2018 Was The Year Of Latinas Smashing The Patriarchy

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From speaking out, to urging us to vote, warning, or pointing out irony, Latinas are a stand against misogyny. Whether its in politics, Hollywood, radio, advertisement, and in sports, Latinas across the globe have rallied the voices of our communities speaking their minds, standing up for one another, and committing acts of self-love, all as a form of resistance.

Here’s a look at 20 Latinas taking down misogyny.

1. Club Feminista in da haus!

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Call us feminazis, bitches, marimachas, go ahead — we’re all of that and more, including a club or una pandilla. To quote Kreayshawn, “[We] got more swag, and it’s pumping out [our] ovaries.

2. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling on us all to vote out everyone who supported the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh.

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Justice democrat, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who refuses to campaign with big money, beat Joe Crowley in the primary election for a shot at a seat in the house of representatives, and she wants us all to help elect more survivors of rape, sexual assault and misconduct, and domestic violence to office.

3. Many other mujeres are sounded off on #stopKavanaugh and wrote about their experiences with assault.

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One thing many don’t seem to understand is that the reason that mujeres believe one another so readily when we tell our stories is because so, so many of us have experiences with assault, sexual misconduct, harassment, rape, domestic violence, and or child sexual abuse at the hands of men.

4. @implynotinfer asks if women are being expected to have video footage to prove we’ve been raped or assaulted.

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Virginia Manuel questions all the talk about corroborating evidence and asks if people really expect women to catch every assault on camera which obviously isn’t possible.

5.  Michelle Villegas Threadgould was one of the first to point out this irony.

After Villegas Threadgould pointed how “hysterical” Kavanaugh looked during questioning, PBS’ Mark Shields said, about the end of the confirmation hearings, “the time for protesting and shrieking is over.” WTF?

6. Yolanda Machado addresses MeToo and the lack of WOC in Hollywood in one Tweet.

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If you want the inside scoop about sexism and misogyny in Hollywood, then you really ought to be following Yolanda Machado.

7. Veronica Sanchez takes on Fox News.

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Sanchez pokes fun at right wing men and their love of Fox news in this keen observation of the look of women hired on Fox News. Yeah, the Fox News once lead by disgraced CEO Roger Ailes who had to resign due to sexual misconduct allegations.

8. Dr. Lisa Vallejos warns hermanas about the social justice svengali.

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But it’s not just Fox News, Dr. Vallejos wants us all to be careful of men who call themselves feminists or call out oppression against women, while not being aware of their own privilege and stealing women’s ideas at the same time.

9. Lucia Bustamante unearthed this totally sexist Apple computer add.

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Sure this is an old Apple add, one that they would not dare to use now; however, Apple’s workforce is still, as of 2017, only 32% women, compared to 68% men. Only 13% are Latino. Makes you wonder how many of those are Latina.

10. This mujer, Raiza, takes on racism and misogyny in the soap opera world

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Responding to some Twitter troll who says that someone should shove a taco up the new Latina character’s ass, @ha_roomi is pointing out racism that actually encourages violence against a woman.

11.  Latino USA’s, Maria Hinojosa,  doesn’t hold back when she criticizes fellow journalist, John Hockenberry for claiming to be the victim after being accused of harassment and silencing women of color.

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Maria Hinojosa put a Twitter smack down on John Hockenberry in September after his article in Harper’s in which he wrote about being the victim of the #MeToo movement.

12. Trint rejects gender norms with a fierce foto!

Forget about pinche John Hockenberry, and look at Trent here rejecting standards of beauty and gender norms all in one spectacular photo.

13. There’s nothing misogyny hates more than a dose of self love.

Eurocentric and cisgender standards of beauty have made it difficult for Latinas to love themselves, but that doesn’t stop latinxreyes from loving every hair on their body.

14. Maddy is dealing with an alt-right creeper — they always want to f**ck what they think they hate.

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It’s probably not uncommon for alt-right creepers to want to f**k who they hate, or think they hate — hence the rape of slave women by slave masters. Sex is often about power too.

15.  Chingona artist, @yocelyn_riojas, creates art to critique the Madonna/whore depiction of women.

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You can buy Riojas’ art with images like this one at Society6.com

16.  Did @bad demonicana just coin the term whorefobia?

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First off, did you see the Twitter handle on this mujer, @bad demonicana? Second, she nails the odd bed fellow shared by conservatives and leftist: whorefobia.

17. Nothing like a dose of misogyny and homophobia.

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@EsaIndigena made us laugh when she pointed out this angry personal attack, and like all personal attacks, the issue at hand probably had nothing to do with her sexuality, pero go ahead, call her a marimacha. “What’s your point exactly,” she asks.

18. This Xicana speaks out against the Serena Williams sexism and scolds her racist tennis coach.

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It’s unfortunate when coaches and teachers are worse bullies than peers. It hurts worse, and the hurt lasts longer because the adults were the ones who were supposed to protect us.

19. @VivianaLaXicana questions our attachments to non-violence in the face of oppression.

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Non-violence has a place and a time, but this, as Viv points out, might not be the time.

20. Riot Grrrl, Molly Neuman, and mom to a Latina, cracked us up with this tweet about our gaslighter-in-chief.

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There’s an app that “replaces images of Donald Trump with kittens, because seriously, f*** that guy,” and now he’s calling our phones? @mollydneuman, say, no, no, no!


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