Laurie Hernandez Has A New Children’s Book And Her Eyes Set On 2020 Olympic Gold

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Two-time Olympic medalist Laurie Hernandez knows a good deal about resilience and strength. Besides being a U.S. champion, the 18-year-old Puerto Rican gymnast has created her own fashion line, partnered with beloved brand Mattel to make her own Barbie, and won a season of “Dancing With The Stars.” Her latest career move involves her writing and publishing her second book.

The gold and silver medalist recently debuted her new children’s book called “She’s Got This.”

It’s not the first book, Hernandez has written. In 2016, the athlete published “I Got This: To Gold and Beyond” which quickly became a New York Times Best Seller. The debut autobiography chronicled Hernadez journey to discovering her passion for gymnastics and, soon after, what it would take for her to become an Olympian. In her latest book, fans of Hernandez can expect an alternative look into her early days. With a title inspired by Hernadez ritual recital of the phrase “I got this” to herself before the events, she participated in at the 2016 Summer Olympics, “She’s Got This” tells a variant of her story through the eyes of a young girl named Zoe who after seeing a gymnast on TV realizes that gymnastics is a lot like flying.

The book, written for children ages preschool to three years old, is meant to teach young readers that the path to pursuing one’s goals and dreams will never come easy. Really, the book is a lesson in learning that no matter what field you chase after “you always have to get back up and try again, and you always have to believe in yourself.”

In an interview with Good Morning America, Hernandez explained that despite her champion status she finds herself “pretty much terrified,” for every competition she takes part in. “It’s making sure that I can calm myself down before I hop onto the equipment. For me, that’s a lot of self-talk and self-preparation, and it’s being my own hype-man. So when I was out there competing, I said, ‘I got this.’ And the camera really got a close-up of it,” She went onto explain. “It captured this moment that I thought was really important.”

During the interview, Hernandez also announced that she’s got her eyes set on Olympic gold once again.

Hernandez did more than promote her book on GMA. She also announced that after taking some time away from gymnastics to graduate high school, that she is “currently training” for the Olympics in 2020 which will be held in Tokyo. “I am coming back into the gymnastics world,” She exclaimed excitedly during the interview. “Cross your fingers for 2020.”

“She’s Got This” is available online and bookstores now. 


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