Meet Tatianna Tarot, The Afro-Puerto Rican Bruja Bringing You Monthly Tarotscopes On FIERCE

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At FIERCE, we want all of our readers to be living their best lives. To assist in that journey, we are bringing on Tatianna Tarot, our resident bruja who will help you become more self-aware and effective at obtaining the life of your sueños.

Born Tatianna Morales, this Afro-Puerto Rican intuitive tarot therapist, ritual practitioner and medium uses her gifts to guide others to develop inner peace, self-awareness, heightened intuition and an expanded consciousness on life. A life-long bruja, the 30-year-old Brooklyn, New York-born and New Orleans-living Morales is the witch behind My Urban Illumination, a website she started three years ago to offer one-on-one tarot reading sessions as well as weekly spiritual advice to readers.

Before Morales kicks off her monthly tarotscopes for FIERCE in February, we chatted with her to help you get to know and love her as much as we do.

1. You are an intuitive tarot therapist as well as a medium and ritual practitioner. Break that down for us. What does this all mean?

"I think that all women are witches, in the sense that a witch is a magical being. And a wizard which is a male version of a witch, is kind of revered, and people respect wizards. But a witch, my god, we have to burn them. It's the male chauvinistic society that we're living in for the longest time, 3,000 years or whatever. And so I just wanted to point out the fact that men and women are magical beings. We are very blessed that way, so I'm just brining that our. Don't be scared of witches, because we are good witches, and you should appreciate our magical power." – Yoko Ono ?: @d_webb_designs ?: @theikphoto ? Oils by: @TatiannaTarot for My Urban Illumination #tatiannatarot #dwebbdesigns #dwebbdancewear #witches #brujas #tbt #oils #magick #mamabruja #brooklynbruja #throwback #passion

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I call myself an intuitive tarot therapist rather than a tarot reader because I utilize the cards to help people clarify any questions they have about their lives to better understand the power they yield over their lives. So rather than just shooting out generic information from the cards, I tap into them on a deeper spiritual level so they can resonate with that energy as well. It’s like having an intimate conversation with a close friend, rather than something that maybe is discomforting with a stranger.

As a ritual practitioner, I utilize different practices from African traditions that are conducive to a client’s healing. It’s like going to a doctor: We look into the cards to see where the problem stems from — a habit, a belief system — and I will prescribe a ritual they can do to help alleviate or treat it. The ritual themselves are not as important, but it gets people into the headspace of healing and makes them mindful of what they are trying to rectify.

A medium is someone who connects to spirits and can communicate to spirits. You can see famous mediums, usually white, on TV who pick up information through sensing vibrations or writing on a piece of paper. I connect, or pick up on spiritual energy or deities that have messages, through my cards. Doing this for more than 20 years, I can notice subtle differences between reading cards and the other energy coming through. For the most part, the cards are just a tool for me to access that.

2. Was it difficult for you to start identifying as a bruja?

No. I’ve always been this way. I’ve always worked in witchy shops and, aside from dancing professionally and teaching dance, my side gigs have always been doing tarot readings, helping people with crystals and spells or recommending books. Since I was 11, I was taking home books on brujería. My family knew, so as long as they were aware of my intention and where my heart lied, they weren’t very concerned. It’s always been embraced and always been known among my family and peers. There’s nothing new about this practice for me.

3. When did you begin to notice your gifts?

Since I was a kid. I started when I was 6 years old, pretending to read my classmates in kindergarten. I was doing palms hardcore before I started reading tarot. It’s a gift I never questioned and was always passionate about.

4. Do these gifts run in your family?

Yes. It runs in my blood. Relatives on my mother’s side, which is African-American, Native-American, Indonesian — a bit of everything, reads. And my Boricua father is a medium, though it’s not something he wants. His power came after his father passed away, and it’s been really discomforting for him because he can see spirits in real life and in his dreams.

5. Tell us about tarotscopes, which we’re SO excited to have you start doing on FIERCE?

#Tarot #Meditation // Death + The Pope + Temperance + 2 of Wands + 5 of Wands In order to shift conscious worlds & grow, things that cannot expand at that rate or vibe at that frequency will be left behind. In a day, there are many deaths disguised as cycles with their own ending & beginning. Death is a transition that points to change – be it expected & deliberate or not, its effect is inevitable. Everyone will have to experience the influence it brings. In you something is coming to pass, Death releases patterns, allows one to shape-shift into other personalities & hopefully better ways of being. It teaches us that the only constant is change, in order to make it a graceful one, go in accord with the universe's will. The Pope challenges you to consider your life more structured, organized & traditional. You create your dynamic, perhaps what needs more tradition in your life is your sense of stability & care. What can you implement daily that supports that? Things will be much more manageable but in ways that are unique to your needs. You have the ability to call the shots & make sure things don't turn out the same. In fact, you're demanded that you do things radically different & switch up the role of the Pope in your life. Assemble your "Higher Self" as part of your wise counsel of guidance – What is it suggesting that you do? Reigning over the 2 of Wands & 5 of Wands, the Pope knows what lies ahead of him because of his expanded state of conscious & possible psychic abilities but teaches the importance of grounding through faith. The 5 of Wands can be impulsive behavior, a restlessness stirring of the soul & discord with your own ambitions. Stop to visualize where you want to take you, the 2 of Wands is a visionary that knows no limits. Remove your pride, ego & eliminate the need to get in your own way. Temperance applies grace, patience & miracles to anyone's path. This is alchemy; if you're expecting a complete transition into a new way of being & living, then one must be patient with the process, including themselves. Do not interrupt what the higher forces are placing for your advantage. Temperance illuminates your path during turbulence. Stay strong.

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I’ve always gravitated to horoscopes, but I’m not too savvy with astrology, so I wondered what I could do with my tarot as a writer and creative. The answer: use tarotscopes like horoscopes. I start by mediating with the cards per sign, and then I ask the spirit what is the message this sign needs to hear for this month — what are the messages, blockages and themes? I pull out those cards and begin tying the story together. Whatever I receive, I put in a digestible message that offers some practical and sound advice. I do this monthly, and it gives me a lot joy.

6. How can tarotscopes help or guide our readers?

Tomorrow, Weds, February 1st, I'll be going #Live at 9:30pm EST // 8:30 CT and taking over @sanctuarythree's IG account to give A Live #Tarot Reading and talk about what the new month will bring! Join @sanctuarythree's live stream for #spiritual insight into the energy of #February. ⭐️ I'll be looking into the following & answering any quick questions you might have: 1. What is the energetic state and overall theme that February will bring into our lives? 2. How can we best work with this energy to ensure success this month? 3. What are the blockages we are presented with this month & how can best avoid them? 4. What does Spirit most will us to do for the month of February (main focus)? 5. And how can we best develop our Inner Sight this month for direct clarity & spiritual guidance? Tune in to see what is channeled ?????? ?: @laneamua ?: @erynamelism ?: @andrewfennell

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Tarotscopes are going to first and foremost highlight the energy you may encounter externally — something that may be happening to you in the outside world — or internally — your emotions or spiritual journey. I will clarify what these energies are and what may happen based on spiritual guides, and I will offer some sort of solution to that. It will help readers avoid doing things blindly and help them think and consider their lives. There’s some homework on self-reflection, things to help us become more aware of our actions and help us have more control of ourselves and our destiny. I want to help you create the life you always envisioned.

7. Are there any limitations to tarotscopes?

#Tarot #Meditation // King of Wands + Ace of Pentacles + The Emperor + Hanged Man (Reverse) + Get Mad + Sage it Out + Check In w/ Yourself Time to do a little season clearing in the house, on a multitude of levels: physical, spiritual, emotional, the internal & external houses. Sage it out, suggests that you literally get into the act of clearing stale, negative & confusing energy. If you have remaining pent up aggression & frustration from life, channel that into something artistic and rewarding for the soul. Get Mad and being real with your emotional state while being fully vulnerable to express your heart is what's needed to make room for the new & worthy. Take a note on your internal weather from time to time; are you feeling your best & what's allowing your energy to fluctuate? Sometimes we tend to live our lives in autopilot, unaware of personal choices & where our vibes drift off to. The Hanged Man in Reverse shows that you need no other perspective, you should be able to get your answer right from where you stand. Second guessing yourself would be useless, have faith in the way you live your life and things will start moving in your direction again. Check up on what is working for you energetically. Are you receiving as much as you give out? The King of Wands is about changing his world and seeing real results, quickly. He's not a talker but a "doer" and has enough drive to motivate himself & those around him for the better. The Ace of Pentacles speaks of real stability, incoming financial opportunity, potential move or relocation of career. Essentially is a card that communicates commitment & new journeys, it is also stimulating growth at this time – reminding us that we are our best investments with so much potential for growth. Embodying the characteristics of the Emperor, dedication, routine & consistency – will allow us to attain the best results rapidly. Discipline is key if you want the rewards the Ace of Pentacles brings to you. This energy can seep into our lives in a variety of ways – only those that are prepared can truly take advantage of this generous flow. It's time to get serious with your life & put in the work to get those results.

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Tarot doesn’t predict things. People have this misconception that it’s going to be black and white, that the cards said this so this is what is going to happen. No, you have free will. The cards only reflect the energy you are projecting your way based on your past actions. You can change your vibrations in a second. You can drop your career or partner in a second. Also, regardless of what the reading is about, we all have very different interpretations of what it is. For some it’s about romance, while for others it’s about someone who passed away. Go in with an open mind. If it resonates with you, then take it and use it. Take what you need and leave the rest. There are no rules. Take it with a grain of salt and see where it leads you.

8. This language might be new to some of our readers, can you give us a rundown on vocab?

I N T U I T I V E • T A R O T • W O R K S H O P • S E R I E S New Orleans!! Join me tomorrow for the first workshop of my Tarot Series, in @rosaliesapothecary from 7-9pm. You can find out more info via the link in @rosalieapothecary's bio. To register, call: 504-488-4425 This class will be offered at a sliding scale of $20-35 *Wear comfortable clothing, bring a journal, your own tarot & oracle decks (if you have) & an open mind* Channelling Your Higher Self: Psychic & Intuition Development w/ Divination & Oracle Cards This class dives into the basics on how to #channel from a place of pure potential and light! Learn how to access information from your higher self/#spirit and how to discern when you are receiving information from a place of lower #vibration. We will explore heart-space meditation techniques that enhance our intuitive abilities and learn to protect ourselves from toxic & lower energies (#psychic defense). Attendees will strengthen their psychic abilities through practical tools, allowing them to become sharper readers and gain insight from their guides and ancestors daily. This course can be taken as a preliminary into learning the Tarot #divination form or can be applied to your own personal intuitive practices. ?: @bynikkig #tarot #intuition #workshop #neworleans #followyournola #magic

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Yes! What a great idea. Here are three of the words you’ll hear from me a lot:

Manifestation: the art of creating with your body, soul and mind.

Conjuring: a mystical word to bring up or to create. It is also a term in African-American folk magic. To conjure something is essentially to call upon, to create something in terms of a magic ritual, to make something appear.

Divination: the power of using a tool that gives you a power to read energy, like tarot cards or Cascarilla (Santería). To divine is to get information, and divination tools help you get energy.

9. Finally, what is one thing you want our readers to know about your work as an intuitive tarot therapist?

I think the most important thing is that I hope it’s a mirror for people to validate their own intuition and wisdom and also that it shows that people have this capability and power in their lives to access this universal intelligence. They can receive guidance and answers on their own. It’s not limited to certain people, and it doesn’t go against faith. It’s a deeper connection to the divine, whatever that means to you. I encourage people to explore it, this gift they have within them and develop and facilitate that within their lifetime.

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Tatianna Tarot’s exclusive tarotscopes for FIERCE will begin in February. For now, follow our resident bruja on Instagram and head over to her website to book her for any one-on-one consolations.