If You’re Not Following These Peruvian Femmes, What Are You Really Doing With Your Life

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If the only Peruvian on your social media newsfeed is your ceviche food porn, then, yum!, but you’re seriously missing out. The only thing more poppin’ than Peru’s delicacies — which makes the South American country the top culinary destination in the world, so this is saying a lot — is its people.

Peruvian femmes are out here producing music, cracking jokes, droppin’ knowledge, making art and looking fine as hell. If you’re not following these Inca goddesses yet, you need to get on it.

1. Salice Rose

With more than 7 million followers, funny lady Salice Rose is an Instagram queen. The queer Cali-based peruana makes hilarious videos that are relatable for every occasion: partying, heartbreaks, working out and more. When the red-headed beauty isn’t cracking you up, she’s wowing you with her amazing dance vids.

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2. Favianna Rodriguez

Favianna Rodriguez is one of the baddest artivists in the game. The Oakland, Calif.-based peruana uses art to address feminist, migrant, economic and ecological issues. The executive director of CultureStrike, a national arts organization engaging artists, writers and performers in migrant rights, her pages are filled with beautiful, colorful pieces that seek to bring culture and political change.

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3. Kat Lazo

Summer 17. @trapballnyc

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You might have heard us talk about Kat Lazo before. The We Are Mitú star and producer is a leading Latina feminist voice, using her social media accounts to challenge mainstream media and question social norms. From Twitter to Instagram, this New York-based Peruvian-colombiana baddie uses humor to educate and uplift.

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4. Connie Chavez

✨ En Tus Sueños ✨ // ?: @ojos_nebulosos

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Cinematographer and photographer Connie Chavez’s social media pages are always filled with glorious visuals. From dope feminist projects to behind-the-scenes flicks with big-name celebs to just fly ass shots of the Peruvian babe herself, this New York-based brujita will certainly brighten your newsfeed.

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5. La Loba Loca

Soooooo… I got back to so-called LA a little over a week. I was in Chile and Peru for 2.5 months visiting family, learning and working ??during this time I started a sci fi book (first chapter goes out the last day of the month to Patreon supporters), started writing for magazines + independent publications, started a Patreon!!! <which u can pledge and access exclusive material as little as $1/month??‍♀️link in bio>, started a podcast and made some chapters in Chile and Peru that will be out for my Patreon, started cooking a v-blog called “tecito time” that focuses on what I am currently doing/working through available for Patreon supporters! Honestly it was such a needed travel back home and feeling super privilege to 1) be able to come in and out of this illegal country state 2) for the support of y’all that allow me to work even as I visit blood fam. I left my blood fam when I was 19 and I feel like after almost 10 yrs all I want is to be cuddle by my mami y abuelitas ?? It was a really important time to really figure out where I want to focus my energy and life force and the ways I want to continue making my self-employed worker bee sustainable. I am honestly not trying to overwork myself, which I feel is so hard sometimes for self-employed creatives that don’t got trust funds or financial support from wealthy family or spouse. With that said: I am mailing all orders this week + finishing up the material for folx doing my SEEDLINGSHIP + all the writing and video projects for community publications and summit!!! Also, I am open for booking hand poke tattoo session, currently scheduling pro domming/dominatrix sessions in LA, consultations for creative business, radical autonomous health consultations AND booking schools + community workshops for the rest of the year. Still a witch in training trying to figure out how to juggle things and hopefully win in life and self-preservation. Email me to contact@lalobaloca.com or DM me here to book me or follow up with me ????#brujafeminism #queer #queermagic

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La Loba Loca is a Cali-based queer Peruvian feminist using their Instagtam to spread abuelita knowledge. Their ‘gram is made up of beautiful posts on natural medicine, reproductive health, decolonizing practices and just some hilarious feminist meme fun.

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6. Anna Mvze

Straight out of Washington, DC, peruana rapper-singer Anna Mvze’s instavids will have you hooked on her música. And when her bilingual jams aren’t making your hips move, you’ll be blushing by how cute the young emcee is while hustling her way to the top.

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7. Amy Rose

Talking about cute, it doesn’t get more adorable than Peruvian-Colombian Amy Rose. The New York-based self-described “Inca Kola” mami’s ‘gram is a treat for the eyes and soul. Along with the most cutesy-slash-edgy selfies are posts for the most 2000s nostalgic millennial, brown girl power art, reproductive health info and the sweetest display of queer love.

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8. Ariana Rodriguez Zertuche


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OK, so peruanas have to be some of the flyest nenas around, and Ariana Rodriguez Zertuche, more popularly known as Diosa Femme, is further proof. This LA-based queer high femme is the co-creator of Locatora Radio, and just like on her Latina feminist podcast, this Peruvian-mexicana’s ‘gram is filled with beautiful art, poems and selfies centered on radical self-care, spirituality and femme power.

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9. Sam H. Escobar

With more than 39 thousand Twitter followers, people care what Sam H. Escobar has to say. As they should! As the deputy editor at Allure magazine, this part-Peruvian journo tweets about beauty, media and SJ issues, and has built a following based on their smart and witty writing.

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10. Carmen Carrera

Press Day & Brunch w/ @cosasperu

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With more than 407 thousand followers on Instagram, Carmen Carrera is a force. The New Jersey-based Peruvian-Puerto Rican model and trans activist’s page is packed with beauty and fashion images that’ll make you drool. And when you’re done, there are even some fitness vids that show you all of her ways.

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11. Maritza Alva Grande

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For that feel-good feeling, you need to be following Maritza Alva Grande. This belleza peruana’s page is where Inca queen meets LA mami. Here, you’ll find posts on immigrant rights, Peruvian culture, self-love and girl gang goals.

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12. Cindy Rodriguez

Officially, Cindy Y. Rodriguez is a journalist and photographer. Unofficially, she’s an adventurous, funny girl. With this combination, her page is filled with beautiful imagery of sights around the country and world and captions that’ll make you giggle. As the co-host of the Morado Lens podcast, it’s also not surprising to see posts on Latina feminism and brujería on this New Jersey peruana’s ‘gram.

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Name some other peruanas who we should all be following in the comments.