People Are Celebrating This Mexicana Icon Honored In Today’s Google Doodle

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Amalia Hernández Navarro is the pioneering dancer that founded the Ballet Folklórico de Mexico. She would have been 100 years old today, and Google is celebrating with a Google Doodle.

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Hernández’s contributions to dance and Mexican culture are immeasurable. As a dancer, she always looked for more inclusion, but saw a lack of that available to her and other dancers. So she became a choreographer and channeled her Mexican culture into ballet.

The artist who created the doodle took to Twitter to share how honored she felt being able to represent Hernández.

According to Google, Hernández traveled all over Mexico learning about different cultures in the country through their dance. Using what she learned, Hernández opened Ballet Folklórico de Mexico de Amalia Hernández in 1952. The company received widespread attention and acclaim in 1954 after their first televised performance.

The Google Doodle is taking people back in time to when they were introduced to the iconic dance company.

After becoming a weekly regular on television, the Ballet Folklórico de Mexico went on to represent Mexico with a performance at the 1959 Pan American Games in Chicago. The company has grown immensely since it was first started. TIME Magazine reports that it has about 300 members and that their performances have been seen by around 22 million people.

The ballet company showcases the beautiful colors and clothing that make Mexican culture what it is.

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The ballet company became a family business over the years as Hernández worked with her daughters and grandson as the company grew.

Hernández was deeply involved with the company until her death in 2000 at the age of 83.

Way to go, Google.


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