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This Short Animation By Two Chilean Women Is Making Waves In The Industry

These two Chilean women are making a mark in animation.

Two Chilean women created an animated short film that has caught the eye of many people in the animation and film industries. The film, titled “Here’s The Plan,” follows a dog/cat couple as they em-bark (see what we did there? ? ) on marriage. One of their dreams is to own a bakery to sell cupcakes. An unexpected emergency stalls the couple’s plans and without something to work toward they slowly drift apart from each other and their bakery dream.

Fernanda Frick, the director, and Maria Barros, the production manager, have created a film that has been an official selection at Chile Monos and Nashville Film Festival. According to a study by the San Diego State’s Center of Women in Television and Film, only 7 percent of all directors of the top 250 films were women in 2016. That is a 2 percent drop from 2015. According to Variety, Women In Animation co-president Marge Dean said that even though women make up 65 percent of students in animation schools only about 23 percent of them actually get hired for leadership roles within the animation industry. But, all those statistics aside, Frick is passionate about working with animation in Chile in a different way than most people there do.

“When we talk about movies with huge visual effects or fantasy characters, animation seems a totally reasonable choice, but that doesn’t apply to works like ‘Here’s The Plan’ where we see daily situations that could be easily expressed through live-action,” Frick says in an interview on her website’s press page. “However, animation has been my means of expression since I was 14 years old and I think it’s the way I can communicate most effectively with people. Honestly, I think each person should use the medium they feel most comfortable with.”

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In Chile, This School For Transgender Students Allows Kids To Learn In A Safe And Affirming Environment

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In Chile, This School For Transgender Students Allows Kids To Learn In A Safe And Affirming Environment

Bullying and discrimination can make school feel impossible for transgender students. In Chile, many queer youth stop attending class to avoid intimidation, often falling behind or even dropping out. Amaranta Gomez School, an institution for transgender students in Santiago, Chile, is trying to change that.

Founded by the Selenna Foundation, an organization in the South American country protecting trans rights, in 2017, the school offers youth between the ages of six and 17 courses on math, science, history and English as well as workshops on art and photography. About 22 students attend the school, with an additional six expected to join soon. They are assigned to one of two classrooms based on their age.

“I’m happy here because there are many other kids just like me,” Alexis, a 6-year-old student who was bullied at his previous school, told the Associated Press.

A 2016 report by UNESCO said that in Latin America, school violence against students based on sexual orientation or gender identity harms “the development of the affected people, school coexistence, academic performance and, consequently, their permanence in school.”

Teachers at Amaranta Gomez, which was named after muxe activist and anthropologist Amanranta Gónez Regalado, work pro bono. In its first year, all school expenses were paid the Selenna Foundation’s president Evelyn Silva’s and the institution’s coordinator Ximena Maturana’s personal savings.

Starting in March, families will have to pay about $7 a month for their child to attend.

“We try to reduce the costs to the minimum (for families) so that they don’t say that (kids) are not attending because they don’t have pencils, and it becomes a reason to leave school,” Silva said.

Even with limited funds, the foundation has created a summer school program that offers dance and additional workshops to about 20 children, including some who do not attend Amaranta Gomez.

The school, the first of its kind in Latin America, is creating a safe space where children can learn, feel affirmed and have community.

“I feel free and happy here,” said Felipe, 15. “The environment is very good. Everyone who arrives is simply accepted.”

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20 Latinas Who Voiced Your Favorite Cartoon Characters


20 Latinas Who Voiced Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

More and more often, we’re seeing Latinas represent our stories on television, in movies, and in books. However, it’s not just Latina faces that make a big impression on these platforms. Animated cartoons, video games, and movies also benefit from the talents of Latina actresses. In fact, these Latinas have been voicing our favorite cartoon characters for generations.

The latest example of Latina talent coming to us in animated form is the new Netflix reboot of “Carmen Sandiego”. Premiering January 18th, the show is a fresh spin on the 90’s fan favorite. Voicing the mysterious master thief is ‘Jane the Virgin’ star Gina Rodriguez.

Twitter / @carmensandiego

The series will explore how Sandiego got her start in the world of International mystery. The reboot also stars “Stranger Things” lead Finn Wolfhard to provide the voice of Player, Sandiego’s sidekick, and friend.

Anticipating the success of this reboot, Netflix has already authorized a live-action “Carmen Sandiego.” Rodriguez will also play Sandiego in the live-action series and we can’t wait to see how she looks in that iconic red fedora.

Netflix’s “Carmen Sandiego” will no doubt be a nostalgic treat for those of us who grew up with the OG Sandiego. What better reason to take a look at all the other Latinas that voiced our favorite animated characters.

1. Rita Moreno

Mark Hill / PBS

Moreno has starred in some of the most beloved films of all time but she’s also a talented voice actress. In fact, Moreno was the first to voice Carmen Sandiego when she starred in the original incarnation of the series. She is also the voice of Abuelita in “Nina’s World” and has voiced a number of characters from “Rio 2,” “Special Agent Oso” and “Sofia the First.”

2. Gina Rodriguez

Shutterstock / Twitter

Besides lending her voice to the new “Carmen Sandiego,” Rodriguez also voices a character for another Netflix animation. Rodriguez joined the second season of “Big Mouth” to voice Gina, the first girl in the main character’s fictional school to go through puberty. The actress has also given voice to more family-friendly characters in “Ferdinand” and “Smallfoot.”

3. Shakira

Shutterstock / Disney

Anyone with a voice as unique and beautiful as Shakira is obviously going to be a natural voice actress. In 2016, the Colombian songstress brought “Zootopia” popstar Gazelle to life for Disney audiences. She also contributed the catchy bop “Try Anything” to the movie’s soundtrack.

4. Alanna Ubach

Getty Images / Walt Disney Studios

You probably heard Ubach’s voice in the hit Disney animated film “Coco” as the strong-willed matriarch Mama Imelda. Besides providing her talking voice, the Californian star also belted out the beautiful song “La Llorona” in the film. In addition to bringing Mama Imelda to life, she also played the titular character in “El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera.”

5. Zoë Saldana

Getty Images / 20th Century Fox Animation

She may be best known as Gamora from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise, but Saldana has also gone digital. In “The Book of Life,” she voiced the movie’s smart, independent heroine, Maria. The Latina has also lent her voice to “My Little Pony: The Movie” and will appear in 2019’s “Missing Link.”

6. Selena Gomez

Between her singing career and producing projects like “13 Reasons Why,” Gomez has found time to voice her recurring character for the “Hotel Transylvania” series. Mavis, the adorable vampire daughter of Dracula, has been voiced by Gomez for all three movies in the franchise.

7. Genesis Rodriguez

David Buchan / Getty Images North America

Rodriguez isn’t just an actress, she also provided the voice for Disney/Pixar’s first Latina superhero. Voiced by Rodriguez, Honey Lemon is the bubbly super scientist superhero from “Big Hero 6.” She must have a knack for playing powerful women because Rodriguez also voices Princess Perfuma in “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.”

8. Aimee Carrero

Netflix / Getty Images

Speaking of She-Ra, Carrero plays the ultimate princess of power, Adora (She-Ra), in the new reboot of the franchise. She isn’t the only princess the Latina has voiced. Carrero also voices Disney’s first Latina princess, Elena, in the animated series “Elena of Avalor.”

9. Jenna Ortega

Disney Animation Studios / Getty Images

Elena isn’t the only princess Avalor has to offer. Elena’s little sister, Princess Isabel, is voiced by 16-year-old Ortega. The young actress also provided voices for the award-winning animated miniseries “Over the Garden Wall.”

10. Sara Ramirez

ABC / Disney Animation Studios

You may know her best for her time on “Grey’s Anatomy,” but Ramirez also plays a more royal role in Disney’s animated series “Sofia the First.” As Queen Miranda, Ramirez doles out advice to her royal children (along with the occasional song).

11. Raini Rodriguez

Getty Images / Disney Animation Studios

A Disney Channel regular, this Mexicana has most recently provided the voice for Creepy Caroline, the adorable gorgon from “Vampirina.” She’s also voiced characters for other Disney Junior series like “The Lion Gaurd” and “Handy Manny.”

12. Lexi Medrano

Netflix / Getty Images

Last year’s Netflix animated series “Trollhunters,” introduced us to the smart and brave Claire Nuñez. Created by Guillermo Del Toro, the show is the first in the “Tales of Arcadia.” Claire, voiced by Medrano, also appears in the next two installments of the series: “3 Below” and “Wizard.”

13. Carolina Ravassa

Blizzard Entertainment / Getty Images

Actress and producer Ravassa has acted in big-name series like “Mr. Robot,” but she’s no stranger to voiceover work. In fact, Ravassa is the voice of Sombra in the extremely popular Overwatch game series. The Columbiana also voiced Taliana Martinez in Grand Theft Auto V and has provided voices for Just Cause 4.

14. Salma Hayek

Getty Images / DreamWorks Animation

Hayek has been acting since the late 80’s so it’s no surprise that she’s brought a few animated characters to life. In 2011, she voiced the fiercely-cute Kitty Softpaws in DreamWorks’ “Puss in Boots.” The Mexicana has also lent her voice to the role of Cutlass Liz in the animated film “The Pirates! Band of Misfits.”

15. Jessica Alba

RainMaker Entertainment / Getty Images

In 2013, Alba’s voice debuted in her first animated feature. In “Escape from Planet Earth,” the Latina plays Lena Thackleman, an alien bureaucrat and surprise baddie. This may be her first, but with three kids of her own, we’re sure Alba will take on more animated roles in the future.

16. Sofía Vergara

Pacifica Coast News

Vergara may be the highest paid actress on television, but she’s also starred in a few animated films. She has most notably brought her sultry energy to Carmen from the Warner Brothers hit “Happy Feet 2.” The Colombiana has also given her voice to “The Emoji Movie,” “The Simpsons” and “Escape from Planet Earth.”

17. Eva Longoria

Shutterstock / Sony Pictures Animation

As an actress, producer, and director, Longoria has an impressive resume under her belt which includes quite a few animated voice-over roles. Besides providing her voice to the British animated movie “Arthur Christmas,” Longoria has also voiced characters for “BoJack Horseman” and “The Simpsons.”

18. Jennifer Lopez

Lopez is a global superstar who has had her hand in everything from music to television. So, using her famous voice to bring a few animated characters to life is just another day for JLo. She first voiced Azteca in the late 90’s animated movie “Antz.” More recently she joined the “Ice Age” franchise as Shira and voiced the mom in Rhianna’s animated movie “Home.”

19. Rosario Dawson

Dawson is obviously a big DC comics fan because the Latina actress has offered her voice to many characters in their animated world. Most recently, she brought Barbara Gordon (BatGirl) to life for “The Lego Batman Movie.” Additionally, she’s voiced several characters in the “Justice League” franchise.

20. Morena Baccarin

Getty Images / Warner Bros. Animation

Baccarin is another hard-core DC comics fan. Best known for her role in the live-action “Gotham,” she’s also lent her voice to multiple animated Batman movies. Namely, she’s played Black Canary in “Justice League Unlimited” and Cheetah in “Batman: The Brave and the Bold.”

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