Google Celebrates Civil Rights Activist María Rebecca Latigo de Hernández


In today’s climate, there’s no doubting the worth of celebrating and underlining the contributions of women in the minority. Women of Color are underappreciated and under-celebrated, despite their proven contributions to bettering our world, and we need more outlets that will do more to showcase them. Fortunately, Google, the search engine giant who uses their platform to highlight people of influence on a regular basis through “Google Doodles,” recently did just that when they opted to honor Mexican American civil rights leader María Rebecca Latigo de Hernández on her birthday.

Their feature emphasized the fascinating and powerful life lived by Hernández through her activism and work.

María Rebecca Latigo de Hernández was an activist who fought for women and children of Mexican descent who were faced with economic and educational discrimination.

The activist worked as a teacher at an elementary school in Monterrey, Mexico in her earlier years but eventually moved onto organizing and co-founding the Orden Caballeros de America, a group that educated Mexican Americans about their rights. In 1932 she became the first Mexican female announcer on the radio and a year later, in 1933, she opened Asociación Protectora de Madres a group that worked to help pregnant women.

The Doodle, which was posted over the weekend on July 29th, shows Hernández speaking into a microphone while an audience surrounds her. According to Google, the image shows her “doing what she did best — using her voice to elevate and benefit her community.”


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