Rodriguez is the first woman featured in Google’s Virtual Reality video series “The Female Planet.”

According to Google’s Julia Hamilton Trost, “The Female Planet” was developed to give women the opportunity to shadow other extraordinary women in their everyday life.

“When I was a bit older I had a summer internship and shadowed a female broadcast journalist at the top of her career, sparking my interest in media. Now in my role at Google, I want to use VR technology to make it easier for young women to shadow and learn from global female leaders,” writes Trost in a blog entry.

The first woman featured to inspire us all is Gina Rodriguez giving audiences the not only the opportunity to see what her life looks like on the daily, what kind of workouts she gets into, but also giving people the chance to get inside her thoughts.

It’s like she’s your friend giving you advice. Gina talks about how she felt boxed in by the limited roles for Latinos in Hollywood. She points out how important positive representation of Latino culture is and about how rejecting stereotypical roles has shaped her career.

Rodriguez walks us through how she’s been breaking down barriers since she was a little girl boxing with her dad. She takes us through how she applied those same thoughts into her acting career by not settling for those cliché roles, but rather knocking down the stereotypical roles she was offered by Hollywood and sticking to those that better represent the Latina women.

“So I just said ‘No thank you’ to any role that was a stereotype. I kept my nerve and waited for characters that were like the women in my household, strong, educated, fierce, independent women. Women that were not limited by anything nor would they allow limitations to stop them from following their dreams, they were always trying,” says Rodriguez adding how her character Jane relates to these women she grew up with.

You can watch the full episode on YouTube and get the 360 view but to get the full experience you have to try it on Google Daydream headset. I dunno about you but we’re super excited to see what other amazing women “The Female Planet” features next.


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