9 Salvadoran Boss Ladies To Follow And Support On Instagram As Soon As Humanly Possible

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It’s easy to fall in love with a Latina who knows her worth and uses her platform to raise the voices of other brown girls. El Salvador is a country brimming with such women, ones who grind away in an effort to achieve their dreams and life missions of propelling the fight for equality.

But, alas, we can’t all hop on a plane to beautiful El Salvador or the many different countries across the world where Salvadorans thrive. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much digging around to find these women and their influences. In fact, you can find them on Instagram!

Check out these 9 Salvadoran bellezas whose posts are pure Insta-bait.

1. Johanna Toruño

Toruño is the brains and talent behind The Unapologetically Brown Series, an art poster project that sends street love letters to brown girls. The Salvadoran artist is based out of Queens, New York and uses her Instagram account to document the pieces of art she plasters around the city. In an interview with FIERCE, Toruño emphasized her platform’s effort to “combat the whiteness of the streets.”

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2. Raquel Cordova

Cordova is a radio/TV personality and founder of BRAZEN By RaqC, a lifestyle and clothing brand. Most of the pics and videos posted to her personal Instagram account are memes that include words to live by. She’s also the mastermind behind the popular Instagram account @amigas4mysoul.

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3. Reyna Zavala

This San Antonio, Texas-based singer goes by the name La SalvadoReina. Her claim to the throne of cumbia is pretty much backed by her large number of loyal Instagram followers who go to her page to check out the videos she posts of herself singing the classic genre. In an interview with FIERCE, Zavala explained that one of her main motivations for producing music involves getting the industry to begin to include Salvadoran artistry. “I want to speak to the little girls, the ones who, like me, are thinking, why are there no Salvadorans. It’s about representation and visibility,” she said.

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4. Theresa Michelle Flores

Counting every single one of my blessings.

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Flores is a Mexican-Salvadoran Latinx champion, and her status as a business-owner makes her a bomb ass boss lady, too. Her Etsy shop, Mi Chiquita TMF, creates and sells customized canvasses and prints that reviewers adore. The strong messages behind her posts are empowering and full of the encouragement every Latina could use on their journey to greatness.

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5. Christy Turlington Burns

You probably already know Christy Turlington from her days as a supermodel. In the fashion industry, she was grouped with Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista as the “Trinity.” These days, the model is still doing her fashion thing, but her Instagram account primarily focuses on her advocacy for global maternal health.

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6. Diana Martinez

my hair looks so short but it’s not this short ?

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La linda salvadoreña has an Instagram page packed with makeup and style inspiration. On it, she promotes self-love and appreciation that we just can’t get enough of. Her sharp geo cat eyeliners, silky palettes and stunningly highlighted cheeks will keep you coming back for work- and night-out wardrobe ideas.

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7. Somaya Reece

Reece has come a long way from her days as a “Love & Hip Hop” star. Now she uses her platform to promote healthy lifestyles and to discuss her experience as an eating disorder survivor. If there’s one thing we love the most about Reece’s Instagram page, it would be her very tell-it-like-it-is inspirational memes.

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8. Yesika Salgado

Brown and glorious

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The Salvadoran-American writer from Los Angeles and National Poetry Slam finalist has a pretty dedicated following on Instagram. Her posts consistently put proof into the notion that poetry is power. Looking for some #MotivationMonday muses? Look no further than Salgado’s page, where her embrace of body positivity and la cultura will have you feeling fly AF and ready to take on the world.

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9. Alexis Nunes

This Jamaican-Salvadoran is a host at ESPN FC and ESPNcricinfo, and she could probably give just about any boy a run for their money when it comes to sports knowledge. For Latinas obsessed with soccer, Nunez’s page is where it’s at. She has posted some pretty cool and exclusive interviews between her and soccer champs, like Ashley Cole. Definitely keep an eye out for this one!

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