This Short Animation By Two Chilean Women Is Making Waves In The Industry

These two Chilean women are making a mark in animation.

Two Chilean women created an animated short film that has caught the eye of many people in the animation and film industries. The film, titled “Here’s The Plan,” follows a dog/cat couple as they em-bark (see what we did there? ? ) on marriage. One of their dreams is to own a bakery to sell cupcakes. An unexpected emergency stalls the couple’s plans and without something to work toward they slowly drift apart from each other and their bakery dream.

Fernanda Frick, the director, and Maria Barros, the production manager, have created a film that has been an official selection at Chile Monos and Nashville Film Festival. According to a study by the San Diego State’s Center of Women in Television and Film, only 7 percent of all directors of the top 250 films were women in 2016. That is a 2 percent drop from 2015. According to Variety, Women In Animation co-president Marge Dean said that even though women make up 65 percent of students in animation schools only about 23 percent of them actually get hired for leadership roles within the animation industry. But, all those statistics aside, Frick is passionate about working with animation in Chile in a different way than most people there do.

“When we talk about movies with huge visual effects or fantasy characters, animation seems a totally reasonable choice, but that doesn’t apply to works like ‘Here’s The Plan’ where we see daily situations that could be easily expressed through live-action,” Frick says in an interview on her website’s press page. “However, animation has been my means of expression since I was 14 years old and I think it’s the way I can communicate most effectively with people. Honestly, I think each person should use the medium they feel most comfortable with.”


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