Latina 2.0 Is Alive, Bueno, And Smashing The Patriarchy

Not that you need the FYI, but here’s a newsflash: As far as Latinas go, we are totally slaying the game. Sííííí ladies! The “Latina Ascent” is currently on the up and up and according to a Nielsen report released earlier this month, it’s no fleeting trend.

As more Latinas snatch up the reins and dictate their paths, not only are we starting to dictate media consumption, we’re also influencing improvements in the digital space and gaining ground over men on the economy. Yuh, huh. And… SNAP.

Here’s some of the key points from the study…

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Because there’s no denying that the mark of the rising Latina is everywhere. ??

Ladies, we are moving up as social influencers.

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No matter how many followers you have on the ‘gram, we’re making a huge impact on the consumption of social content.

  • Latinas spend time on Snapchat at a 96% higher rate than non-Latina white women. They also hit up Instagram, Spotify and Pandora at higher rates of 64%, 59%, and 58% respectively. So they next time you start to doubt your social influencer status, know you’re already there, girl!
  • BTW, when it comes to gadgets we’ve also got that in the bag. Nielsen’s report found Latinas are more likely to own smartphones and smartwatches and use them to watch video content and make music and movie purchases (you’re welcome dying music industry!)
  • And also, many “you’re welcomes” to the entrepreneur world. Especially because Latinas also use social networking sites way more often than other groups to brag about, recommend and review products and brands

We’re making the money and calling the shots.

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We’re climbing on up!

  • Latina-majority owned businesses have peaked at almost 1.5 million this year (Slay? Yes, we do). That’s an 87% growth from that segment in just five years, which means these businesses are also surpassing the 39% growth made by Latino-dominated businesses
  • In the past five years, Latina-majority owned businesses have sold at a 41% increase, whereas sales of primarily female-owned U.S. businesses bumped up to only 19%

Smarts and money are at the top of our minds. 

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Say bye-bye to that antiquated Latina ideal that we should be on our second pregnancy by the age of 25. Sorry mamá, that’ll come after we get our degree(s).

  • More and more Latinas are putting off starting families and turning their attention to boosting their education and career goals. Thirty-nine percent of Latinas ages 15+ have yet to marry. On the other hand, non-Latina whites are at a percentage of twenty-five
  • 74% of recent high school graduates are enrolled in college vs. 72% of non-Latinas and 41% of Latinas have at least some college education


Today’s Latinas are unbounded in their ability to create legacies that will live on in the paths that they carve out for themselves. Outfitted with a sense of determination and will, nothing can stand in our paths. That’s right, NOTHING.


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