This Mexicana Universal Contestant’s Response To A Question About Discrimination Is A Reminder That Everyone Has A Right To Dream 

Despite what you might think, being a beauty contestant isn’t always as delightful as it seems. A recent exchange between Mexicana Universal contestant Guadalupe Valero and a judge revealed the ugly truth after the model and waitress opened up about facing discrimination for her social class.

Valero revealed that she has been subject to classist attacks on social platforms for her  work as a waitress.

During the pageant, Valero, who entered the pageant as a representative of the southwest Mexican state of Guerrero, was asked by a judge if she had experienced discrimination on the job.

“I have suffered discrimination because I am a waitress, for dedicating myself to an occupation that has taught me to be respectful, that has taught me to be tolerant and has taken out that helpful side that all human beings must have,” the contestant responded. “[People] have humiliated me, they have spoken bad words, they have looked at me and they have believed themselves superior. I read a comment a few days ago that said, ‘They all look beautiful, but the one from Guerrero, you can see her huaraches from afar.’”  

The comment about huaraches was a clear jab meant to shame Guerrero for her origins in a lower social class than most of the other contestants.

Where others might have let the comments get to them, Valero explained it only made her proud of her journey and where she is from.

“I want to say that, yes, I do have my huaraches on, and I tied them tightly before this competition,” Valero told judges. “Because I’m proud of who I am and where I’m from. I come from a mother, who’s a merchant, and a father, who’s a cook. They’ve instilled in me that any job, as long as it’s dignified, is honorable, is respectable.”

Valero went on to explain that because of her job as a waitress, she has been able to pay for her education and will soon graduate with a degree in textile engineering and fashion design.

“People think those of us who start from the bottom have no right to dream,” she said to an applauding crowd. “And they’re mistaken.”

Judges for the event, including Rebecca de Alba and David Salomón, lauded Valero’s response, and she has since received a rush of support from fans on various social platforms. 

Check out Valero’s response below!


Keep up with the pageant, which will have its finale on June 3.

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