Statement Pieces: These Latina-Made Pins Are For The Cause

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Latinxs love accessories. This is a known fact. Give us anything with the bandera of our motherland on it, and we’ll incorporate it into every outfit. Making a statement is one of our favorite pastimes. Luckily, there is no easier, or more affordable, way to do this than with an enamel pin. These little decorative pieces can give everything from your chaqueta to your bolsa some personal flavor, and with many creative Latinas crafting up these adornments to speak to us and for us, there’s no excuse to not have your ropa representing your radical self.

Here, some of our fave Latina-made pins you’ll want to rock.

1. Danielle De Jesus’ “Resistance”

Danielle De Jesus is a Puerto Rican artist making her mark by hand-painting realistic pop culture icons on one dollar bills. She is also bringing her one-of-a-kind artistry to the enamel pin game. Her “Resistance” pin is our favorite conscious collar accessory. Inspired by the resistance of Puerto Ricans on the island and in the diaspora, this wearable art is also available in a glow-in-the-dark version as well as a Pride edition. These options will be sure to give your chaqueta the perfect political pop.

2. The Unapologetically Brown Series’ “By Any Means Necessary”

“By any means necessary” is the famous quote from civil rights activist and hero Malcolm X. It is also the quote Salvadoran street artist Johanna Toruño uses on her enamel pin. Toruño is the artist and creator of The Unapologetically Brown Series, an ongoing installation of politically charged street posters that are quickly becoming a New York City staple. With the release of this pin, you can now take Toruño and her unapologetic style with you into any space, anywhere.  

3. Gordita Applebum’s “The Bigger the Hoops, the Bigger the Dream”

“The bigger the hoop, the bigger the…” We’re sure you’ve heard this quote before, usually ending with some demeaning, slut-shaming dig at mujeres who have an affinity for rocking oversized hoops. However, Instagram’s favorite mental health mami Gordita Applebum is on a mission to turn that tired old saying on its cabeza. Her pin reclaims the quote as a battle cry for those of us who are made to feel like our style and sometimes ourselves are a bit too much. So, the next time someone wants to make you feel bad about your bamboos, point to the pin and chuck up the peace sign.

4. GRL TRBL and Odiosas’ “Hood Feminist”

When Afro-Latinx culture-makers link up, like NYC illustrator GRL TRBL and Bronx collective Odiosas, it can only mean the rest of the world is in for some magia. That magic is their “Hood Feminist” enamel pin. Hood feminism is the intersectional part of the movement that gives a platform to women whose voices are often left out of the conversation. With this bold little talisman, you can let the world know that your feminist icons are more Cardi B than Susan B.  

5. Bella Doña LA’s “Mijx”

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Bella Doña LA is the West Coast apparel powerhouse that lives and honors the style of “everyone from around the way.” All of their pins are tiny little love letters to the culture; however, one of our favorites is this rainbow-colored Mijx one. It’s the perfect accessory to don while you’re giving the middle finger to gender norms.

6. Shop Destruya’s “I Owe You Nothing”


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Feminist apparel company Shop Destruya is your go-to shop for clothing, accessories and more when you need something to represent your patriarchy-smashing lifestyle. This Puerto Rican woman-run brand is giving us life with their “I Owe You Nothing” pin. This is the ideal piece to show those annoying hombres on the train, on the sidewalk or at the bar that you don’t owe them your smile, conversation or time. No te debo nada, estúpido!

7. The Hermosa Co.’s “Nobody’s Pendeja”

Xicanx-owned shop The Hermosa Co. has designed the accessory we all need. Owner Krystal Peralta hit the pin on the head with this sassy statement piece. Perfect to wear for a first encounter, “Nobody’s Pendeja” lets people know you can’t be played without you even having to open your mouth. Now that’s some pin poder.

8. Cochina Collective’s “Cochina”

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If you grew up around a coven of chismosas, then you’ve probably heard the word “cochina” (nasty woman) used to describe a “less than desirable” mujer. If you’re an unapologetic Latinx, or Carmen Yulín Cruz, then you’ve probably been called one before, too. Well, New Orleans-based Cochina Collective is reclaiming the word and putting it on everything, from patches to pins. Grab their namesake pin to solidify your take-no-shit style.

9. GRL TRBL’s “Smash Racists”

Afro-Latinx NYC illustrator Emerald Pellot is the creator of GRL TRBL. A pin lovers paraíso, this brand is home to some of our favorite radical creations. However, it’s their “Smash Racists” piece that we’re fawning over, a bold accessory for any Latina that wants to wear her agenda on her sleeve, or her lapel.

10. Viva La Bonita’s “Mujeres Can Do Anything”

Lifestyle brand Viva La Bonita is bringing the mujer poder with their “Mujeres Can Do Anything” pin. This simple affirmation is the perfect reminder that we’re strong, capable and more than able. So, grab one for your bolsa and snag one for an amiga. This fearless quote is one we’d love to see rocked everywhere.  

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