Puerto Rican Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Quotes Martin Luther King Jr. & Throws Shots At Trump In Award Acceptance Speech

credit: Twitter / @CarmenYulinCruz

Whether waist-deep in a flooded Puerto Rico street providing aid to victims of Hurricane Maria or taking direct aim at President Donald Trump for “killing us with the inefficiency,” San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has not only become a major leader on the Caribbean island but also a humanitarian that has captured the hearts of millions around the globe — including the children of Martin Luther King Jr.

On Saturday, The King Center celebrated the life of MLK at its annual Salute to Greatness Awards Gala in Atlanta, where the honorable Yulín Cruz was given a Special Recognition Award for her humanitarian leadership.

Created by Coretta Scott King — and now headed by her youngest daughter, Bernice King — The King Center established in 1968 carries on the legacy of her late husband.

Introducing herself as the great-granddaughter of a sugarcane plantation worker who was “supposed to be a free man but, in actuality, was enslaved,” Yulín Cruz began her acceptance speech by praising King.

“Martin Luther King Jr. said nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. He was right then, and he is right today,” she said, according to The Root.

She went on to inform attendees of the black-tie gala of Puerto Rico’s current status, saying there are “more than a million Puerto Ricans that still don’t have electric power, who still have to walk from one place to another by holding a rope to get food, water and medication for their children.”

She continued: “And I am still mad. And I’m still enraged that those called upon by the powers that be to be good in nature try and put us down. So, this isn’t just in Puerto Rico that this is happening.”

The mayor, who has never shied away from criticizing Trump, calling him a “bully,” “big mouth,” “hater-in-chief” and even wearing a “Nasty” t-shirt, took aim at the president once more, this time referencing his racist “shithole” comments” about Haiti and African countries.

“We are all Puerto Ricans today. We are all Haitians today. We are all people of Africa today,” she exclaimed to a roaring applause.

In addition to Yulín Cruz, this year’s Salute to Greatness Awards Gala honorees also included Chobani — and their founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya — Senator Cory Booker, Alana Simmons, the Boys and Girls Club and Dr. Robert L. Green.


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