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These 20 Latinas in Sports Are Changing The Game And Knocking It Out Of The Park

Sports are about so much more than the athletes involved. While they may be the most entertaining part of the whole operation, there are dozens of coaches, managers, announcers, journalists, and even marketing execs that truly bring the experience to life.

Here are 20 Latinas in sports who are making waves off the field.

Rebecca Lobo

Credit: @RebeccaLobo / Twitter

Rebecca Lobo was on a championship-winning basketball team for the University of Connecticut and played basketball for the WNBA for seven years after. Today, the hall of famer is a reporter and color analyst for ESPN, specializing, of course, in women’s college basketball and WNBA games.

Mary Joe Fernandez

Credit: @sapsports / Instagram

Mary Joe Fernandez had an illustrious career as a pro tennis player. She won two Grand Slam doubles tournaments and three Olympic medals, two of which are gold. After retiring from the sport, Fernandez has kept busy. She’s worked as a tennis commentator for ESPN, analyst for CBS Sports and the U.S. Open, and coach for the U.S. Fed Cup and Olympic teams.

Sisleide do Amor Lima

Credit: @coachmarksscc / Twitter

Better known to her fans as Sissi, Sisleide do Amor Lima played for the Brazilian national soccer team, making her debut at just 16. Her career took her to several women’s teams in the U.S. as well. After coaching for FC Gold Pride and various high schools and colleges throughout California, Sissi is now coaching Solano Community College’s team.

Lisa Fernandez

Credit: @lf16ucla / Instagram

Softball legend Lisa Fernandez has won three Olympic gold medals and pitched in all three games. She currently coaches softball at UCLA, her alma mater, and still holds multiple records a the school.

Jessica Mendoza

Credit: @JessMendoza2 / Instagram

Stanford grad and softball player Jessica Mendoza is an analyst for ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball She became the first woman commentator for a Major League Baseball game this summer and has continued to call games since then. Mendoza also works as a sideline reporter for college football games.

Elisa Padilla

Credit: @JoeFav / Twitter

Elisa Padilla is the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Community Relations for the Miami Marlins. There, Padilla’s challenge is to get fans excited and into the stadium to root for a team that has historically been pretty bad. She’s also taught at New York University and worked as Chief Marketing Officer for the Brooklyn Nets basketball team.

Jessica Priego

Credit: @JPriegoComm / Instagram

After reading an article about the Chicago White Sox’s head of marketing, Jessica Priego called him to ask why the story didn’t mention marketing towards the Latinx population. The bold move helped her land a job, and now, she’s working on her own company, JPriego Communications. The firm focusses on entertainment, travel, fashion, sports, and lifestyle, and she’s adding a new segment to help athletes and celebrities manage their images.

Sabrina Macias

Credit: @FPWellbeing / Twitter

Sabrina Macias has a need for speed. She quickly worked her way up to Director of Marketing Communications for NASCAR, where she helped lead industry-wide Latinx marketing initiatives. Now, Macias thinking bigger as the Senior Director of Global Communications for DraftKings, a fantasy sports betting website.

Suzanne Medina

Credit: @smedina89 / Twitter

Suzanne Medina is the Senior Director of Spanish Content Development and Operations for the MLB. Basically, that means she’s in charge of everything you see in Spanish for the league, from social media and website content to editorial work and marketing. She’s spent her whole career in sports, Spanish-language content, and news, so it’s safe to say she knows what she’s doing.

Christina Alejandre

Credit: @burbunny / Twitter

In case you haven’t heard, videogames are sports now – esports, to be exact. Christina Alejandre recently let her job as the general manager of ELEAGUE, a league of competitive esports gamers that she helped maintain during its first two years in existence. She’s got plenty of experience thanks to prior esports work with Warner Bros., too.

Kelsey Martinez

Credit: @Kelsey_Martinez_ / Instagram

Kelsey Martinez is the first-ever assistant coach for the Oakland Raiders football team. She’s also the only female strength and conditioning coach for any NFL team right now.

Antonietta Collins

Credit: @AntoniettaESPN / Instagram

Mexican-American Antonietta Collins has journalism in her blood. Her mom, Maria Antonieta Collins, is an award-winning TV host and journalist. Antonietta currently works as a news anchor for ESPN’s famed SportsCenter show.

Claudia Trejos

Credit: @ClaudiaTrejos / Twitter

Claudia Trejos does it all. She’s been an ESPN boxing commentator, NASCAR sideline reporter, onsite reporter for the X Games, and Spanish-language analyst for NBA games. She’s even covered dominoes matches. Prior to her work at ESPN, Trejos was a the sports anchor for your mami’s favorite show: Al Rojo Vivo.

Julia Morales

Credit: @JuliaMorales / Twitter

For seven seasons, Julia Morales has been searching for stories on the sidelines of Houston Astros games. She’s been a sports reporter for her whole career, beginning with coverage at local news stations.

Marysol Castro

Credit: @MarysolCastroTV / Instagram

If you happen to go to a Mets game at Citi Field, you’ll definitely hear Marysol Castro’s voice. She’s the PA announcer at the team’s home park, announcing the lineup and alerting fans to other important info. Castro is the first woman to hold the job for the team.

Linda Alvarado

Credit: @BankOnDC / Twitter

Linda Alvarado founded the Alvarado Construction company and remains the sole owner of the endeavor. Then, she bought herself a baseball team. Alvarado is the co-owner of the Colorado Rockies, and she’s the first Latinx person to own a team. The bid also made her the first woman to even place one for an MLB team.

Monica Gonzalez

Credit: @MonicaGonzo / Twitter

Monica Gonzalez played for Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish, the Mexican national soccer team, and Boston’s pro soccer team. Two days after Team Mexico let her go, she became a studio analyst for ESPN. Gonzalez has also worked as a sideline reporter for Major League Soccer and the UEFA Champions League, the only woman to do so in 2016. Her non-profit, Gonzo Soccer Academy, teaches Latinas to play soccer and gain valuable life skills.

Melissa Gonzalez

Credit: @MGonzalez13 / Instagram

No relation to Monica up above, Melissa Gonzalez played for the U.S. Olympic field hockey team after switching from soccer in high school. Now, she’s the assistant field hockey coach at Wake Forest University.

Sandy Nunez

Credit: @snuinla / Twitter

Sandy Nunez is the long-standing coordinating producer for ESPN. She’s responsible for overseeing national content and production of the channel’s flagship SportsCenter program, a huge role that she’s filled for over a decade.

Marly Rivera

Credit: @MarlyRiveraESPN / Twitter

Mary Rivera is a bilingual writer and reporter for ESPN and ESPN Deportes, as well as the radio stations for each channel. She’s covered the New York Yankees for most of her career, frequently contributes to ESPN SportsCenter, and even had her own podcast with SportsCenter anchor Max Bretos.

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Six Students Killed In São Paulo School Shooting Soon After President’s New Decree Loosens Gun Restrictions


Six Students Killed In São Paulo School Shooting Soon After President’s New Decree Loosens Gun Restrictions

At least six students and two employees were killed after two gunmen entered a school in São Paulo, Brazil on Wednesday. The gunmen– who are said to be former students at the school– killed themselves after the attack, according to police.

Police say that the shooters arrived at the school during a lunch break.

While the motives behind the shooting remain unclear, police say that the alleged gunmen were between the age of 20 to 25 and had opened fire on their former school during a lunch break. The two men are said to have shot an education coordinator and a supervisor before raging their attack on students who were out in the schoolyard. Soon after, the shooters went on to the school’s linguistic center.

According to reports, at least 17 other people were injured, including the gunmen’s first victim, a man who was working at a car wash in front of the school.

Brazil contains some of the highest murder rates in the world, but school shootings in the country have always been rare.

Unlike the United States, where school shootings have become commonplace in the news cycle (4 have already been reported in 2019 so far) the last major shooting in Brazil was in 2011. At the time, 12 children were at a Rio de Janeiro school.

Brazil’s newly-elected president, Jair Bolsonaro, recently signed a decree that makes buying guns easier in the country.

Sao Paulo Gov. Joao Doria has issued three days of mourning for the city.

In an itnerview with reporters, Doria said “I went to the place and was shocked by what I saw, our solidarity to all.”

Doria also told authorities that families will be offered financial assistance for medical and psychological help as well as funerals.

Brazilians and Latinos on Twitter have been quick to send their support and condolences to the country.

And many have been quick to express fears in a potential rise of gun shootings across the globe.

The shooting occurred almost a year since the shootings terrorized Parkland, Florida last year.

Last year, on February 14, a shooter at Parkland, Florida school Stoneman Douglas High School, killed seventeen students and staff members and injured seventeen others.

The victims of the attack soon arrested the attention of the country with a large campaign that advocated for tighter gun control legislation.

They made appearances on Ellen Degeneres and major news outlets, held a debate with the NRA and led a march on Washington.

Even J.K. Rowling was moved by Fuentes and the conviction that helped her to finish her speech.

@jk_rowling is this real? Oh my god I love you, thank you for believing me.3,5804:55 AM – Mar 25, 2018Twitter Ads info and privacy346 people are talking about this

Rowling’s tweet was, for many, validation of a spreading comparison on social platforms of the Parkland survivors to Dumbledore’s Army from the Harry Potter books. Think about it, these kids are bright, proving themselves to be fearless while under threat and also ready to fight for and save an entire country.

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News Of This Woman Killing Her 11-Year-Old Daughter Because She Suspected Her of ‘Having Sex’ Is Proof Of The Perils Of Purity Culture


News Of This Woman Killing Her 11-Year-Old Daughter Because She Suspected Her of ‘Having Sex’ Is Proof Of The Perils Of Purity Culture

In a tragic and shocking incident of domestic abuse, a woman in Florida stabbed her 11-year-old daughter to death on Sunday because she suspected she was having sex. The woman, Rosa Rivera, 28, inflicted roughly 15 stab wounds on her daughter, Aleyda Rivera’s, body because, according to Rivera, her daughter was smiling “different”, which prompted her mother to believe she had become sexually active. Rivera then drove her daughter to Winnie Palmer Hospital to be treated, but according to authorities, her daughter had already died from her injuries.

The case has captured the attention of the local media in Orange County, with the community reeling from such a shocking act of violence against a child.

According to an eye witness, before the homicide occurred, the girl denied to her mother that she was having sex. Her mother proceeded to remove the girl from the public area, placed her in her car, and stabbed her repeatedly in her back. At the moment, police believe that the girl was neither sexually active nor sexually abused.

This case is one of the nearly 700,000 incidents of child abuse that occur in the US annually.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina has asked anyone who knows of domestic abuse situations to report them to the authorities.

Latinas on Twitter have been grieving the loss of this young Latina who would’ve turned 12-years-old this Thursday.

So sad for this young beautiful girl that passed may god protect you in heaven ????— мєℓι ʝ (@MeliJudd) March 11, 2019

Child abuse and domestic violence are issues that are rarely talked about but effect thousands of people every year. When cases like these make headlines, it’s always jarring.

This woman simply said what everyone else was feeling.

This breaks my heart????— Ilona Perry (@IlonaAnn) March 12, 2019

Tweets like this are representative of the larger Orange County community in Florida who are grappling with the death of this young girl.

This Latina claims she was there when the tragedy happened:

I was driving right behind her pulling into the valet. I saw her attack the nurse with a knife trying to talk to her. I saw her get out the car. I saw hospital staff run to the car and just stare in shock with mouths open wide. This woman was not right…. ????— Betsaida (@betsycorrea258) March 11, 2019

Some Twitter users are demanding to know whether the woman was on drugs or mentally ill.

Other Twitter users have expressed rage at the fact that something like this could happen.

Pls what’s his happening to this world we live in?How can you stabb your own daughter 11 times! That’s is very baberic.She should face the consequences of the law.— charisshine (@kid28_cool) March 12, 2019

It is unlikely that Rosa Rivera was in her right mind when she committed an atrocity like this.

If you or someone you know are victims of domestic violence and/or child abuse, please reach out to the National Domestic Violence helpline at 1−800−799−7233 or call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-422-4453.

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