Gina Rodriguez Tells Vogue Exactly What She Wants To Do With Beyonce And Jennifer Lopez

“In 2016 only 5.8% of speaking roles were said by a Latino in film and television.”

Vogue’s most recent “73 Questions” episode features Gina Rodriguez in which we learn how she takes her coffee, how she can throw a mean right hook, but we also learn about the iconic women she admires and the causes across the world that are important to her.

With the mention of her favorite book, “Random Family” by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc, and her favorite artist, Salvador Dali, we get a glimpse of Rodriguez’s personal interests. Some of these interests trace back to her childhood, as she mentions “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” to be her favorite 90’s sitcom. And when asked about her salsa dancing skills, we find out that Rodriguez began to dance professionally since she was 7 years old. And if she could salsa dance with anyone in the world, it would be Jennifer Lopez.

In addition to the talented dance moves of J.Lo, Rodriguez admits the one closet she wishes she could raid is Beyoncé’s — because who doesn’t? She also reveals she always looked up to Betty White as a child growing up. Now as an adult, her biggest idol is the triple-threat actor, dancer and singer, Rita Moreno. And it was America Ferrera’s role in “Real Women Have Curves” that inspired Rodriguez to follow her dreams of becoming an actor. While Rodriguez is still thriving in her career as an actor, she reveals that soon she will be directing her very first episode of “Jane The Virgin.”

But despite her success as an actor, Rodriguez isn’t happy about the fact that “in 2016 only 5.8% of speaking roles were said by a Latino in film and television.” She hopes for a more diverse Hollywood that represents the America she see’s every day, she hopes for a better education in inner-city communities, and she hopes for the people of Puerto Rico to “get the support and resources they deserve as American citizens.” Ultimately, the one thing Gina Rodriguez thinks the world needs the most right now is hope.


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